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Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 


If one were to ask Sefton Jaswinder Ailbrooke what his number one favourite place to relax was, he would instantly, without a doubt say the Library. 

After a long day of classes, Sefton would need time to cool down. Throughout the day, anxiety and pressure usually built up and raged inside his mind. So, he would need somewhere to release it. So, he now walked the hallways of the fourth floor, approaching the large library used by all of the students. 

The young Ravenclaw opened the large doors of the place. The lazy, orange evening light cast long shadows along the walls and shone golden on the pillars around and the labels of the books. He took in a deep breath, relaxing as he smelled the sweet scent of paper and wood. It was quiet and peaceful. Surprisingly, no one was there, making it literally quiet. This was the one and only place he would never stir up trouble in

Sefton walked over to a bookshelf. Instead of using a ladder, he simply climbed the shelves to pick out a book. Being poor, he’d had many enemies before Hogwarts from the Muggle schools he had gone to. Sometimes, to avoid some of the groups of bullies waiting to jump him in an alley, he would climb over buildings, jump fences, and the like. This made him very flexible and good at climbing, not to mention running away from said bullies made him a quick runner. Yet, it wasn’t always because of bullies. Sometimes he would climb onto rooftops just to clear his thoughts.

The days his parents fought, he did it the most, staying up there for hours.

When his father left, he did it for even longer. It went so far that his mother would have to come and find him. Once she did, she was always in a worrying mess.

The ashen-haired first year found an armchair to sit in. Or, well, what a person would call sitting. He was upside down. Anyone who knew him would have realized that he comfortably sat in these questionable positions.

As he read, all of his anxieties of his mother and how she was doing were whisked away, and seemed to dissolve into the stillness.


Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

The sun was setting, casting a gentle golden glow across the castle and its grounds, creating a beautiful scenic view to anyone who took the moment to enjoy it. Which is exactly what Elvira did. Staring out of the window near the library, her hazel-green eyes that now glowed a strange amber from the light, watched with serenity as the sky slowly darkened. She had only just gotten back from her trek out to the Great Lake where she practically cried her heart out and was in a serious need for a good book to read.
So, casting one more look out into the beauty of the sunset, she cheerfully walked into the Library without a second thought.

The first thing that she noticed was the silence, something she had never gotten quite enough of. Due to her outgoing and extrovert self, she was normally surrounded by people and got used to hearing the chatter they created - Though she would never turn down the calmness of silence.

Letting her worries flow free, she wandered around the Library, weaving in and out of bookshelves as she desperately searched for an interesting book to catch her eye. However, she'd never get her wish. Once she made one final turn around a bookshelf, she took notice of the Ravenclaw and the strange way he sprawled himself across the armchair. Muffling a soft chuckle, she quietly made her way over towards him and took a quick glance at what he was reading, interest lighting up in her eyes. Maybe when he's done with it, she read it herself.
After successfully making it up behind the armchair, she placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head, that mischevious smirk pulling at her lips like it had so many other times in her life.

"I gotta say, Ailbrooke, I never took you as the reading type, either."

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

The minute Elvira’s voice hit his ears, Sefton felt shock catch his heart. He jumped, knocking his glasses askew and grabbing onto the arms of the chair as to not lose his balance. He took a deep breath to calm himself. Then, he turned his attention to the Ravenclaw girl. When he realized who it was, he smiled in a friendly and cute way.

“Well, you certainly didn’t catch me as the type to scare someone, but here we both are,” he chuckled softly. 

In a sense, he could tell something was off. As he searched her expression, he noticed something that he often noticed about himself. It wasn’t a fake smile, no. But it was off somehow and he didn’t know why.

The orange evening light made his ashen hair shine and dyed his brown eyes amber. He ran a hand through his wiry, messy hair absently.

“So, what brings you to the library this evening?” He asked, folding his arms across his body, exposing a small scar from beneath his sleeve. From where it seemed to start, it grew in width until the end, where it took a fall and became small again. He hadn’t seemed to notice it. 

Another thing was his glasses. One of the lens were broken again, and it seemed like he wasn’t aware.

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

Sefton's reaction to her sudden voice had almost been enough to bring out a genuine laugh from Elvira, but she settled for a hushed giggle instead. She watched as he regained his composure and rested her arms on the back of the armchair before placing her head on top of them, her hazel-flecked green eyes watching him quietly. She had noticed throughout their frequent meetings that his glasses would always have a crack in them, how he could stand it, she didn't know. She would've gone mad if there was anything impairing her sight for too long.
Her eyes lazily traveled down to the exposed scar, though knowing what the naked eye could do to insecurities, she quickly flicked them back to his face. Silently admiring the way the golden light complimented his eyes, she let out a low hum before speaking.

