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A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 


Only the following students are allowed to post: Adam Harringtom, Emma Hill, Phaedra Stavrou, + 2
- Your word count does not have to be 200, it at least has to be 100. But the more detail I have, the more I can write for you.
- You can perform one action, but you are free to talk, talking is not considered an action. Picking up a book to examine it is. You're allowed to cast spells, but keep in mind of your student's surroundings.
- Do not god mod and remember that the physical things you do are largely attempts. Your stats will factor into the story, such as observing.
- I post at least once week, you're free to post as much as you like until then. If everyone posts sooner with an action, I'll certainly do so as well.
- Please message me if anything is unclear, I'll happily resolve it.
This is where it begins, in the dark and far from the light.

It's too long from All Hallow's Eve, the time where strange happenings become not so strange. Beyond the castle's walls was the gentle thundering of a storm brewing. Gentle rain taps the pane of the window, it was not a time to be out. There’s a sound coming from the library entrance, it stretches through the hallways and corridors. The closer to the source, the more a person realizes it to almost be a soft murmur. It wasn’t menacing, but neither was it comforting. All it said was one word, repeated as if it was a chant that threatened to get louder. 

"... The liar, deceit ... "

Anyone who heard it might be brave enough to follow it, they could also be a total fool. The door was slightly opened, perhaps someone was already inside. Shelves cast ominous shadows on the walls, warning anyone who might try to forsake the wealth it held in each page. Each book contained a secret, hidden treasure and far off lands. To muggles, it was a fairy tale, but to oneself - it might as well be a reality. The voice then would begin to chant to a different beat in the same manner, but it was still barely understandable at best. 

"... The fool, defeat ..." 

Perhaps it was a ghost, playing a trick on students who dared to tread the halls past curfew. In the library held the past, the present, and perhaps even the future in its steadfast hands. What came before is here and what will come is an empty space in one of the bookshelves, waiting to be immortalized - or even forgotten. Shadows splayed themselves on the wall with the little bit of moonlight that was allowed in through the muddled panes. Not a living soul was found in the between the silent shelves, but maybe that will change. But what was certain was this sound had a source, somewhere within this library. 

"... The trespasser, crime ..."

In the North sat the Restricted Section, it was the farthest from the entrance and for good reasons. It contained Hogwart's most dubious works of texts, some of which included the Dark Arts. It was inaccessible as far as anyone was concerned. 

To the East and West held the finest works of magical books that the wizarding world has ever seen. Not even the Library of Alexandria could compare to the wealth of knowledge it held. Pages upon pages, centuries upon centuries, every part of this library contained so much and yet has seen so little of the light. The shelves stretched to the heavens and to a young with or wizard, it perhaps looked like a fortress in the clouds. 

The South was where the entrance had been and what laid in front of the antagonizers was the librarian's desk. It was the closest thing and upon closer inspection, it was not untouched. The log that kept track of who had taken books out was torn to shreds, pieces of it on the counter and some on the floor. Black ink slowly dripped onto the smooth floor of the library, coming from an inkwell that sat beside a quill snapped in half. Past the counter and on the floor was an incredibly large book, that read 'MVGNV BIBLIOTHECV'. It was the book kept by Hogwart's librarian, detailing every single book that was in the shelves. 

- S.Y., Professor of Transfiguration

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 


The library of Hogwarts was more than just that. It was much too grand to be measured on the same scale of the public libraries Adam had visited in his hometown of Nottingham or even the London Library itself. This room was a vault, really, an endless collection of priceless artifacts and priceless knowledge protected by magic so old and varied that the young boy couldn't hope to understand it. During his first few weeks at the school, Adam's respect for the library had come mostly out of obligation, a sense that admiration was required of those in his house. By his second year, that love had grown and become independent, become a real fascination with both the space itself and the books it contained.

It was for this reason that Adam had taken a detour from his usual patrol route. Even if it was just for a minute, he wanted to be in the room alone and just enjoy the comfortable silence. It was so hard to find a break from all the noise of the Hogwarts lifestyle, but the library was made specifically for quietness, for tranquility, and in the after-hours darkness especially it was a place like no other. Winding his way up from the ground floor where he had scanned the halls (both Great and Small) for troublemakers, Adam had turned at the fourth-floor landing and turned into the heart of the school. He had no reason to fear punishment, as a Prefect, but he found himself assembling a story nonetheless. I heard some noises -- wanted to check them out. It was a flimsy excuse, yes, but if all went well he wouldn't even need it.

