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A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

Feeling a bit better that they both seemed to believe her about the book, she nodded to Felicity. Asking the librarian about the book might be a good idea. Although, it could raise questions as to why three first-year students are spending most of their time in the older book section near the Restricted Section.

Felicity had left both Reid and Bloom alone when she put back a book. Bloom, feeling her hands a bit clammy from being alone with Reid yet again, wanted to go to the librarian to ask. She stopped when he called out to her. She turned around, listening to whatever he had to say. Bloom looked down to the ground and played with the ends of her sweater. What does he want to tell me now? That he doesn't like me at all and that the night in the Owlery should have never happened? Her mind began to go through many scenarios as to what he may be expressing at this moment.

He began to start off about the Owlery. Check, she thought to herself, reminding herself of a scenario that she made believe to come true. It was then he went towards a different direction. A direction that she did not even think he would have gone. Reid expressed how weird this was with them and asked for forgiveness from her.

Bloom looked up from the ground and stared into his forest green eyes. She gave him a small smile and nodded. She did forgive him. It took a bit, but Bloom enjoyed being his friend and although her feelings were shifting to Ben, she still had lots of feelings for him that would never go away. Bloom, not thinking, went up to Reid and gave him a hug, wrapping her arms around him and even the book he was carrying to the best of her arms length. "Of course I forgive you," she started, her hug sincere. She let go of Reid, her hand on his arm. "I'm sorry I made everything weird... Do you forgive me?" she asked, wondering if perhaps he forgave her for all that she had done in the Owlery.

A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

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 With a glance back at Reid and Bloom, she was able to tell that they weren't yet finished with their
approached the pair, a grin on her face.

 "Guys! I found the librarian," She mentioned, stepping to the side so Miss Briggs was able to join the trio. She seemed a little confused, but willing to help nevertheless. Felicity was pretty sure that the librarian was just happy that students seemed to be interested in books for once. 

 "How can I help you?" The librarian asked, slightly readjusting her blazer as she looked between Bloom, Felicity and Reid as though she were trying to figure them out - which Felicity wouldn't be surprised at if she were. They were near the Restricted Section, after all. They could be meddling, and using the woman to help them. They weren't like that, though. Felicity was sure that none of them would even want to see what was in the Restricted Section. She knew that she didn't want to. Things were restricted for a reason, after all.
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A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

It was a bit unexpected to receive anything even more than a nod from Bloom, he was sure there would be a great divide between them from this point. But it was a pleasant surprise to get the hug and he admired her courage for it, he certainly wouldn't have embraced her. With his free arm, he returned it lightly and let her pull away. The hard lines on his features had softened and he looked a little more like himself now.

He wasn't sure what he exactly was forgiving her for, but he nonetheless nodded to give her the peace of mind. "Yeah, of course." he hoarsely chuckled. Reid glanced to see Felicity talking to the librarian and directed his attention back towards Bloom. He was tired of the awkwardness between the two of them and humor seemed to remedy that no matter how bad it was for him.

"Tell me how that date goes with Ben, I want to know the details if you'll care to spare." he jokingly winked. It hadn't bothered him so much as it did before, the best he could do was to just support them. Perhaps he could make a friend out of Ben yet, if he wouldn't have the urge to choke him out for rejecting Bloom. Someone did say that Hufflepuffs make fantastic friends and being support seemed to always be a role he stood by even before meeting his friends at Hogwarts.

The Hufflepuff silently watched Felicity aimlessly wander the area in search of a Librarian.

We need a Librarian and agreed to it, Adelbert! (: Please come in and bless us with knowledge.

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A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

Feeling the light touch of his arm on her back was all she needed to feel accepted back into Reid's life as a friend. Not only were they talking, but they could now touch each other and sometimes the contact is what made a friendship strong. Bloom smiled at the Hufflepuff, happy to finally have one of her best of friends back.

She froze only momentarily when he mentioned about Ben and their date. About that..., she thought to herself, but she did not want to tell him now that she lied about the whole thing to see what he would do. Bloom was a bit disappointed about it, however. Although she did want to be friends with Reid, she also wanted him to feel a bit jealous. Is that normal? she thought. Bloom, not wanting to say anything, nodded to Reid, confirming that she would let him know. The problem was, she had nothing to let him know about in the future.

Bloom walked with Reid to Felicity, who was on the search for the librarian. They had wanted to know more about the book that disappeared as well as anything else that can help them with Divination. Granted, it was a bit odd for first years to want to study Divination, so Bloom kept thinking in her overactive imagination of scenarios that would be perfect to say if the Librarian were to ask why their search was so specific.

Because we met the new divination teacher and wanted to know more about her... Because we learned about Centaurs in Care of Magical Creatures and wanted to learn more about astrology and dreams... Because we are Ravenclaw's (and a Hufflepuff) and want to get a head start in our studies...

