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Library Rules and Expectations

"Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who deserve it."

Library Staff

Head Librarian
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Assistant Librarians
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Library Rules


The books of the Hogwarts Library belong to the entire school. Any damage to or loss of these books is a terrible diminishing of our school's body of knowledge, and will be dealt with accordingly. Be warned: the last student who willfully damaged a Hogwarts book, in his case by throwing it into the Lake, was given a handful of gillyweed and told to go down there and get it back. The merfolk were not accommodating.


The shelves and halls of the Library are the rightful and permanent resting place of all designated Library books. Library books, as opposed to private books and those in the lesser libraries of the four Houses, are designated by a special first page added by the Library's staff; each of these added pages carries a copy of these Library Rules. With the Head Librarian's express written permission, any student or professor may temporarily remove books from the Library, with the expectation that said books will be returned in a timely manner. The length that a book may be borrowed varies depending on the book, but the default is one week's time. At the time of return, if there is a need to borrow the book for an additional period, renewals can be discussed with the Head Librarian. If a book is not returned within the time allotted, the Assistant Librarians will be dispatched to retrieve it. 


The Hogwarts Library contains a section that is entirely Restricted for all unauthorized persons. These persons are: anyone who is not a current member of the Hogwarts staff, including all students, parents of students, House Elves not currently employed by the school, the Board of Governors, and employees of the Ministry of Magic. With the express permission and knowledge of the Head Librarian, an unauthorized person may withdraw and/or borrow books from the Restricted Section, but be warned: Restricted books are there for a reason. Most of them contain knowledge or magic that would be dangerous in the hands of anyone other than lifelong experts. The Head Librarian reserves the right to refuse access to the Restricted Section to anyone, including other members of the Hogwarts staff. 

If a student is caught with a Restricted book that has not been approved by the Head Librarian, that student will be punished severely, possibly including a lifetime ban on access to the Hogwarts Library as a whole. For some of the Restricted books, the penalties could include expulsion from Hogwarts.


Access to the Library is a privilege afforded to students and certain others by the will of Hogwarts School. That privilege can and will be revoked at any time, at the discretion of the Head Librarian.

Library Expectations


While visiting the Hogwarts Library, all entrants are hereby reminded to be courteous to fellow students and other visitors. Though there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, complaints of interrupted reading or studying will be taken very seriously by the Library staff.

The Assistant Librarians are House Elves employed by the school, but they are not kitchen elves, nor caretakers of any spaces other than the Library. Requests for meals, snacks, cleaning of dormitories or other tasks will be met with enthusiastic apologies. Requests for books will be met with enthusiastic service!

Unless he is otherwise indisposed with another student or a professor, the Head Librarian is always available for research assistance, no matter the topic or indeed the time of day. The Library does not close. Students are reminded that the school does impose a curfew, but the Assistant Librarians will be happy to transport books to any dormitory or common room, upon request.

The primary goal of the Library staff and the primary purpose of the Library is to promote knowledge, learning and critical thinking among the students. Students in the Library are thus expected to be open to argument and critique of their knowledge, no matter the traditions of their ancestors, or other such concerns.


Library Bulletin Board

If the Head Librarian is not currently available, requests for research materials and books to be later delivered may be left below, along with the name and House of whomever is making the request.

You cannot open a book without learning something.