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Willie wasn't paying much attention to them at first. When that strangely morbid thought came into his head he went into a mental shutdown for a moment. When he heard his name called he blushed in embarrassment and shook his head. No point in worrying about that little slip up for right now. He was probably just tired anyway. He walked over and decided to repeat introductions.

"I'm terribly sorry about that. Sally was it? It's great to meet a fellow Ravenclaw here. I thought I was the only one."

He shook her hand and his mind already went into studying them. They seemed nice enough and compared to all of the slacke-other students of Ravenclaw she seemed to take her studies seriously. 

If you don't mind perhaps we can study together at some point. If you can stand somebody eating at the same time that is. He never understood his constant need to eat. Others would say his dietary habits are quite unhealthy but no matter how much he ate he never got bigger than what he actually was. Sure he was a little chubby around the face but his mother always said it was simply baby fat and that he looked cute that way. Maybe he should cut back? Nah.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

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Marcus nodded after finishing his notes from the multiple books he gathered 'Dueling Room here I come." He thought then realizes he needs to put back his many books, he then sighs and gathers the books making sure to pocket his notes, placing each and every book he picked up back into their designated sections , whistling a soft tune as he does so, after he finishes he walks over Ava, Willie and Sally "I'll be heading to the Dueling Room if you want to come by" he said then nods his head "See you guys around!" He added making his way from the Library and heading for the Dueling Room which was luckily on the same floor, while he does that he begins to think of various combos he can use with spells 'In most dueling leagues, I would probably see Summoning or Stunning spells to end duels, so I would need to make sure those two spells are in the last part of my combos...shouldn't be to bad' he thought strolling with pureblood grace as he whistles a light tune with a cheerful grin on his face 'I wonder what the room looks like, hopefully it has training dummies.'

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Sally smiled at Willie. "Yes that would be wonderful. I dont mind. Food is love!" As long as you dont make any crunchy slurpy noises while we study, Sally thought to herself but didnt say it out loud. She wanted to be nice to these new people. Maybe they could be her friends?

Also having someone to study with would be good for her. Even though she pored herself into her books, she might have to make a lot of progress to catch up with some of the students here who had spent their life until now in the wizarding world. She could use help and Willie seemed really nice. He was a little mysterious and like her curious self, Sally couldn't help wanting to discover more about him. She was fascinated.

Sally heard Marcus come over. Only did she realise that she had been looking at Willie all this while. She immediately tore away her gaze, hoping he hadnt noticed, a light blush creeping upon her cheeks. I really need to stop being so absent minded, she thought.

Marcus was going to the dueling room, it seemed. Sally waved at his retreating figure and wondered if she should follow.

But first she should at least skim through these books that she had picked out. Sitting down, she began to look at the books, reading carefully the sections that she found interesting and flipping through the rest.

Curiouser and curiouser

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It was getting later in the day by the time she had arrived. Detention was the drag she expected it to be. But purgatory was over and she was looking for Marcus. She needed to pick his privileged nerd brain, maybe be his friend because it might keep the teachers off her back. 

She should have expected the library to be as massive as it was with those carved spiral pillars. Most of the books that were at eye level seemed to be beyond her. Some were even in languages that she did not understand. She would grab one at random and flip through the pages. It was gibberish. She would slide the book back where she found it.

There was a gathering of students. She would stand on her tip toes and peer into the group. He was not there with them. He was likely a no-show. She frowned. He was not serious at all. She was such an idiot for thinking that he would be here. She kicked up some dust with the soul of her shoe and turned around. She was going back to her room, maybe the room filled up already. If not, it was going to be a lonesome night.

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Just a trick of the lighting they said...

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Willie smiled at Sally as she got to work. He was glad he found someone to possibly call a friend. His mother always did say that he needed to make friends with actual people instead of books. Perhaps this could be that person? A question that he will have to answer another time. Willie began walking away now that he knew about the dangers of the library. He should sort out the stuff in his dorm anyway.

"If you ever need me either send an owl or find me around the lake."

Before he fully left though he looked back at the restricted section of the library. What secrets are so dangerous that they are guarded yet safe enough to just leave in plain sight? The very thought peaked his interest. He remembered back when he was still with his mother.

