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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

Elena had been sitting quietly in the library. She had found some good looking fiction books among the tall shelves and had went and found a nice place to read them, alone and silent. She had lost herself in the pages. It was nice, to be somewhere else for a little while, the stone walls of the castle felt stifling after a while. Not even the fresh air of the lake had taken away the feeling that she just didn't belong there, among magic.

She finished the last page and closed the book, the hero had turned into a villain and one of the supporting characters had sacrificed themselves to save everyone. The curse had become a blessing and all the villains had become heroes.

"Well that was a rollercoaster ride from start to finish." She told the stack of books next to her, "How was it fast paced and seven books long?"

The books remained annoyingly silent.

"Well what do we have next books?" She asked and moved to grab one from her not-read pile. Well, that one looked interesting.

"Poison study? Think I can pretend I'm actually studying?" She asked the pile,"Probably not, you're right."

The pile was still silent, if it was sentient it would probably tell her she needed to go out and find a friend, or to romance someone, either. Just as long as she stopped talking to a pile of books.

She sighed at the pile, "You're bad at conversation."

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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

[quote] Aurelia had been furious the other day in the dormitory. As a girl who was very collected of her own emotions, not many people could make her upset, let alone furious but that prefect of a brat, Beckett managed to do so. Anastasia had found out about her potion drinking habits and chose to use it against her. Now that the problem was solved, the only thing bothering the young brunette was how she found out about it.

After a few days of getting information, Aurelia finally found the source. An older student had told her about a ‘gossip dealer’ that lived in the library. Elena Jones. Even though Aurelia was reluctant to believe that a First year Slytherin whom she had never heard of before until now, knew all the gossips in the school.

Still she had went to check this ‘gossip dealer’. Aurelia could believe that someone so desperate enough for money to use gossips as their way of getting a few sickles. It was ridiculous. The library was a place Aurelia would only visit to collect sources for her assignments. If only there was a Google for the Wizarding world, her life would be so much easier.

There on one of the table under a shelf of books was a strange girl with blue hair. So was strange indeed as her mouth moved and it seemed like she was talking to the book she had in her hand. Oddly Familiar faces was something Aurelia came across often in Hogwarts and this girl was one of them. Aurelia could catch where she seen her before. Perhaps it was due to the effects of the many vials of forgetfulness potion she had taken for the past month that cause her to forget about her meetings with people but still finding them familiar.

So, you’re the one they call the gossip dealer, is that right?” Aurelia asked dragging a chair back to sit on it.

Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

Elena was shocked out of her monologue with the books by a familiar and almost certainly unwelcome face. Aurelia Bezuidenhout. There was three reasons that Aurelia could be here, the first was coincidence, the second was because she was after some gossip, and the third was that she found about about Elena's deal with Ana Beckett. The first was believable but probably not the answer. That left either of the others, one of which could end in a fight.

"Well, I guess so but if anyone asks you I go by Puck when making my deals, puts the fear of the unknown in them. Fae are still scary, no matter how long it's been since the last wild hunt." Elena winked at her, "I usually sell in the small hall but I can make an exception for a gossip columnist in need."

"Although I'd appreciate if you didn't meet me here in the future, the library is kind of my quiet zone. The books and I are good friends, I can recommend Dungeon Run, Spellslinger, and Gone if you're here for some fiction. Although I don't think you'd appreciate my horror novels." Elena couldn't help but make the jab, it was as much a power move as her grins and blue hair. Better off to be thought of as crazy than clever, or more weird than ambitious. Crazy raises less questions, and weird is less threatening.

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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 


The girl was undeniably strange, the way she spoke of things, most likely creatures, which didn’t exist. Aurelia wasn’t interested in comics neither was she interested in buying gossips, she just had to prevent Puck from spreading anything unappealing of her.

It was only when Puck gave her a very broad smile did she realised that the girl had a weapon, blue eyes, yet she didn’t know how dangerous they were. As usual with any blue eyed, Aurelia avoided eye contact, looking at the table instead or at the books on the shelf. It would be challenging to remain serious and more importantly, not let down her guard in these circumstance but she still needed to try her best if she was going to prove a point even if that point wasn’t a real one.

I didn’t come here to get gossips or comics and I don’t need help for my columns. ” Aurelia stated.

Anastasia had recently written a draft about me and in the constant it had stated that I have been drinking the forgetfulness potion. So here I am now, I believe you were the one spreading these rumours about me.” Her hands were clasped together neatly in front of her as she spoke.

These rumours in fact aren’t true and I suggest you stop spreading them as you might get into deep trouble.

Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

The worst option, Aurelia was out for blood. There were four options as far as she was concerned, the first three were to apologise, to antagonise, or to act like it didn't matter. Apologies meant nothing in this case, it just wouldn't work out well. The fourth was Elena's style, she dealt in uncomfortable truths and revealed secrets.

"Trouble? Wow, that's ominous." Puck frowned, "Also, it's not my fault if my information was off, I don't spread rumours. I get paid for what I've heard."

"I'm sorry if the student that told me was wrong, but I'm not who you should be blaming here, maybe think about whatever you did to piss off Ana enough that she would come to her enemy's best friend for help. Maybe just start being nicer, because you've made a lot of people around he upset, far more than I have, and if it didn't come back to bite you now, it would have soon enough." Elena leaned back on her chair, and glared at Aurelia, only partially for her own reasons. If it weren't for Rorie's antagonistic relationship with Ana, Elena would definitely have tried to befriend her. Ana was known as clever, cunning, resourceful, and brave. That was exactly the kind of person Elena respected most.

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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

So it was her attitude then, Elena had a problem with her attitude and that she had to be nicer to people. Being nice was a choice and Aurelia was usually nice when she approached someone unless they prove to be a threat to her reputation of if they decided to insult her in anyway, there would be a lesson provided for them.

Bloom Silverton, Anastasia Beckett and a few others were those threats. During the sleepover, Aurelia was just minding her business when Bloom started being a brat, she had even insulted her and went as far as threatening the Gryffindor. So the Gryffindor had to result using the, ‘if you bite, I’ll bite harder,’ logic.

Aurelia didn’t remember being mean to Anastasia at all. During the Gryffindor sleepover. Aurelia had even congratulated Anastasia in her prefect position yet Anastasia had to write an article about her containing bullshit.

Now there was Elena, we’d see where she’d fall on the list. An eyebrow rose when Elena had talked about biting. Now she remembered, Elena was the girl who’s story she had said was ridiculous during the forbidden sleepover. Honestly, that was just an opinion, why on earth did everybody had to take it so seriously? In the business world, there would always be people putting you down, if they can’t deal with such a simple comment, how will they even do well in the future?

You get paid for what you heard? Interesting really. About being nicer, I have a nice side like how everyone has, you’ve just never seen it and most of all, people just take my... friendliness for granted. Anastasia for example. You act as if I’m at fault here. ” Aurelia said calmly.

Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

Elena raised an eyebrow at her, friendly, really, is that how she viewed herself? Aurelia walked and smiled like a shark circling prey and acted like a businesswoman four times her age, the idea of Aurelia being friendly was so ridiculous that it took all of her willpower not to laugh at her. This girl wouldn't know friendly if it jumped up and bit her on the nose.

Elena sighed and shook her head, "Honey, let me give you some advice from someone that actually used to sell information, people don't ask for dirt on you unless you've given them an awful lot of reason for it. Ana will try to take down threats early, I get that, I do the same thing, maybe you don't quite understand how you offended her, but you did. She makes sure she has enough motive before doing anything, she didn't even go this hard after Rorie, and Ana hates her. So, the chances are that you are definitely at fault. I don't like at all so you only get one more helping hand, stop caring so much about what other people think of you, it's ridiculous and it makes it obvious how to take you down. That's why nobody has managed to stop me, nobody knows what I really want."

Elena stood up and grabbed a couple of books to take with her back to her dorms.

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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

Elena wasn’t one whose thoughts could be changed easily. It wasn’t a surprise that she douldnr understand for she only saw the less appealing part of Aurelia, more specifically, the part involving all business morals in action. Also, Elena was most likely not aware of the entire situation when Aurelia was all serious-like and therefore made assumptions like the way she was doing now.

Aurelia knew herself better than anyone, she knew that a times, the times where she trying to get a point in, defending herself or others, she’d seem quite menacing and over powering. She was fully aware of her capabilities and took advantage of them. Yet, the girl also knew that she herself could be much more approachable, but it really depended on the person’s definition of friendliness. Hi and hellos and pleasantries along those lines wasn’t Aurelia’s cup of tea. She preferred to go straight to the point that however, wasn’t what most people were used to but was the way she did things.

Over the past year in Hogwarts, Aurelia was beginning to treat the old Scottish castle as her second home and there were some who experienced her nicer side. She had once took the time to stop and give some advice to a crying Hufflepuff and Ellara wasn’t the only one who had witnessed her kindness. Now there in front of her laid a problem that needed to be solved. Elena, or puck as she called herself. It was merely assumptions she was making, it didn’t bother Aurelia much because a year ago, the brunette used to jump to conclusions too. At least that was before she became a writer and knew the importance of backing up information.

