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Early Reading  PV Dmitri Jones 

Miko had just finished all of his homework and decided to stay in the library. Of course he stayed, it was like his sanctuary in there! The peace and quiet and his favorite part, all the books. Normally the rest of Hogwarts was loud and not very...uh...informed. Especially the Hufflepuff common room was loud he guessed it might've been one of the Hufflepuff traits, Hufflepuff, talkative and loyal

There quiet chitter-chatter amongst the other students and meanwhile others like him where actually soaking up the bloody information that books hold. It annoyed him to see the students talking in the Library when that was what the rest of the school was for. Why come to the Library when you're only going to chat with your mates? Miko was more focused with putting his nose between several pages rather than mingling currently.

Usually the Hufflepuff would get some friends and also do well in school but now it was time for one of those things. Sometimes the young boy just read books for fun, like his favorite "Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them" also known as the best novel ever. His second favorite person even wrote it! How lucky was he?

We could get killed! Or worse, EXPELLED

-Hermione Granger