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Books and More Books  Closed 

Vales was sitting on a bench in the library, bent over a book as she read. The book was quite interesting, but she was reaching the last page, and it was making her sad. Mostly because she didn't really know what book to read next, and it was making her anxious. Vales was on the last chapter, the characters enjoying the peace after the main villain was dead. The book was the end of a long series, and Vales was quite happy to see the characters alive and well, as that seemed to be rare at the end of most books. She was happy for the characters, but sad, for it was the end.
As the last page of the book was finished, Vales slowly closed the book, as if saying goodbye to an old friend. This book was, so, so long, and had taken her almost a week to read. It was a truly sad second for Vales. But then, she perked back up again. It was time to find a new book!
The bookworm stood up, walking over to the many bookshelves in the library, her eyes scanning over the all the books. After walking around a few bookshelves, Vales got frustrated. She couldn't find any good books! What what she going to do for the rest of the day!

“You don't spend your life hanging around books without learning a thing or two.”

Books and More Books  Closed 

Smiling, Madeleine inhaled deeply through her nose. She loved the scent of the library. It smelled like an aging tome, which made sense considering it housed many. Quickly, Madeleine made her way to an empty bench and lay her bag down before leaving it to explore the shelves.
Looking over the nearby books, Madeleine picked out one that looked interesting to her, An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe. Coming from a Muggle family, she didn't know much at all about magical education. Madeleine also preferred non-fiction books. She loved to stuff her head full of information, and non-fiction books were just the source to get it! I wonder why it has so much dust on it, she thought as she brushed off the cover.
Madeleine hurried back to the bench where she left her things and began reading the book's every page. She was careful to turn the book's pages gently and not get too many of her skin's oils on its surface.
After a few minutes, Madeleine heard a book close nearby. Looking up, she noticed another girl of about the same age who had seemingly just finished a book. She's a Ravenclaw, like me, thought Madeleine. She'd seen the girl a few times in the corridors and in classes, as well as in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Madeleine watched as the girl frowned, then suddenly perked up and smiled. As the other girl walked away, she shook her head and turned her attention back to her book.
After a few minutes, Madeleine laughed softly at a comment made in the book. Honestly, non-fiction books were so underrated. They could be just as amusing and engaging as fiction books!