"Mother? What's a wizard?"
"It is many things munchkin. Some say they are humanities next stage. Others say they are the cause of misfortune and destruction. I believe they are simply the world's historians. We seek knowledge and in turn that knowledge empowers us and others."
"...So knowledge is power?"
"Yes, Willie. Knowledge is power"

Willie smiled at the memory and continued on. 

"Time to get to work."


“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein

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Sally finished looking at the books. Well she didn't finish exactly. She just forced herself to stop looking at them, lest she waste the entire time in books and not make any friends in this new place. She carefully kept all the books back at the assigned places, picking them two at a time so that she doesn't drop them. I don't even know how to move a wand, let alone the Repairo spell, so if I drop them again, that would be trouble, she thought.

Taking her wand in her hand, Sally flicks her wrist to the right, then rotates it clockwise, trying to understand the various movements that she had read about. After some wrist flicking practice, she mumbles "Repairo".

Nothing happens.

Well, what did she expect? There is nothing to repair here. Regardless, Sally smiles to herself. She is still so delighted by the fact that she is going to learn magic.

The thought of her mother enters her mind, her face when she caught her packing drove daggers of guilt deep into her heart . Her mother really wanted Sally live her life out as a muggle. "The wizarding world is just all kinds of trouble, Sally," she would say. "I will never go to that place, Mother. I am happy here with you," Sally would reply. And now this is how she had betrayed her own mother.

'I couldn't help it!' One voice in her head said. 'Of course you could,' said another.

Sally clutched her head that had begun to hurt and escaped the library. She needed solace for a while.

Curiouser and curiouser

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Lyssa only let herself grab one book at a time -- if she grabbed more, she'd get distracted by each and never finish any. She began with the simplest potions book she could find. She propped it up against her book bag so that her hands were free when not turning pages.
Lyssa took out a stack of spare parchment. One sheet was for notes, and the rest were for origami. Keeping her hands busy always helped her focus.
She worked on making a paper dragon as she read up on mandrakes and other magical roots. She made a rose as she studied techniques for chopping different ingredients. She made a swan as she read up on the dangers of mixing the wrong ingredients.
After a couple of hours of study, she had a pile of paper shapes and a stack of notes. Tiredness was hitting her from being nervous all day.
She took a break and went to a large window nearby to look out at the school grounds. The forest sat in the distance, large and ominous. She was worried about anything so dangerous that 'forbidden' was part of its official name.
Movement caught her eye as the whomping willow ate a bird. It was such an odd, horrifying sight, that she let out an involuntary laugh.

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(I apologize for any mistakes, i am on my phone at the moment)

Entering the library, Krystal didn’t know where to start. She decided to check around for labels and make her way around this place. She didn’t even  even search for a perticullar book, just the topic. Dragons.
Krystal always had a passion for all creatures, drew them in her sketchpad  many times and finding a new book about one of the creatures was never a bad idea. Even though she hadn’t dawn a dragon for quite some time now, she wanted another sketch of one in her trusty black sketchpad. So maybe learning even more about them could help her get inspired. 
Making her way around the shelves, she finally found what she was looking for. She stacked a few books in her grip and sat down at the closest table. She opened the pages and began reading, looking at every illustration on the way. She opened her sketchpad and began sketching...and sketching...and sketching. She tilted her head, looking at her creation, erased a few lines, repeated the process. When the base was made she began drawing the details, but the more she looked into the book, the more she lost focus of her drawing and soon her glance was not only on the pictures, but also the words.
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Alexander had started off his visit to the library by finding an empty table where he could conduct his work in peace starting with his homework. He expected for the classes to be simple on the first day, and to a very certain extent to him, it had been. However, having to do homework for each class then organizing the order of doing so in his mind took a moment before he got to work on each writing assignment. Once done he looked over again to compare the spells he had been assigned to research to the ones he had written down on his parchment of what he deemed the useful spells and potions. Finding that everything that had been reviewed in class for the day was on his lists he put them under his category of dedicating special research time attention to, and so set off to see if his system would work for his purposes.

