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Chance Encounter  PV for Destrian Dayne   Closed 

Lisabetta had quickly discovered that one of her favorite places her at Hogwarts was the Library. She knew that wasn't very normal for a Gryffindor student, or even a Slytherin student, which is what she was sure she would be upon entering Hogwarts. The sorting hat and fate had a different course for her in life, obviously, so instead of wearing the Green and Silver of the Slytherin house, the young first year was adorning the Red and Gold of Gryffindor house. Her family was still not, exactly, excited about the idea of her being the first in the family to ever not be sorted into Slytherin, but, as long as she continued to keep her grade average up, they couldn't complain too much. 

Hence, her new love for the Library. At first, she went out of necessity to keep her grades up, but she soon started to love the quite, neat environment that the location had to offer. She found herself spending way more time than was normal there, but she didn't care. This had become a sort of haven for her since her arrival at this great school. 

She was set up at desk all by herself, which is exactly what she needed for the piles and piles of books that she had in front of her. She couldn't get enough knowledge, she wanted to learn as much as this large Library could teach her. She went into her bag that was hanging from the chair she was perched it to get some more parchment, the ones she had out being completely filled. She couldn't seem to find anymore, making her search more vigorously. Before she knew what was happening, her bag slipped off the chair, dumping the contents all over the floor. Lisabetta sighed internally, of course this would happen. She started picking up the belongings, pausing when she went to grab her copy of Magical Theory off the ground. Seeing this book again made her remember her time in Diagon Alley where she was completely lost in the giant bookstore searching for this exact book. A young boy, around her same age, had helped her find this one, seeing how completely lost she was. She remembered that they had agreed to meet at the Express, but it must have slipped her mind at the time because it never happened. She wondered what house he had been sorted into.