How ironic it was when the door to the library appeared in Adam's sight and the whispers reached his ear. At first, the boy thought that he was simply imagining them. It could most certainly be a product of his imagination, a result of the fantasies he'd invented to get him out of trouble with any wandering professors. These noises were nothing that Adam could have imagined, however, faint nearly to the point of inaudibility and seeming to consist of only one ominous phrase. Lies and deceit were nothing Adam wanted to be involved with. He hated hearing the words, haunting him with memories of August and seeming to call him forward specifically. What could he do but keep walking? What choice did he have?

By the time he reached the door, put off by the way it hung slightly ajar, the voices from the air had changed. The words they muttered were no happier but just as confusing, and Adam was starting to grow afraid. No good story ever started with ominous chanting from an unknown source. The smart move would be to find a professor and report what he had discovered, or at the very least, ignore the sound all together. Then again, Adam had no way of knowing what danger this situation posed, if any. Wasn't it better to be informed before he went and woke up one of his teachers, to know that he had dragged them out of bed or studies for something worthwhile? Taking a deep breath, he reminded himself that he had signed up for this when he had applied for a leadership position. If Adam couldn't be relied upon to do his job and keep his classmates safe, he was no better than the Masked Man himself. With a sense of forced duty on his shoulders, the boy opened the door wide enough to allow him in and stopped dead in his tracks.

He had imagined that the rule breakers would be further from the door, their efforts focused on the coveted information secured in the Restricted Section. At the very least, they would be deep in the shelves, hidden away from prying eyes like his own and searching for whatever they may have been searching for. In actuality, he didn't need to leave the door. The second sign that something was wrong was a flashing neon one in the form of the vandalized librarian's desk. Ink was dripping and puddled everywhere, a quill lay sadly broken and discarded, and the ruins of books were strewn across the floor.

Adam went pale, subconsciously taking a step backwards away from the damage. No student could have done something so malevolent, could they have? He didn't think that even the ghosts were this destructive. It was like a wild animal had found its way onto the desk and left nothing at peace. This had been Adam's sanctuary for the night, a place to relax between the duties of the evening and the sleep that would lead into just as busy of a morning. Now that someone had trashed it, he found that his work was far from over. Any logically thinking student would have run for adult help, but fueled by the same idea of "evidence first" that had gotten him inside, Adam crossed slowly to the desk and knelt down next to it. Leafing through a pile of torn-up pages, he searched them for any remainder of legible content. Something had to have had a reason for doing this. He wouldn't give up until he had an idea of what that was.
ACTION: Search torn-up log pages for any clues.

Adam Harringtom
STR: 10 AGI: 5 CTRL: 8 STA: 12

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

It was the first time Emma had ever caught herself wandering outside of the Ravenclaw Common Room late at night. It hadn't surprised her one bit to be outside of her dormitory, what bothered her is how she didn't do it sooner in her first year at Hogwarts. The scenery seemed so tranquil than its normal turbulent and disordered mess between the rotation of classes. At least one class had been located on each floor, but even that didn't stop the traffic. It was delightful to wander around Hogwarts... and to have the Grand Staircase all to herself.

Keeping her footsteps light on the stairs, she kept her eyes open for alert professors or prefects. Perhaps those footsteps were other misbehaving students that had decided to wander around Hogwarts just like herself. That was unlikely. Already hiking away from the Room of Requirements on the seventh floor down to the library, she kept her hands in her pocket to steady her noisy pearl bracelet. Several times she heard steps approaching her, sometimes on the steps and in the corridors. It was unmistakably hard to convince herself not to sprint on the stairs, disrupting the peace of the professors, especially the new ones. She was big on creating a good first impression.

Passing the girl's bathroom on the fifth floor, she continued to walk down until her foot missed a step. With the back of her heel on the edge of the stair, supporting her weight, she felt her body fall forward a bit as she struggled to grab the Staircase's railing. It was bad enough to fall down the stairs but to get put in detention was karma. She felt her knees bend and her hands clasped upon the railing, gasping softly for breath. 

Dropping a knee to the stair, she steadied herself before standing up, picking up her pace slightly as she scowled, making her way down to the library. Only did she stop when she heard the soft murmur or a male, though no boy she knew had a tone as harsh as this. A ghost, possibly, but even the ghosts of Hogwarts wouldn't play a cruel prank on the prefects and professors of Hogwarts. Wasn't Hogwarts their home? She inched near the library, her original destination, and clutched her wand inside of her pockets, almost scared to draw it. Only the view of shelves and the small light provided from the library's window. She might have been alone, and that frightened her.

