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A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

Alexander was walking through the library searching for some nice book son charms and other interesting objects relating to the wizarding world. Recently he had also been looking through the books for things related to spell creation. Since he had a good amount of ideas from a couple of his favorite movies and books which he could make into spells. Though that was quite unlikely since most of the ideas do not fit quite well and it would probably take a few years before he got the knowledge needed to work on it. Especially as it seemed Astronomy was essential for spell creation and that area was only covered in later years. 

As he walked past one of the tables where students were seated he thought he saw someone else there sitting. She seemed to be reading the standard potions book and Alex tried to remember if he had seen her sometime before. He knew he had seen her in some classes but it was hard to think of her name. Then he slowly got a link, she did look a lot like how Delilah Stewart was said to look. He himself had done a slight bit of research on her when he saw that she was first on the leaderboard of how much points everyone had. Alex aimed to try and take the spot sometime but as more and more homework got graded the chances were looking to be fewer and fewer every hour that he would get 1st place. He would then stand a bit behind her and would ask not unkindly. "Are you Delilah Stewart ?"
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A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

Delilah had spent half of her day in the Library as always, this time studying potions, specifically the different ingredients that go into different potions and what they can do to it. So far she had learned quite a lot from his book. She hadn't properly read through it before besides in class. Her blue eyes staring down at the pages. Suddenly she heard a voice behind her, asking if she was Delilah Stewart. Delilah turned around, letting go of her book so it could sit on the table and faced the boy who talked. "Umm.. Yes, do I know you?"  She smiled as her Scottish accent showed itself once again, she recognised the boy from a couple of her classes but she didn't remember ever having a conversation with him. 

As she waited for him to reply she looked him up and down, Slytherin, cool. She had a couple Slytherin friends but that doesn't really matter. She would have ignored him and continued reading because she was getting into the more important stuff, but that would be quite rude. She felt like she was starting to get over her shyness a bit, she had been here a little while now and met quite a few new people so it was starting to become a routine to be as kind as possible. To be honest having the highest amount of house points didn't phase her, she was doing really good in her classes because she studied all the time, that was all. She just enjoyed learning new things about the Wizarding world.


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A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

Alex mentally face palmed at his own actions. He could have done this much more subtly "Ah sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Alexander Varellion. I was just a bit curious to see you in person. Since you are one of the people who have gathered the most points out off all students at Hogwarts" Whilst saying this Alex was mentally cursing himself at how awkward he was making all this. He could have done this much more subtly. 

He then thought about possible options on how he could make this conversation less awkward. Mentally summing up several options and discrediting even more of them as they mentally popped up before one option came up that might make this less awkward. At least a little less. He would take a quick look and observation of the book she was reading and hummed a bit "Mhm interesting book, is it from the library or is it part of your private collection ?" He would say genuinely curious since some of the material in the book could help him in his potions lessons. Though he was already doing quite good on that subject still more knowledge was never a bad thing in Alex's mind. More knowledge meant more assets and more assets equalled more succes most of the time 

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

When Alexander mentioned that she had some of the highest house points of all the students her cheeks went pink as she smiled, "I didn't think people cared about that sort of thing, I'm guessing I don't need to introduce myself then." She laughed a little before thinking, apparently people do care, be that she thought about it a couple of people have congratulated her for helping bring Ravenclaw to it's current first place status amongst all the houses.

"Oh this? This book is from the library, would you like to borrow it once I'm finished with it?" She asked, pointing at the book. "It's quite good, it goes through recipies for potions step by step, explaining what it should look like and what it should be doing, I'm not the best at the prectical side to potions so it's a big help." Delilah was only good at the theory stuff, all the practical stuff completely confused her, that's why she wasn't very good at charms or transfiguration, but made up for it with History of Magic and DADA. There were a few spells they used in DADA but they weren't too difficult so it was okay. Some people found it a surprise that she wasn't very good at spells but considering she was a muggle-born this was all very new to her.

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

Alex would nod and smile as he heard that the book was part of the library and that he could have it after her "Thanks, that will be nice. I am certainly not bad at potions but I can always get better. I am also doing qutie good with Charms too. What are your favorite subjects by the way ?" He would ask curiously, as she might be better ins some areas than him.

