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Books, exactly what he needed.  Closed 

Nathan looked around at the shelves full of books about anything and everything. It took a lot to impress him and this, this did. Once he was the second year, he would be here every day learning more to be the best in his classes. But he didn't need to think about that right now. He needed info, and fast.

Yes, he had finally gotten to the section he needed. It wasn't even the letter Z but yet it had still taken him a good 5 minutes to actually get to the section at all! There it was. He grabbed for the book but it wouldn't let him grab it. That's strange... but then again, he knew what he was looking for. This wasn't a book about hippogriffs. Nathan got to work thinking of the only possible way to reach it. It only took an hour for him to have a general idea. If this is the book he needed... why was it so high up?

He delved into his memories and tried to remember when he had landed on shore after the Great White had tried to attack. He remembered the look of pity on an old woman's face as he clamored out of the water. Like he had failed a mission. He found the tidal waves in his mind when he was angry. Not angry, raging in a blind fit. He brought all of it up to the present day. He tried to touch the book but that wasn't allowed to go in his favor! Before he could reach the book, the ladder moved slightly to the side and made him fall off dropping towards the floor below him. Nathan was probably 20 feet up and when he fell to certain doom he tried to grab the bookshelf to stop his fall. Of course, it didn't work. It was like grabbing onto a ball of fire, his hand was unable to move. Oh, it hurt, it hurt so much, the pain. As he left the section he felt as though he was leaving a piece of himself with him. A memory that would stay forever. When he could finally move again he collapsed on the floor. Weak and exhausted, yet he had to keep going. Nathan grabbed the book about hippogriffs off the shelf and he turned to page 147. After reading a few pages Nathan began to calm. This book was what he needed. He hoped that he would NEVER see that other book again. THIS was exactly what he needed. Before he could blink again, he was asleep.
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Books, exactly what he needed.  Closed 

Henry'd round the corner in the library, arms full of books. They were mainly the basics of Hogwarts, history of the wizarding world, simple spells etc. He was determined not to be the person who was stuck behind just because he wasn't as experienced in this world as some of the others were.

On top of his books was a normal muggle pen and some note paper which he had packed in his suitcase. He was excited to write a long letter to his family. Henry missed the playful banter between his siblings, the way his eldest sister would ask him to blow dry her hair for her when she was tired, the way the young twins would play silly pranks on their dad and the midnight pillow fights between his brothers and him. He felt so alone in this new place, where his mother didn't even know he'd gone to. As she was a schizphrenic, telling her about how he was actually a wizard and was going to a beautiful castle in Scotland would've most likely made her hallucionations worse and caused the doctors to worry she was getting bad again. Instead, she thought he was going to boarding school on a scholarship. Oh, how he would miss climbing onto her bed at the hospital with all his siblings and listening to her read some of the classic literature books. He'd write to her too.

Shaking his head to block his depressing thoughts, he'd look down this new aisle for a table to put his stuff down on. What Henry found was not a table, but a boy seemingly asleep against a bookshelf. Placing his books and letter materials down on the floor by the boy, he'd crouch down next to him.

"Hello? Excuse me?" He'd try, hesitantly reaching out to pat his shoulder. Henry wasn't sure if sleeping was allowed in the library, but he wanted to make sure that this person was alright as they were in danger of being stepped on or tripped over. "Are you okay?"

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