Elena, I can tell that you have been influenced by what you’ve heard. It’s very easy to jump to conclusions, but not giving someone a chance to explain isn’t fair, don’t you agree?” in Aurelia’s words, it meant ‘sit down and let’s talk’ but of course, she had a reputation to structure her words formally and that became how she spoke everyday. Aurelia gestured to the seat that merely second ago she had stood up from.

I am here not because I care about what others-what you or Anastasia- think about me. I am here to get a word with you. What you say, if not thoroughly supported by evidence can get people in to trouble or even you in trouble. You might not know that because you’ve never worked for the papers. I’m here now to tell you that it has consequences. ” Anastasia had gotten into much conflict because of what Elena told her. It wasn’t supported. She never worked with the masked man. If Elena were to continue this there would be dangers ahead, there would be broken friendships and even more conflicts disrupting the peace in Hogwarts.

Anastasia and I had been neutral and there could have sparked a friendship. It would probably because she’s intimidated by my power, popularity, position in the newspaper team and family heritage that she had decided to go against me by writing an unsupported article of bullshit about me in order for me to look bad in front of the school and slowly lose my power. ” Aurelia explained.

Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

The chair remained there unused, Elena wasn't going to sit back down again, no matter how hard Aurelia implied she should. She listened to the girl with a raised eyebrow, well that's what this is about, power, the girl wanted it and apparently the best place to start gaining it was the second year of school. Then Aurelia said something that made Elena's laughter filled the small otherwise quiet space.

"Oh my god. You think she's intimidated by you!? Oh lord, that's hilarious, honestly I haven't had a better laugh in a good couple of days. Thanks for that, I really needed it, oh my god." Elena had to pause to catch her breath, "Aurelia, darling, honey, sweet pea, Anastasia Beckett does not get intimidated, especially not my a half-rate gossip columnist who's only real power is caused by her family history, money, or the mistake on behalf of the the newspaper to think that you are a competent journalist, you see if you were any good at your job you'd realise that the best way to get back at Ana would be to get dirt on her."

Elena rolled her eyes, "And for the record, I'm not easily influenced, and I'd like it if you stopped making thinly veiled threats at me, it's disconcerting. Now I'm headed to somewhere I won't get my reading interrupted by annoying, power hungry, pureblood, gossip columnists. Goodbye."

With that Elena strode towards the exit.

When It All Comes Down To Dust I Will Kill You If I Must
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Battle Of The Gossips  PV Aurelia Bezuidenhout 

Threats? Elena really misunderstood what she said neither could she be reasoned with. She was just another stubborn first year that couldn’t hear people out. Consequences and trouble, it wasn’t just about Elena, it was about the school, if she started revealing secrets that others didn’t want to be exploited, it could risk many broken relationships as will as discords. Those were the consequences she was implying by the selling of information. But apparently by consequences, Elena thought it was about her, Aurelia had better things to do than to come after Elena whenever she said something bad about her.

Elena clearly had some bias towards Anastasia and it was as if she hadn’t even got a single word into her head. Aurelia didn’t want power, she already had it, she had power to exploit anyone in her Gryffgazette article and could if she wanted to, but it wasn’t the good thing to do. Aurelia wasn’t one to abuse power unlike some others but of course, some people like Anastasia was afraid that she might and therefore this issue surfaced.

The Gryffgazette didn’t make a mistake.” Aurelia snapped back as soon as Elena mentioned about the team, her words were harsh as she did.

Aurelia made a small eye roll when Elena claimed she was not influenced easily. Clearly she was, by Anastasia. Whatever Anastasia put in the girl’s head had clearly convinced her that Aurelia was this Monster. Disappointing it was that Elena couldnt see that Anastasia was in fact the power hungry, pureblood, Gryffindor writer.

Goodbye.” Aurelia replied, this time letting Elena storm of through the door.

Aurelia inhaled deeply through her nose and let it out in a heavy breath. So this was what Elena thought of her and all Aurelia did was let a mean comment slip from her lips during the Forbidden Sleepover. Aurelia had simply came to the library to get a word with Elena to reason things out, and this is how she was returned. Some people just didn’t know how unfriendly they were at times and still wondered why she was sometimes the way she was, no fun and games.

Aurelia tucked the chair back in under the table, there was no reason to stay in the library any longer, besides, it was getting late and she had more work to do. Anger consumed one’s thoughts and caused them to say thing without thinking it through and that was the main reason why she was taught to keep her emotions in check since young. Elena had said many but one thing Aurelia knew the Gryffgazette had not made a mistake. If only Elena knew how hard she worked for the papers.
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