He would then put some of his books down on the table a bit next to her. He would ask a little nervously "Is it ok if I go and sit here, I need to start learning for charms anyway and get a bit of extra info for DADA." He would also nod at what Delilah said about potions "Yeah potions is a nice subject in the regard that as long as you follow the instructions everything will go. Though you always need a bit of innovation and creativity if you want to be really good at potions or if you want to have it as a career option. Personally I like potions a bit but I am mostly enthusiastic for DADA and charms, they have quite a few good spells that are quite cool."

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

"Oh my favourite is Charms definitely, followed closely by DADA. Professor Mellowrose can be a little intimidating though." Delilah laughed a little at the memory of Mellowrose passing out in the middle of class, he seemed to almost always be tired, she kind of felt bad for him. She was surprised he could make it to class some days, he probably slept in his office most of the time. "Oh yeah sure you can sit there, I don't have a problem with that." She smiled a little. She noticed he had quite a few books and wondered if he would be staying a while, of course she would be, she is almost always in the library, the commonroom or by the lake. Those were her 3 favourite places, in that order.

She loved the atmosphere of the library, the smell of old books, all the books flying around and placing themselves back into their slot if a student had forgotten to put it back. Delilah only left books out if she couldn't reach where they came from, meaning she actually got the book by asking an  older student to help her or by catching it while it was flying pretty low, such as the book she was reading now, she had seen where it had came from and there was no way she was reaching that with her short height.

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

"Well he is intimidating whilts he is awake but not so scary when he is asleep. Though I definetely do not want to wake him up when he is sleeping. Whoever does that will probaply be in a bad situation and imagine what an awake Mellowrose would be like" Alexander says shivering a bit at the thought. Seeing as how scary Mellowrose could be whilst he was in his grumpy state what must he be like when he is in an awake state. It was probaply best not to think about that

Alex would also mutter a "thank you" before he would go and sit next to Delilah. He would then open one of the books she noticed not to be from the materials list If she looked into the book she would notice he was reading up on the homuno revelio charm. Alex would then pull out his wand and start making the wand movements described in teh book with his wand. Being careful not to make any mistakes and starting once again from the very beggining if he made even one small misake, even if it were just the wand wipping to the side a bit or something else that was barely noticable. After that was done and he was not interrupted Alex would start carefully practicing how to pronounce the word. Trying to as subtly and often silent as possible say the words for the spell until that was also pretty much perfect and there were no more possible mistakes.

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

"Oh my god I agree, none of us would be passing that day, either that or like everybody would get detention for breathing." She laughed again before looking over at him, he was practicing a spell, the homuno develop charm, not one they had learned in classes so far. "I recommend you don't actually cast any charms in here, the librarian would have your head." 

She wasn't exactly sure what to say next so she went back to reading her potions book. She was a little sad that her conversation with Alexander had ended or seemed to have ended. She had met somebody new, she wasn't very close with him at the moment but it was possible for them to get closer if they kept talking, but she wasn't sure what to say. She had been sitting in the library all day reading potions books and charms books to help her with the practicals. A lot of people learned through seeing and watching, Delilah learned through reading and learning through theory work. She was useless at Flying and quite bad at charms but it didn't stop her from enjoying the ideas of the subjects. Delilah was very interested in the Wizarding world.

A faithful meeting  PV Delilah Stewart    Finished 

"We wouldn't even survive that day  if that ever happened. I also heard once that a terrible potions proffesor once gave people detention for breathing too loudly. And it was no joke he actually did that" He would say to Delilah looking up from his book, even though it was quite intersting "and I won't but even so this spell is not supposed to have any physical effects. It is to show how many people are in a room. So say we are in a room with 5 people and you cast the spell and you notice there are 6 people in the room so you know someone is spying on you." Alex would also say as an afterthought. "And I'm learning the spell as some people call me 'quite paranoid'"

Alex would continue his reading but he would also keep himself open to anymore conversation. But the spell really was quite interesting and it helped satisfy his inner sense of security. Especially in a new world were people could actually be invisible. In that case any decently smart wizard would cast that spell to make sure they were not being watched. Right now ALex did not realize how much he was thinking like a young mad eye moody