Her mind went on and on, thinking of as many excuses to their actions as possible. The last thing she needed was to have Felicity looked at for having these dreams or vision, or whatever they are. Bloom, finally with Felicity looked up at the Librarian with a smile, trying to look innocent with their theme of research.

"We'd like more books on Divination, if possible," she stated, getting right the point. Her excuses were lined up in her head just in case. Bloom thought, however, it was best to be straight forward with the Librarian to prevent any reason to question.

A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

The start of term was generally the busiest time of year for Master Quarren and the Library’s two designated House Elves, Jo and Tolly. The more temperamental books (of which there were many) had to be reacclimated to human contact after two months of peace, escapees from the Restricted Section had to be tracked down, and every single book had to be checked cover-to-cover for damage or illegibility. While the Elves were handling those more mundane tasks, Quarren himself was finishing the arrangements for the year’s new acquisitions. Due to the nature of the castle, and the books themselves, this was less a matter of assigning shelf space, and more akin to assigning roommates. Many of the old guard books were distrustful of newcomers, which made this a lengthy and frustrating process.

As he spoke sternly to a 16th century edition of Moste Potente Potions about the importance of progress, he felt (rather than heard) a small ping in the back of his mind. Someone in the Library needed assistance. With a cheery, benevolent expression, the Librarian followed the magical signal to its source, a group of three first years (two girls with robes trimmed in blue, which was not at all surprising, and a boy trimmed in yellow). He recognized the looks on their faces; these students had a research project. His favorite duty, indeed, was helping the students learn whatever they wished to know, and he was glad to have abandoned his other work. At his approach, one of the Ravenclaws jumped straight to the point, and Adelbert had to suppress an undignified giggle. He loved his House.

“Divination, eh?” Master Quarren stroked his long white beard, thinking of the many subtopics there, and directions such research could take. He was old, approaching his 101st birthday, but his voice was clear and his brown eyes sharp. After a moment’s thought, he looked back down to the students. “Many problems inherent in studying the future, unreliability first among them. Active Divination is taught here at Hogwarts, of course, but I must admit I’ve never really understood why. I’ve never heard of tea leaves, entrails, or crystal balls having any more reliability than simple guesswork…”

The Librarian trailed off, looking around cautiously. He cleared his throat, and lowered his voice for a moment. “Ahem, please don’t tell Professor Barrows I said that. At any rate, centaurs are able to reach valid conclusions from such ancient practices as star-gazing and fire-gazing, but current research suggests that this is more an ability inherent to the centaurs than something that can be taught to us. The only humans who are believed to perceive the future are Seers, who don’t even remember their own prophecies… Which brings me to my suggestion! Your first instinct may be to search for the memoirs of famous Seers, but I’m afraid that might be something of a waste of time. I will instead summon you some books on the effects Seers have had on history. Terrible wars, the lives of heroes and villains, catastrophes and miracles, prophecies can be found near the heart of a great many events…” The old wizard retrieved his wand with a simple twist of his hand, and cast a wordless Summoning Charm. The full set of the Great Wizarding Events series would do well as a primer. From the 10th century to the 20th, they would be able to read about everything from the prophecy spoken to the four Founders of Hogwarts all the way to the rise and fall of Grindelwald and Voldemort...

“Now, while those books are on their way, is there any particular reason for your interest in the subject? Do you suspect that you have heard a true prophecy, or is it something more along the lines of the tea leaves and crystal balls?”

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A Researchable Adventure  PV Felicity/Reid   Closed 

 Felicity was a little bit startled once a voice was heard from behind her, and her body jumped at the fright, causing her to draw in a gasp of air and turn around faster than lightning to face the person who had caused her a jump. She let out a sigh of relief once she realized that it was just an elderly man - and furthermore, the Librarian. The girl tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she listened to the bearded man speak, sort of interested. Bloom could have lost something important or of value to Felicity, and she most definitely did not want to miss it.

 Her eyes seem to widen as the man started to mention Seers, and she looked over at her friends with haste. How had the Librarian been so sure? The blonde seemed to fret, considering she was so sure that she had been able to hide her real intentions with this research to anyone outside of the trio present. She looked back to the elder as he began talking about effects that Seers seemed to have had in the past, and honestly - it concerned her. She let out a small breath once he was finished speaking, and finally put in some input of her own on the search. 

 "More along... tea leaves and crystal balls," She lied through her teeth, grinning afterwards. She was glad that the librarian would be able to help the trio - it was much easier this way. Perhaps they should have done this from the beginning of their search - they didn't even have to specify for him. "Anything on Seers would be quite amazing, actually - I'm quite interested in them. Uh, Professor Barrows told me about them." She used the name he mentioned previously, hoping it would help the cause further. She hadn't quite met this Professor Barrows yet - maybe she was the Divination professor? That would make sense.. Felicity was sure she couldn't take that course until third year, after all.

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