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So Many Books!  PV Frost   Closed 

Date: 11 November 2018
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Location: Hogwarts Library

Anastasia had an unusual moment of spare time and she knew exactly what she wanted to do with it. She'd been insanely busy with keeping up her grades, doing her prefect duties, making allies friends, and figuring out ways to blackmail and/or mess with enemies. It was a lot for any eleven-year-old girl to handle, but Anastasia was hardly any eleven-year-old girl. Still, with all of that, she hadn't been reading as much as normal, which was difficult for the young Gryffindor to swallow. That was why, at her realization that she would have 47 minutes free on the Sunday afternoon, she'd instantly known exactly how she was going to spend that time. 

She had arrived in the library and headed straight to the section on famous witches and wizards. It occurred to her that she should have had a book in mind when she decided to spend her time reading since she once spent four and a half hours choosing a book. Remembering that incident, she rather wondered why she wasn't in Ravenclaw. Then again, there were other Gryffindors who loved to study and read, so she supposed it wasn't entirely strange she was a Gryffindor. 

Lost in thought, she nearly slammed into another student in the same section. She did that quite a bit, she was really going to need to work on watching where she went. She wasn't sure whether to be all apolgetic about or blame the other student. She supposed she'd see what the other girl said.

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So Many Books!  PV Frost   Closed 

      The library was always a calming place. Well for most people it at least seemed that way. But the girl had never met somebody who didn't like the library, so it was safe to assume that it was all around a great place. There were so many tall shelves lined with so much knowledge and history, so much it was overwhelming just to look at, let alone think about. 

      By this time in the late afternoon, the castle was mostly peaceful. The sun had an orange glow when it was filtered through the glass of the windows. The Hufflepuff hummed to herself as quietly as possible as she went through the shelves. But what book to get? It always took her breath away to see just how many books really resided here in the Hogwarts library. But it did also, in some weird way, intimidate her. 

       Hazel eyes followed the shelves until she saw their end. How in the world did anyone get to the books up so high? Was there some sort of ladder? Or maybe they just came down to the person instead of the person going up. It was strange to think about. It was a bad decision to stop abruptly and stare up at the towering shelves. 

        If Frost hadn't stepped back so suddenly to get a better look, she would have collided with another. The brown haired girl in front of her had forced her to snap out of her thoughts. "Oh, I'm so sorry, I honestly didn't see you there." The redhead looked at the girl in front of her, hazel eyes meeting her brown ones. The girl was taller than her by a few inches and was in all honesty, fairly pretty. "Are you okay? It's a good thing I didn't bump into you. That would be terrible."
Oh jeez I'm really sorry for not posting this sooner and really sorry that it's so short! Not that it's good to have an excuse, but when I do get a computer again, it'll be better. (I am not used to writing on my phone like at all) Again, very sowwy <3


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So Many Books!  PV Frost   Closed 

Alright, the redhead was polite and fairly apologetic about it, so, for the moment, Anastasia would be about as polite.  She kicked herself mentally. She needed to actually be nice since she had decided she needed more friends. Not that she didn't have any, she didn't, but she was gearing up for all-out war with one second-year Gryffindor, so that was one thing. There was another factor that Anastasia wasn't entirely willing to admit to herself though -  it would actually be nice to have more friends than enemies. She had always had at least as many enemies as she did friends, and, as much as she hated to admit it, it wasn't exactly the best way to go about life. She wasn't about to stop making it clear she disliked people that she disliked, but maybe she should try to balance that out. 

"Oh, that was completely my bad," Anastasia said, smiling at the other girl. Be nice. Come on, you know how. She tried to shush her thoughts. That was hardly helpful right now. "I'm just glad I stopped in time. Otherwise, that would have been a tad problematic." Anastasia smirked a bit when she said the last bit. It would have been more than a tad problematic.

 "So, were you looking for any particular book or just browsing?" Anastasia added, hoping that maybe the girl's reply would give her an idea for what she herself wanted to read. She had already used seven of her precious free time, and while she didn't mind spending some of it socializing, she would mind not having a book to read whenever she finished chatting with the other girl. She was hoping for something new since one could only read their textbooks so many times people it got boring and repetitive. 

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7