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Books, books and friends.  Closed 

Ashley was reading in the corner in the library. Despite being a new student, she was getting through her books fairly quickly, humming 'Hallow Trees (Her own song)' to herself. Eventually, she got a bit lonely, huddled all by herself.
"I wish someone was here with me..."
She would be fine with anyone...
A Griffindor,
or another Ravenclaw...
Just somebody to chat with...

<  > <  > <  >
V  ^  V  ^  V

<Carry on>

Ashley. W

Books, books and friends.  Closed 

Just a quick reminder, the word count expectation here is 200 words. Please edit your post to reflect this. If you have found writing 200 words to be too arduous for you, consider the assistance program some experienced players are offering roleplayers.

Just from reading your post I can think of a few things to add. 

Tell me about the scenery. Yes, we know you are in a library but make me SEE it with your words. Tell me about the tall bookshelves that are stories tall. About how there is an impossible number of tomes. What about the wood carving, the time, the care the money that went into making a place like this. The space is rather large but is it loud? Are you alone and in that corner or are you just sitting away from the other students because you are shy? Why are you shy? Do you want to make friends? What do you think of Hogwarts? Is it exciting, overwhelming, scary? What do you look like? Are you you sitting at a table, on the floor? When you write, give players lots to work off of. Are you chewing on a pencil, twirling your hair. 

There is something about ambition, how it not only propels you but also defines you.

Books, books and friends.  Closed 

A lone Slytherin would walk down past the great mountains of books around him. Looking up amazed and humbled by the sheer amount of knowledge gathered in this place. He would then look for a book on household charms and then to the duelling section of the library. Picking up a book called Battle magic for beginners before turning to a whole different part of the library soon returning from it with two book,  one designated 'The wizarding world for the muggle-born' and another book called 'Wizarding customs of the late 20th and early 21st century. Before looking at a table where he could sit. 

Then he noticed a nice cosy place in the library, where he could read in peace, an ideal location before finding that there was already someone sitting there. Alex thought of turning around and sitting at another table but the words of his mother came to him saying 'You should make some friends who you can talk with, being alone isn't nice is it ?' That is why you go to school." Alex then shrugs and goes to stand at the table next to the Ravenclaw. He then looked at her and asked "Hello can I sit here ?" 

Books, books and friends.  Closed 

Reine almost squealed with delight when she first saw the library. Her grandmother had told her of all the times she herself had studied and read for fun long hours in this very same room. Reine quickly found the section on plants she knew she would learn about in herbology and loaded her arms up with several of them. As she started to look for a spot to sit in, more books caught her attention and she stopped to look at those too.

Her new Gryffindor robes soon became dusty and she had long since used the simple floating charm her grandmother had taught her to help her carry books. She inspected the amount of books she had and, frowning slightly, decided she could put a few back. She had the whole year to read after all. Reine sat herself down on the floor and sorted through the books she did and didn't want to read right now. Settling on three books on the basic herbology lessons, she picked herself up off of the floor and put the rest of the books back.

She looked for a spot to sit, hugging the books to her chest. She saw a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw about her age sitting nearby. She quickly noticed how the Slytherin was much taller than her, her nose wrinkling slightly. Not wanting to bother their reading, she sat down and opened the first book. Reine became immersed the in book and the different plants.

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