It's just a mere student, she told herself, inhaling sharply for the breath she had seemed to lose hearing the soft words. She walked closer and closer into the library, her hands grabbing the interior of her robes, she looked to her left before looking to her right and jumping slightly. A prefect. From Ravenclaw. Just what she needed on her first attempt at scavenging the school after curfew. Although it was strange to see him here, she focused on the supplies scattered on to the floor. 

The first thing that jumped out to her: The gigantic book, with words that didn't really make any sense to her... she was used to this feeling before.  Before leaning down to pick up the book, she made sure that her presence was aware by the prefect. "You heard the mumbling too?" Her eyes bobbed from the Forbidden Section to the different shelves of books that belonged inside of the library. No one could read a book that large, well, not for fun at least. "I'd say I heard it from Ravenclaw Tower, but... I would be lying." 

She heaved up the book on to her knee, then sprawled it on to the librarian's counter. She didn't use her wand, she wasn't the one to use her wand on the useless things, even though it might have been an advantage. This was no ordinary book, that was obvious. She peered at the title before flipping large quantities of pages to flip to the back of the book, it was much easier than to flip the text like a pancake and produce a turbulent noise. It was a lot easier to speak her mind with someone around, but this did not apply to prefects. Still, she felt obliged to share what she found with the male prefect. "Magna Bibliotheca?"

Unless she had overthought the concept, the translation almost seemed obvious to her. The V's were A's, but she couldn't imagine what the N's translated to. Putting her thoughts together, she wrote the final words on the counter. She had never seen a book so thick inside of the library. She looked through the back of the book, her eyes scanning over words in the huge book, as if she knew what she had been looking for. Of course, she wasn't. All she knew from books was that the index was always located in the very back. The whole mysterious murmurs still ran throughout her head... and the feeble idea that she'd be put in detention.
Action: Analyze large book for clues

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

Curiosity killed the cat, hopefully it wouldn't to one of Ravenclaw's senior prefects, Adam Harringtom. For him to even break path and tresspass into the room of sacred texts was a huge step. A step towards what? Who knew. But fool or not, the voice was what drew him curiously to this grisly sight. But thankfully, he would not be the only one. It seemed Emma Hills found herself in the same situation, did Sherlock finally find his Holmes? What laid before them would be difficult to piece, no doubt. Broken! Ripped! Torn! It was a desecration of the highest literature sin. This was a crime of passion, one of anger and certainly one that was done by someone who was desperate. Surely the students would be warded off by the sight?

But no matter, they were sleuths of the highest degree. If there was any house that could piece together a scene of the crime, it would be the Ravenclaws. If there was a mystery that needed solving, the house of bronze and blue would prevail. But perhaps they should be careful of anyone else who might stumble upon them, they certainly seemed culpable criminals themselves. Yet like instinct, Adam and Emma began to rifle through the pages without much hesitation. Questions, questions, questions. What were they seeing? What were they finding out? Perhaps not much. Adam already went to work first and he'd find himself looking at the following pages; B, N, R, G, J, K, Q, T, S, V, F, Z, and D.

What he would find was barely legible accounts of books, unfortunately, maimed in the attack by whoever did so. What Adam was looking for would not be here. What were they searching for? Or was this merely the attack of someone who simply didn't know how to read? Had a failing grade turned a student savage? But all hope was not lost for he had a partner, Emma was searching too. Did they both know what they were searching for? The Magna Bibliotheca gave them no answers, sadly withering under the moonlight as its pages bled freeform. If it could speak, it would spill it all, but alas - they were left in the dark. Literally. Emma would find herself looking at the following pages; C, E, X, G, H, Y, I, L, O, P, U, and W.

She would find a few clues, but none of which would aid her in it. The titles had no meaning, they had no significance that would lead them anywhere. The direction seemed lost, if there was a way to reconstruct the scene, then perhaps they would find some way. The ink still dripped, black and overflowing onto the tiles of the library. Would there be anyone else to help them? Though they were better off in being found rather than finding whatever or whoever had done this. Beyond their understanding and little did they know, they were not alone on this rainy October night. No one was truly alone.  

- Adam has searched and found the following pages B, N, R, G, J, K, Q, T, S, V, F, Z, and D.
- Emma has also searched and found the following pages C, E, X, G, H, Y, I, L, O, P, U, and W.
- Everything is still broken. There are pages missing. 

- Midas, Phaedra, and Cecily have not posted.