"I came here to find a new, interesting book to read. Nothing caught my eye, however. Well, nothing but you of course. I thought you'd be wreaking havoc in the Common Room."

She rounded the armchair and chose to sit in the one across from it, her chest heaving with a soft sigh of comfort. She hadn't sat comfortably all day, she was either dying from back pain in classes or slouching next to a lake. Her fingers gently tapped on the armrests before she finally gathered the courage to look at her fellow Ravenclaw once more.

"What about you, Sefton? Why are you here?" She watched him carefully as she chose her next words carefully, trying to see if she got any reaction out of her assumptions. "Did you need a quiet place to plan your pranks, or did you genuinely just want to read? Maybe you needed to study more for classes? Ah, maybe you needed some quiet time alone from all the others, yes?"

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

“Ah, and I’m a book to read, yes?” Sefton gave a joking, mischievous smile. As she walked around to the chair, he flipped himself over to settle sideways in the chair, legs hanging off of the arms. “I’ve already done my troublemaking for the day,” he said turning to look at her with a smirk. “Our prefect didn’t appreciate having a mustache drawn on her portrait. Her reaction was priceless!” 

He added, in an afterthought, with a sly smile, “I feel it’s flattering that I caught your eye.”

Sefton looked off to the side a bit. That sounded a bit different. Had he intended to make it sound like that? He wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing right now. To shake off the thought, he answered her question.

“I come in here from time to time. I have a few...mild...anxiety issues. They aren’t a hassle if I find a place to release them. I usually do it through reading or drawing.”

He didn’t want to reveal very much about himself. After his father left, it left him uncertain about relationships. Even the kindest, most trustworthy people could turn their back on you at any time.

He didn’t want to expose himself to that again. Sefton didn’t want to be that person that shut everyone out...but how could he tell if she was any different than him?

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

A mischevious smirk made its way to Elvira's lips as she listened to Sefton's tale about the prefect, just imagining her reaction was enough to bring a chuckle bubbling up her throat. She had stilled at his flattery comment, however, but it quickly washed away with a gentle turn of her head.
She felt herself become more drawn to the Ravenclaw, especially after hearing that he too had the same anxiety issues as she did. She didn't think she was the only one who had them, oh no, but she never thought that she could relate to someone so much, possibly, even more, than her own best friend.

She had fallen silent after he had finished explaining, only a few heartbeats passing before she decided to try and lighten up the mood - That's all she was ever good for, after all.

"Mm, I understand... If you need to talk to anyone, I would be honored to help you out. You can find me in the Study Room, here, or at the Great Lake." She didn't quite understand why she was telling him this, she never really told anyone where she would disappear to, but then again he already knew about two of them so what was the harm in telling him the last? "So, you said you like to draw? I do as well. What do you like to draw the most? Portraits, animals..?" She trailed off, waiting for any sign that told her that she should bugger off or leave him alone.

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

Sefton didn’t usually talk about his art to other people. If anyone asked to see his art, he denied them access. It was a secretive subject. He drew what he thought, so when anyone asked about his art, he would become embarrassed, believing they would be confused of the drawings. They were typically normal-normal animals, environments-they just had a little twist he threw into them to make them creative.

But he was completely fine talking to Elvira about it. It didn’t hurt to tell someone about his art, he just wasn’t fond of showing them. “I usually draw animals in random environments. If I don’t feel like drawing animals, I draw my surroundings. But that can be hard to do, as people move a lot.”

Sefton picked up the book he had been reading and smiled slightly, looking at his fellow Ravenclaw lazily. “You know, it’s really easy to tell when a character in a book is going to betray the heroes just by analyzing their dialogue. Like, characters that aren’t the main villains, but are kinda like mini villains. They all have the same exact motivation, seeing past a few different backstories and character traits,” he said with an amused grin. “It’s a little funny when you notice it.”

He took his bookmark and put it in the page he had been reading. Except his bookmark wasn’t even a bookmark. It was a piece of string-perhaps pulled from a shirt.

Anyone watching him do this could have wondered if there was a more cheaper person living in the world right now. 

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

She laughed softly and leaned forward, head tilted and eyes shining with comfortable amusement. She never really felt this comfortable with others who weren't Lisabetta, but she enjoyed the fact that there were others out there who made her feel like she didn't have to try too hard to be acceptable. Sure, her parents never really complained about her outrageous, outgoing attitude, but believe it or not, she had trouble making friends. Over the years, she just learned exactly what to say and what not to say to have a person trust her.
She didn't make friends just to hurt them in the end, she made them so she could help them. She believes everyone deserves a friend, regardless of what they think or what others around them think. She was sure that logic would get her killed one day, but she didn't really mind. 