Alex kept his book bag by his side even while looking through the books of the library, for books were the most valuable position to him. He started looking through the shelves of books trying to see if he could find anything on the origin and discovery of the spells and potions he had studied today as well as the material that had been reviewed in Herbology and History of Magic. By the time he was finished looking for books he deemed would suit his goals Alex was carrying a stack of fifteen books on wizard and witch pioneers in magic, original locations spells were commonly used, discovery and properties of herbs and plants with magical properties and additional history books documenting magical and muggle historical events. Sitting down to work Alex took down what he considered keynotes and credentials of each author so that he could cross-reference them with other books later.

"To Learn is to Succeed."-
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As he assumed would be the library Jake was probably fascinated the most by all the books his family had a wonderful library but this one was amazing. He picked up his pace and went to the first few sections. He was determined to find something. As he looked around he saw his fellow friend Marcus and Willie which was going to the restricted section and people were trying to stop him. Jake let out a low chuckle so the librarian wouldn't here him. He wanted to go next to the dark arts section just to see if he could understand more about the BASE of that class. Jake was looking over the Dark arts section and there was nothing catching his eye which was strange because ghost's were pretty fascinating in his point but actually these were spirits of darkness. He picked up some books that were the most interesting and started reading the first few pages. They were good but not that traumatizing. He went to the librarian checked them out and headed for the door. Then he said to himself "I should go over and say hi" as he started walking towards Marcus and Willie and a girl which he didn't know.

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A girl of pale skin, and white hair strolled into the library her hands behind her back clasped together, as her fingers bonded them self together some found it strange that she does this as she walks but it quiet relaxing to her. the rows of shelf's, as tall as towers ranged from the ceiling to the floor and what  could be miles away from  where she stand now is the other half of the library, but that just Roxy being amazed. Roxy always had been fond of books mostly for the studies, never really the story telling ones she always preferred if someone read those books to her so she wouldn't have to try so hard to imagine what the images in her head, and read it at the same time.

She walked calmly over to one of the many rows of shelf's it was a just a shelf that she would had liked to find but it would take ages to find what she would like, for once the soils of her shoes did not click against the hard wooded floors as she walked towards a book that she had spotted out of the corner of her Cherry red eyes. it was a bright red book cover with bright gold edging along it intrigued to say the least she gently puled the book out, blowing against the book as a layer of dust flew off so peacefully, the title read 'Fantastic beast, and where to find them'  it was just a copy of a book she had already read sadly enough though not having anything else to do she held the book up against her chest with both arms crossing over it. she walked over to the nearest table she could find, sat down and began to start reading a book she had already read.

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Innis walked in, and started to walk through the aisles. Her hair slipped from her braid, and drifted across her face, but Innis didn't seem to notice much. Robe sweeping the floors tightly, she took a sharp turn. Her finger's traced each book, and she occasionally stopped to pull out one, read a page or two, and slip it back into place.
After awhile, the girl found a book about herbs. Innis soon was completely enveloped, flipping through the pages with great interest. She blocked out anything else, pulling out her herbs journal and dipped her quill into some ink. She scribbled down each herb, and description of what they look like and do, then a decent sketch. She did that for awhile, ink starting to stain her hand. She finally put the book up, and rose to her feet.
Innis brushed her hand on her robe, and glanced around, starting to scout every shelf for more fun books. She sighed, and glanced around, starting to get bored. But the determination of getting notes kept her going, so she found another book about creatures, and did the same thing as she did with the herbs. Maybe this would help someday. Who knows.

Innis Stewart

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Eri walked into the library and gathered a few books and sat at a table not that far away from Marcus. She could hear him muttering about spells and how they would be useful in combat. 

She picked up her first book on advanced transfiguration. It was mainly for seventh years but Eri fully understood the book since her aunt had taught her everything she had learned about transfiguration at Hogwarts; because her aunt was animagus and could turn into an owl.

Smiling to herself she continued to read the book. Pulling out a piece of parchment, quill, and some ink she began to scribble down some notes from the book. She flipped to the section in the book about Metamorphmagus and scribbled down ability to change physical appearance at will.

There were other things in that book that included: Animagus, Werewolves, Switching, Untransfiguration, Vanishment, Conjuration, and many other things.

After finishing the book she stopped taking notes and put the book down. She picked up another book on Defense Against the Dark arts. On the table sat a book on charms that she will read after finishing the book currently in her hands. All of her attention is sucked into the book and she is unaware of all of her surroundings.

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