- S.Y., Professor of Transfiguration

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

The girls' lavatory was a risky place to hide. There was far too much foot traffic and commotion in these parts at the brim of curfew. Students often ran late around this hour, their dark robes flowing behind them like capes as they rushed to their commons before they were locked out or busted. Still, the girls' toilets sat at the perfect distance - not too far nor too close to her destination and it allowed her to slyly pass the time until she was ready. Tonight, Phaedra would not be a student to abide by the rules. No longer would she be that person. It was a hard lesson, but the girl had more than well accepted that the school was in grave danger. Their world was unpredictable; she couldn't rely on adults to watch over her anymore, especially not when they could barely look after themselves. If only Chrysanthi Stavrou were here to read the twelve-year-old's thoughts. Her daughter's acts of defiance would have her clutching her chest.

It would only be a trek down one flight of stairs. Pushing open a stall door painfully slow to avoid any creaking, Phaedra stepped out into the cool air and brought her blue-accented robe closer around her. Rain pattered softly on the windows but she took no heed to stop and admire the sounds; she had already taken a tentative step into the fifth-floor corridors, turning her head to both sides to check for any presence besides hers. There was none and she continued onwards down the hall.

The staircase was where Phaedra had begun to lose her way, a darkness finally overcoming her. Tripping would make more noise than she wanted. Her right hand grasped tightly onto the handrails as her legs, slowly, carried her down to the fourth-floor, step by step.

After half a minute, she finally emerged from the long staircase, the school library now in her immediate view. Unlike the stairwell, the corridors had moonlight peering in, drawing shadows on the stone walls. She heard a voice and jumped in alarm, her scream getting caught in her throat. She had nearly given off her position and gripped her wand tighter for some sort of reassurance.

"... The liar, deceit ... "

...Whispers? They seemed to be emitting from the library itself - Phaedra furrowed her brows as she tried to concentrate on the phrase. What on earth was it saying? The words were indistinct and Phaedra couldn't determine if the voice itself were female, male, or something non-human. Nevertheless, she did know that it left her unsettled, the chanting continuous enough to drive her up the walls, yet she was curious all the same. What was the voice truly trying to convey? Invitation to come closer? Caution to stay away? It suddenly took on a different tune. 

"... The fool, defeat ..."

The library was usually one of the last places around the castle to lock up for the night, last minute studies setting back the poor librarian longer than they may have wanted. This particular night, the doors were left ajar - unusual considering the security normally put in place. Someone had found their way inside but it wasn't much of a surprise. The castle never truly slept. Students were nosy.

Through the door cracks, Phaedra peered inside. Past the blocky librarian's desk sat two figures, small enough to appear childlike. They were bending over something that she couldn't quite decipher from the distance. She put her free hand on one of the doors and pushed it open just enough to squeeze inside. 

"...Adam?" Phaedra asked after a brief, shocked silence, his blond locks more than familiar to her now. He was the last person she had expected - Ravenclaw prefects didn't patrol this floor, and not to mention, Adam had seemed so responsible. To his side stood another girl, one that Phaedra had seen occasionally in her commons but hadn't had a chance to speak to. Had they come together? The girl's name escaped her, but Phaedra reckoned that she'd learn it well enough throughout the night. "What are you two doing in here?" She had no right to ask.

"... The trespasser, crime ..."

Phaedra stepped forward to join the rebel pair, now able to see that it was a book they were investigating. The pages were ripped and scattered wildly over the floor, but before Phaedra could question if that had been their doing, she caught sight of the contents on the librarian's desk. Spilled ink trickled onto the floor and a quill lay pathetically limp on the smooth table surface, snapped in half. Phaedra took one half of the feather and played with it between her fingers, as Adam and Emma both interpreted the large book instead. An idea forming in her head, Phaedra returned one half of the quill to the side of the other before pointing her wand where they used to connect. "Reparo!" It was worth a try. Maybe this quill did more than just write and if the ripped pages and ink had anything to go by, the quill could be crucial. She would join the pair afterwards.

Phaedra had come here to read up on any useful defensive spells, but had a feeling she just may leave with more than she bargained for.
ACTION: Attempt to repair the broken quill.

Phaedra Stavrou
STA: 8, STR: 2, AGL: 10, CTL: 15

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

It seemed that there was no rest for any of the Ravenclaws, none for even Phaedra Stavrou. Was it bravery or foolishness? Either way, this wouldn’t be one simple stroll after dark. The voices she heard had led her to the same place as it did to both Adam and Emma. She had come upon the wreck as well, come upon the oddity that normally doesn’t happen to a library. There was prestige to Hogwart’s collection of books, to see any part of it was a simple spit in the face of the ones who enjoy it so much. It seems like Adam and Emma were still looking for clues, looking for something that did not hold true to the present. But with the help of Phaedra, the truth would finally be revealed in the past. “Reparo!”
Phaedra would attempt to cast Reparo, it was an astounding success. [d20 : 16] + 15 > 31

Her voice, louder than perhaps she would have wanted, echoed through the hollow spaces of the library. If she was any louder, she would have woken up the dead from their sleep. But it seemed like she was way beyond her years as a witch and proved herself capable in the oddest of times. Once she had cast the spell, everything began to fall into place, piece by piece and page by page. A flurry of paper began to rearrange itself back into the Librarian’s book. The rips and tears in its pages were no more as it healed, the binding arranged itself once more and the book floated back to the surface of the desk. There were no more stained pages and it all provided some clarity.

