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Saturday at One O'Clock  PV   Closed 

[CLOSED to Reid for the first few posts! POST ORDER: Dymphna, Reid, Bloom, Hestia]

Dymphna had already reserved a rather large table for their Saturday study group a week prior. It had thankfully not been taken over by the other study groups that seemed to be popping up all over the place. Not only were her fellow Ravenclaws forming their own study groups but she had noticed that other houses were too. Whoever said that the other houses didn't value intellect was wrong. Stereotypes followed them everywhere it seemed and Dymphna seemed to fall into the Ravenclaw stereotypes.

As usual, she was early by around ten minutes. While she waited for the others to show up, she started getting the materials out on the table and spread out, organized by subject. The same day she had reserved their table, she had organized all of her work by subject and made sure that it was easier to find for others that weren't herself. She could be organized but only if she put effort into it. Her organization usually consisted of a big mess that only she could find anything specific in.

Feeling a bit impatient and nervous, she went to wait outside of the library for the group. What if they forgot and didn't show up? What would she do then, study on her own? It was nice to have a backup plan just in case. Leaning against the wall near the doorway, she watched down the corridor and tried to think positive. The two could show up and be completely ready to study, and ace their classes, proving that studying did do some good. 
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Saturday at One O'Clock  PV   Closed 

The study group didn't lose a space in his memory, it actually was pinned on his bed as a note. The dress code seemed to finally relax on the weekends, so he took full advantage of it. That seemed to fall under a simple pair of jeans, sneakers, and a shirt with a hoodie over himself. His jacket had a logo of a ram on it, with the words 'DERBY COUNTY FOOTBALL CLUB'. 

It was his muggle clothes from his hometown, perhaps the young wizards here won't exactly know what it was about. He couldn't imagine his friends not knowing what football was, it was like Quidditch to non-magic folk. An old book bag from his time at the boy's academy hung from shoulder as he made his way towards the library. 

His glasses as usual hung from the collar of his hoodie, bouncing at the short and quick strides Reid made. He was often uncompromised in his movements, able to dodge many of the students heading his way like a Quidditch player. Being late to this was the last thing he wanted to be, it was an easy appointment to make. Plus he had quite a conversation planned to bring to Dymphna if he got the chance. 

Yet his exhaustion caught up to him when he saw Dymph from afar, there was a quick realization that this was the study group. It included him, Dymphna, Hestia, and Bloom. The last name made his stomach churn, he didn't know what terms he was on with Bloom. It was largely ambiguous in that regard since her responses seemed quite indifferent to him, but did that mean he didn't want to be associated with him anymore? 

The boy was distressed with how much he even thought about this, it almost kept him up sometimes. "Dymph." he hoarsely called out, waving a small hand at her. His voice was giving out partially due to the fact that he was snoring all night, prompting his throat to suffer the consequence. As he got closer, he got the itching feeling to talk to the Ravenclaw. 

Who else was he supposed to talk to? "Hey, I know the group starts soon but can we talk for a minute or two. It's about Bloom." he requested in a rather soft tone. "It's nothing bad about her, it's kind of - - ..." His voice seemed to fade more and he quickly glanced to see if any of the other two would be coming soon. Reid brushed his hand along his knuckle out of discomfort, would Dymph get upset at him? 

He had done quite the damage on a fellow house mate of hers. "It might be weird between Bloom and me." The truth of the matter was it could or it could not, he didn't know how Bloom was feeling and he didn't ask. Last he remembered, she was going on a date with Ben. Reid didn't even know people were dating already, he was still stuck trying to finish his latest comic issue.

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Saturday at One O'Clock  PV   Closed 

The school uniforms weren't too different to the sweater and skirt that Dymphna had chosen to wear for the casual Saturday. It was comfortable and since it was so similar to the uniforms, it almost felt like a weekday of classes except instead she was hosting a study group. If she were at home and invited them over, there would be finger foods and instrumental background music but she would take what she could get. She couldn't help but to compare Hogwarts and her new friends to her old muggle school and friends back home. Except she was starting to get used to her new life away from home. The homesickness she had felt over the last month had started to get less and less.

The blonde had been looking the opposite direction down the corridor when she heard her name being called. Turning, she spotted Reid coming towards her and gave a sigh of relief that at least one person had shown up. Her earlier thought that she could rely on him had been correct. "Hey," she grinned, excited that she didn't have to stand in the corridor any longer and they could take their seats before Bloom arrived. Then she noticed that he didn't look as happy about it as she was. Did he fail an exam?

Biting her lip, she gave him her undivided attention. His voice sounded a bit raw, like he was catching cold and she wanted to suggest going to the infirmary just to make sure. She would even walk him there if he liked. At the mention of Bloom, she perked up. Something had been going on with her fellow Ravenclaw recently but she didn't know what, "Is everything alright?" Maybe they had gotten caught at the Great Lake afterall and Bloom took the fall for it? Now that was a worrying thought.

"How so?" Something must have happened between them then, without her there or she might have noticed. It couldn't have anything to do with the two of them getting into their underthings at the lake, could it? If it did then did he feel uncomfortable around her as well? "Is it something to do with the night at the lake?" She whispered the last bit, in case anyone walked by. Maybe it wasn't something that bad but an incident that his mind was making out to be worse than it was, like she felt sometimes. 

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