"Is that some kind of foreshadowing, Sefton?" She laughed softly, pointing an accusing finger at him. "Are you telling me this to warn me that you're planning on taking over Hogwarts?"

She took note of the strange 'bookmark', though she couldn't care less. She knew that if a reader wanted to keep their place, anything is a bookmark. She even used one of her brother's socks once out of desperation to continue the story exactly where she stopped later on.

"If you do," She leaned forward a bit, lifting a hand to her mouth which acted as a shield as she whispered. "Let me be your partner in crime, yeah?"

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

“Who knows, maybe one day I will!” He chuckled. “But seriously, would you trust some body with a dialogue like this?” He asked, and changed his voice to a mocking, pimp-like tone, “This world is imperfect. If only I could wipe away flaws humanity has bestowed upon it and make it as beautiful as meee!”

He had to admit, he had taken a liking to this Ravenclaw girl. She seemed so upbeat, and held onto what she believed in. They seemed alike in many ways. He just wished he could see what was going on in that mind of hers that seems so vast and mysterious.

Then, he listened to what she said. He looked at her for a minute, searching her eyes. He wasn’t sure. He never really had friends, and the one of the two he’d had was his dad.

And he had left him.

Yet, Sefton felt a connection with this girl, and smiled as he replied with, “‘Partner in crime’, huh? I think I’d like that.”

It’ll take getting used to. You’ve never had real friends, he reassured himself as uncertain afterthoughts flooded into his mind. For a moment, the room dissolved as he remembered bits and pieces of his father’s departure. It had been hard to take in all at once at the time, and had taken him several minutes after to realize what had happened.

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

Pride and joy had rushed through Elvira like a tidal wave, excited that she made a friend who was more like her than anyone she ever met at this school. Her face had softened when he accepted her little 'proposal', to anyone looking in on the scene, it wouldn't have seemed like much of a response, but Elvira took it like a vow.
She jumped up to her feet and stretched her arms out, her mouth tightening as she held back a yawn that she so desperately wanted to get rid of. It was getting late, yes, but she didn't want to sleep, not quite yet. She knew that if she slept now, so soon after having such troubled thoughts, she'd have night terrors and stay up until the sun rises.

Walking over to the seated Ravenclaw, she held a hand out and grinned, her eyes shining like stars.

"Well, come on, then. Since we're now official partners in crime, I want to do at least one prank tonight to celebrate the occasion." She had hurriedly spoken again, a soft blush of embarrassment dusting itself along her cheeks as she looked down at her feet. "Unless you have other plans, I don't want to force you. Sorry for the outburst."

This was a problem that she needed to work on. She was frequently told that she was too energetic or ready to go out and cause mischief, especially by her elder siblings who also attended the school. She didn't want to scare off a new friend, a friend she felt so connected with, she didn't think she'd be able to face the others for days if she did.

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

Sefton registered her reaction and smiled. He loved that about her-how she was always eager and full of energy, ready to do anything. He took her hand, helping himself up out of the armchair. Though he may not have looked like he would have been when he was sitting in the chair, he was half a head taller than her. 

“I’m all for it if you want to cause trouble, but do you have any ideas?” The Ravenclaw asked, a flash of mischief sparking in his amber eyes. He felt that mischief between two people was much more fun than one. You could get more done, and the risk of being caught was slimmer. 

He’d never had a friend to even consider causing mischief with. Sefton talked to people, of course, but he wasn’t connected to them enough to actually be friends with them. So, in conclusion, it was fun to have a friend to be beside. Plus, life it Hogwarts was hard when you were alone, and it made you prone to being made fun of and bullied. Having a friend with you was safer, because if anybody tried to pick on you, you didn’t sound like a fool trying to argue back. You actually had support.

Great Troublemakers Think Alike  PV Elvira   Closed 

Relief rushed through her as he accepted her proposal to cause mischief within the halls of Hogwarts, her smile brightening just a tad bit more than usual. She pondered for a moment, her head tilted in wonder and her free hand tapping at her chin.

"We could possibly prank some of our fellow Ravenclaws, or possibly even somehow sneak into the Hufflepuff Common Room to prank my friend, Roseline. If not that, we could go into the Potions classroom and rearrange some ingredients into the wrong places." She had paused, realizing she had rambled on for far too long. "Or something like that..."

 Staring at him for a few moments, she took note of every detail his face had to offer, from the slope of his nose to the curve of his lips. The one thing that caught her attention more was his eyes, she couldn't stop staring at them - Mainly because of the blasted crack on his glasses that annoyed her to no end. She never knew how he could stand that.

"Are you ever going to fix your glasses, Sefton? It must get annoying looking through a split piece of glass all day, wouldn't you say?" She released his hand afterward before she moved to brush a strand of loose hair behind her ear. "I don't know how you make it through the day without fixing it."