The ink had trailed back into the bottle of the inkwell, no longer bleeding a black death upon the mahogany surface and the stone floor. The quill that was once broken came together from the splinters it once was, the feathers came back and the ink returned to its rightful place. Slowly, the quill lifted and dipped back into the inkwell, still and silent as it was before. The fireplaces not too far from that that kept readers warm near the entrance would let out a huff before returning to life. It burned a warm orange that bounced off the midnight sheen of the glass inkwell. But on the Librarian’s book in front of them, they would notice a peculiar sight. 

One of the pages in the A section was still missing, still ripped and gone. A quiet rustling would be heard further within the library, one that would last for a few seconds before - THUD! THUD! The sound of a bookbinding hitting the shelf on the way down to the hard floor echoed through the silent windings. A paper would zoom from around the corner, flying faster than a snitch to put itself back into place in the book. Everything was back into place, back to where it was as if nothing happened. But before any of them had a chance, the quill lifted itself from the inkwell and began to write. The soft scratching of the tip against the paper whispered grim words onto the page of the Magna Bibliotheca. 
The liar, deceit
The fool, defeat
The tresspasser, crime
Do these thieves dare take what was mine?
Right below it was a faded title written by a faded name, it almost looked neglected and forgotten in the annals of history. It read; ARCHITECTVM DE MAGIA BY UNKNOWN. The quill floated, lifelessly as if it was waiting and watching. Unbeknownst to them, its use was far from over. 
Northwest end of the library sat the following topics of interest; Herbology, Magical History, Potioneering and Astronomy.
Southwest end of the library held the following topics of interest; Arts, Performing Arts, Musical History, and Magical Music.
Northeast end of the library sat the following topics of interest; Magical Beastiary, Muggle History/References, Modern and Ancient Languages, and Spelltexts.
Southeast end of the library sat the following topics of interest; Arthimacy, Magical Engineering(Architecture, Magical Infrastructure), Cartography, and various Reference Guides.
- The Librarian's Desk was repaired by Phaedra.
- The Magna Bibliotheca is now intact.
- The Quill has taken a life of its own, scribing a message on the same page that was missing before.
- Adam, Emma, Cecily, and Midas did not post this round.

- BBCode has screwed up my code more times than I've been alive, so I won't format much anymore.

- S.Y., Professor of Transfiguration

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

Kneeling in the wreckage of the librarian's desk with torn pages clutched in his hands, Adam puzzled over the debris with despair and confusion, unable to think of what or who could wish this upon the great library of Hogwarts. A small pile of undamaged papers was growing next to him, but it was hardly compared to what the book must have once been. Frowning, he was about to give up and find a professor when a voice came out of the darkness.

Caught in fear, Adam's only thought was how guilty he must look. The desk had been trashed and he was holding the evidence in his hands, breaking curfew in a place that he had no good reason to be. He was a good student, a good person in general -- but other people didn't know that. If a professor walked in, they wouldn't see a responsible Ravenclaw prefect trying to piece together a hate crime. They'd see a nervous boy surrounded by destruction. Face burning red, Adam prepared a hasty apology and a ramshackle explanation to go with it. The best he could do was try to save himself from punishment.

Thankfully, the figure at the door wasn't a professor; it wasn't an adult at all. He thought he recognized the girl with the question from the Ravenclaw common room, Emma or Emily or something along those lines. Whatever her name was, she was here to help; she'd heard the whisperings too, and they'd pulled her in just as they had done to him. It made Adam a little nervous, getting someone other than himself involved in this mystery, for he didn't know what the solution would mean for either of them. Mysterious mumbling about liars and trespassers never ended in a pot of gold or a shimmering rainbow, as wonderful as that would be, and he didn't think he'd be able to get over it if Emma got hurt after trying to help him out. Of course, he had no control over her actions, and barely any authority to tell her to get back to her dorm room -- especially considering that he was outside of his own. In the end, it was desperation to find an answer that convinced him to go along with it, and he nodded when Emma asked him about the noises. Any company was good company in the darkened library where he sat.

It wasn't long before the girl spoke up again, having picked up the desecrated book and read out its title. Puzzling over it, Adam could only come up with the basics. "Bibliotheca...something about a library? It would make sense. I'm not quite sure what magna means." Throwing down the pages he'd assembled, Adam looked down at them in despair. Random letters were scattered across the spread, in no discernible or sensible order. From the looks of it, Emma had found much of the same. It was possible that the adventure had ended before it could really begin.

Nonsense. All they had was nonsense.

Letters from every part of the alphabet were hardly encouraging when they had no structure to them, when they could stand for anything and everything. Unless Emma had any brilliant solutions, Adam was utterly and totally lost. He'd come so far, felt so clever investigating the crime scene, but if he couldn't investigate any more, what was he doing down here? Looking hopelessly up at the girl next to him, Adam shrugged and looked back at the desk, wondering if he should do something to clean it up a little before he left. It was the least he could do.

That was when Phaedra Stavrou made her entrance, surprising Adam further. She hadn't been a prefect since the end of last year, and she had even less reason than he did to be in this room, let alone on this floor. If she was here, it likely meant that the surreal poetry from outside had pulled her in, and now she was a part of it. She could help them figure out the meanings of the pages from the Magna Bibliotheca -- or, he realized as she cast the Mending Charm and the room flew back into restoration, she could do one better. Kicking himself for not thinking to cast the spell sooner, Adam watched with awe as the book reassembled and the quill sprung into life, penning the message that had brought them all together. He wanted to cheer Phaedra on, congratulate her on the idea, but that seemed a little inappropriate for the situation, so he settled for a small thumbs-up and a smile.

The next step to take was revealed in a title, another foreign one that seemed rather self-explanatory: Architectum de Magia, Architect of Magic. It wasn't a familiar book, but Adam had been to the library recently to study maps of the region for homework, and the subject jumped out at him. There was an architecture section somewhere in the southeast shelves, buried with cartography. It took the boy a slow minute to realize that his companions couldn't hear what he was thinking, and pointing at the title he observed out loud. "Architect of Magic. Architecture section?" Barely waiting for the answers, Adam was already a few steps down the floor before turning to look back. "Right? Unless you think it's something else, either of you." In Adam's mind, there wasn't much in the way of clear answers aside from this one. He'd been proven wrong, however, and it could very well happen again. He'd follow any path at this point -- so long as it led him closer to a solution.
ACTION: Take a few steps southeast, before double-checking with group.

Adam Harringtom
STR: 10 AGI: 5 CTRL: 8 STA: 12

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

Cecily was on her way to the library, keeping to shadows, avoiding the torchlight so as to not get caught, when she heard the whispers. She truly hadn't gone to her dorm tonight with the intention of sneaking out, yet here she was, slinking her way through the corridors after curfew. Apparently, some questions were just too pressing to be left unanswered overnight when one can't stop thinking about them, such as the one she was currently pursuing the solution to-- one of the questions on her uncompleted History of Magic homework, not quite coincidentally.

The voices were indiscernible-- she could hear a wispy, gossamer murmur drifting on the air, but it seemed impossible to make out what it was saying. Still, intrigued, all thoughts of getting caught shot out of her mind. This was a dangerous endeavor-- the whispers could be anything, and the undertones sounded vaguely dark and morbid-- but nevertheless, Cecily couldn't resist the allure of adventure. Her life had been boring forever, day in, day out, always the same, and she was itching for some adventure, something to set her apart from the crowd. And besides, following the sounds, she found her feet moving on the same path she was going anyway: towards the library. As she neared her destination, the whispers became more solidified, and Cecily could begin to make out words. "The liar, deceit...."

Upon reaching the grand entrance to the library, she did a double-take when she saw three other Ravenclaws in the room. No one should've been out of their dorms at this hour-- including her-- and she was even more surprised when she recognized her Prefect friend Adam and the ex-Prefect Phaedra Stavrou. She was definitely in some serious trouble now. Of all the nights to have blown off her homework, it had to be the night there were creepy whispers in the library that drew in Prefects (and ex-Prefects...and the other girl in the room, whom Cecily thought she recognized from the common room as Emma). "The fool, defeat...the trespasser, crime...." Adventure was worth nothing if you were busted during it, and she had no reasonable explanation for why she was out after curfew, even less for why she had followed these creepy whispers. All of a sudden, Cecily had a flashback to the beginning of the year when she may or may not have hallucinated a ghost-fish in the Great Lake. Maybe this was another figment of her imagination, and she had just set herself up to look like an idiot-- but if it wasn't, then she could be getting involved in something that might just turn her humdrum year into something memorable.

It was too late to back out now; Cecily was officially committed to this adventure. It seemed unlikely that the other three Ravenclaws were here on official duties, especially the girl who wasn't even a Prefect, so if Cecily got a detention then at least she wouldn't be alone. That was, of course, unless this was an extremely elaborate trap, but that seemed just as unlikely, if not more so. Taking a few steps into the library, it took her longer than it should have to notice the floating quill, her focus having been on her three housemates. Moving towards the feather and the parchment underneath it, she read what it had written, instantly recognizing the words of the whispers she had heard before. That seemed very uncoincidental, if not downright creepy. She surveyed the rest of the scene, noting nothing else out of the ordinary besides Adam was walking towards shelves in a corner of the library saying something about magical architecture.

"What-- what's going on? You guys heard the voices too? Do you know what they were?" Cecily said softly, her voice sounding way too loud in the near silence of the library. She desperately hoped they would answer with an affirmative. If they didn't, then this combined with the Great Lake Hallucination, she would definitely be going insane. That was not something she particularly looked forward to.
action: enter library and be extremely confused

-- Cecily Quinn --
strength: 6 | agility: 10 | control: 11 | stamina: 8

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

Midas woke up to the sound of something creaking. He opened his eyes and looked around. Nothing. So what was the sound he heard? He slowly got up from his bed and put on his shoes. He was still in his pajamas, but that would be alright, right? He was just gonna go check out a creepy sound, in the darkness of the night, in a huge castle... What could go wrong? "Perfect setting for a horror movie..." Midas muttered under his breath as he fumbled for his wand. "Only this time, the victim has a weapon..." He felt his wand on the table and pushed aside a book that clattered to the floor. He looked around, hoping no one heard it. Nothing. "Good..." he quietly whispered. He didn't want to wake anybody (or anything) up and decided being quiet was probably the best idea. He was just going into the common room and looking for what made a creepy noise. Shouldn't be a problem.

After doing a quick check in the common room, Midas decided that it was probably just his imagination. “No sounds here. Let’s just call it me being paranoid.” he turned around to leave when he remembered a slight problem - he was a prefect. He was supposed to make sure people followed the rules and didn’t sneak out at night. “I’ll check the door…”
He quietly crept to the entrance of the dorm and looked at the doorway. Slightly ajar. Midas inwardly groaned. Someone had snuck out. Now he HAD to go investigate. He pushed it open and looked back into the common room. “Why can’t I just go back and finish sleeping…” He groaned again (this time out loud) and walked into the hallway.

Midas simply began to wander through the halls, looking for what seemed like where a miscreant would sneak out to. He had almost reached the library when he heard a faint whispering. “The culprit!” Midas thought in his head. He couldn’t make out the whispering, but it sounded like it came from the library. He quickly began to run towards it, and pushed open the ajar door while uttering “Gotcha, miscreants!”.

He was met with a couple of Ravenclaws walking around.
Action: Also be very confused, and I guess converse with the others?

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenclaw Prefect!

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

Phaedra winced slightly, her voice carrying further and louder than she had intended throughout the vast room. She watched, transfixed, as everything in front of her began to magically repair into their original pristine conditions. All she had attempted to do was fix the quill, so she found it a pleasant surprise that she had managed to accomplish more. The broken quill that she had momentarily been fascinated with was now as new as could be, the ink had trickled itself back into its well, and even the checkout logs on the librarian’s desk had connected again at the rough seams. Phaedra gave a boastful grin to herself, Adam’s praise egging on her proud attitude further, and the girl now stood a little bit taller. She hadn’t expected it to have been so easy, though she reckoned, the true challenges would await them all later.

Near the entrance, the fireplace burst into flames and Phaedra gave a startled jump in response towards it. The warm light did little to soothe her nerves because immediately afterwards she had registered a thud and several pounding noises further within the library. Her head turned cautiously to the dark abyss, her eyes squinting so she could muster as much of a view as she could get in the shadows. The noises reminded her of falling books - a sound that she was more than familiar with - and her suspicions were confirmed when out of the dark flew a white piece of paper, seemingly faster than light itself. With a soft patter, the page landed into the Magna Bibliotheca, and the ink-filled quill lifted itself out of the well and joined the page on the floor to scratch in words.

Adam spoke up with a suggestion as Phaedra walked over to him and Emma before peering down at the quill’s work. Architect of Magic. The words translated well enough; anyone could see that. “Oh, without a doubt,” said Phaedra, agreeing with the blond prefect that the architecture section was definitely the place to go. Astonishingly, it was an area of the library that she rarely ventured into. Design was interesting and all, but not her utmost priority nor highest interests. Maybe tonight that would change. Turning around, she followed Adam southeast, her wand gripped tightly in her hand, prepared for any other surprises.

Behind her entered two new faces to the scene. Phaedra had nearly walked a fair distance away, and by now, the new girl’s voice was far-off and hard to interpret, unlike the boy’s, Midas she recognized, who had called on them with a raised accusation. With their uncertain lingering by the library doors, she could only assume the two were overwhelmed with confusion. Not that they could be blamed for it - the scene was an odd one that was for certain, but they would need to get a move on if they wanted to help. There must have been a reason all of them had been led to this very place on this very night. “Shhh!” Phaedra warned them over her shoulder with a short hiss. The last thing she wanted was for her earlier mistake to be repeated. She turned around on her heel, still walking after Adam, albeit backwards, to motion the three remaining students after her with a wave of her hand. “This way,” she continued on, hoping they would follow.
ACTION: Follow Adam southeast. & Beckon the rest after her.

Phaedra Stavrou
STA: 8, STR: 2, AGL: 10, CTL: 15

A Binding; Broken  Private   Ravenclaw   Closed 

It was safe to say, an unpleasant surprise. Adam had the right thinking, that this might not end with a pot of gold in hand, but it would certainly end in something. Nevertheless, they seemed to be making headway with the clues that were given to them by this sentient quill. Why were they so eager to follow and listen to it? But these were the right ones, the right ones to uncover the truth that lay dormant for so long. "Architect of Magic. Architecture section?" Adam had fired an accurate translation of the book's cover, it was indeed a book on the Architect of Magic. How did all these students understand Latin so well? It was impressive. But another brain wouldn't hurt for a second opinion, which was where Cecily came in. 

"What-- what's going on? You guys heard the voices too? Do you know what they were?" She seemed rather confused and in fact, she had every right to be. Like the others, she had listened. Adam, the prefect, Phaedra, the ex-prefect, and Emma, a Ravenclaw with no record of rebellion were all in the same room looking about as if they had lost something. She wouldn't get an answer just yet as Adam was already making headway towards the Southeast section of the library. He was the master of his sails, leading his students to uncertainty. This mystery wasn't going to solve itself by idle questioning, perhaps Cecily would follow? Or would she wait with Emma

It was an odd scene, one that was about to get even odder the more they decide to go on. The quill zoomed around the students as if it was surveying them. They were terribly young to be out so late, but young minds were better when it came to the imagination. All except Midas, who seemed like he just wanted to go back to bed. It was quite late and surely he preferred it over wandering Hogwart's cold halls. But like a bat out of hell, he'd swoop into the library to scream, “Gotcha, miscreants!” Just like Phaedra, he threatened to wake the dead from their peaceful slumber. Midas' voice would echo through the halls all the way down to the Southeast corner. 

Would he join them or report them? It might just earn him a Medal of Honor or risk being the next Percy Weasley of Hogwarts. 


But Phaedra didn't seem to mind, she simply shot the boy the sharpest 'Shhh' a student could muster. She was already halfway to being a qualified librarian. But the rest could choose, they could stay, leave, or follow Phaedra's beckoning and journey deeper into the library. Without the candles and only going off of the fireplaces and moonlight coming from the west, the rest of the library was shrouded in a blanket of pitch darkness. They will probably be disappointed to find that the book was not there, all that greeted them was a pristine floor and clean desks. 


They were staring into a darkened shelf since the moon was hitting the west side of the Library. They were more than welcome to stay and read some guides on making your own wand or even just guides on how to chart fancy maps that would make a junior cartographer drool. It was a good effort, but they weren't rewarded. 

Perhaps it had given them too much credit, the quill's feathered head back at the entrance with Cecily, Emma and Midas, would droop down in defeat as the student(s) marched onto the architecture section. The quill would gently tap the title a few times as if it was harkening someone to look again or at least think again. It was not a book on the technicalities of architecture, but a book on a man.

- Adam heads to the Southeast with Phaedra in tow.
- Emma is still at the entrance with Cecily and Midas.
- Midas has almost woken up the whole school(not really) and has a choice to stay or go.
- Adam and Phaedra find nothing in the Southeast section, no book called ARCHTECTVM DE MAGIA(Architect of Magic)

The following sections are still available for searching;
Northwest end of the library sat the following topics of interest; Herbology, Magical History/General History, Potioneering and Astronomy.
Southwest end of the library held the following topics of interest; Arts, Performing Arts, Musical History, and Magical Music.
Northeast end of the library sat the following topics of interest; Magical Beastiary, Muggle History/References, Modern and Ancient Languages, and Spelltexts.

- S.Y., Professor of Transfiguration