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The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 

private role play with Hugh Lowe

Landon set foot in the library, slightly hot-headed after another encounter with his sassy older sister. The library, though volume was restricted, was an excellent place to let loose and unwind for Landon. Especially since everybody was studying and nobody weird could bother him without getting aggressively shushed.

Deciding to find an actually interesting book to read, he walked over to the shelf with all the fictional novels written, the good vs. evil, the ones with the well intentioned wizards trying to save the world from the dark wizards.

Those were always suspenseful and action-packed. At least, in Landon's book reading experience, which, to be honest, wasn't too wide of a spectrum.

After checking it out with the librarian, who was very surprised to be seeing the trouble-maker actually read a book for once, acting as if she thought the boy was illiterate, Landon went over to the area with all the tables, finding an empty one away from all the nerds that spent their whole boring life inside the book-filled room, and sat down, opening the novel and beginning to read the prologue.

Apparently, the book was about a teenager who had been cursed and was trying to defeat the dark lord, with help only from his two friends.

Landon had honestly surprised himself with how well he had done at choosing a fantasy, seeing as he hadn't been that selective, just picking one off the shelf at random.
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The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 


Books... It's not that Hugh didn't like to read, but there seemed to be an awfull lot of them in here. His left eyebrow rose a bit as his eyes searched for any starting point. The scottish lad had decided he'd best learned as much as he could from the wizarding world. After all, he was always looking for more ways to blend in with the masses. Not that he'd shove aside his own morals for that though. Luckily he already knew bits and pieces his mother shared with him in her rare moments of opening up about her world.

He eventually opted for the history section and picked up the closest book he could reach and threw it on an empty table save for one boy. As he took a seat he gave the hufflepuff an acknowledging nod. His eyes turned towards the book's title. "a history of magical decorating?" he cried out a bit too loudly, causing some students to turn their heads. With a bright red head he crawled back into a bent over position, as if reading intensely. It's not like he could stand and get another one now. They'd all watch him again. His dark green eyes shifted to the boy sitting across on the other side of the table.
What's he reading? Can't be worse than this.

Maybe he should leave the lad alone... nah, Hugh's curiosity won the battle. "Pssst. Oi, pal." He whispered over the table. "Reading anything good? This thing's rubbish." He added as he held up the book's cover for evidence. His eyes kept shifting between the boy's face and the book he was holding.

"So we shall, my friend. We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest." - STR: 8 AGL 5 CTL: 7 STA: 10

The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 

He noticed a boy, quite tall, selecting a book from the shelf, giving out a cry that would have been considered quiet if they were not in the library, where every sound seemed to be magnified in volume ten times.

It was the type of cry Landon recognized all too well, the cry of having a disinteresting book. A cry that would escape Landon's mouth quite often as well.

He went back to the book, actually interested in reading for once, a very rare thing for the hyperactive boy.
"Pssst. Oi, pal."
He looked up from the novel once again, giving the boy a crooked grin.
"Reading anything good? This thing's rubbish."
He gave a quiet laugh at that.

"I would imagine it is pretty boring, seeing as it's titled A History of Magical Decorating. Yeah, i was pleasantly surprised by this book, just a random find I thought I'd try out," the brown-haired boy whispered to his company in return.

"My favorite aisle is the farthest one from the door, it has all the good fantasies with the good vs. evil and stuff. You should check it out sometime, pretty great selection," he admitted, sharing his tips to actually finding decent books in the huge library that contained thousands of books if not more, many of them nonfiction and boring in Landon's opinion.

The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 


"Good vs. Evil? that doesn't sound bad at all." Hugh whispered to himself as he tried to look at the far away shelve supposedly harboring the good ones. He gave his copy of A history of magical decorating a disgusted look.

But instead of hurrying to find himself a proper book, he turned himself back around. "Psssst." He briefly checked if anyone seemed to notice. "So, you're first year too? I'm Hugh by the way." He extended his long arm and offered a handshake." Somewhere from the back of the room a "shhhttt" sounded, but Hugh paid no head to it. He sighed before continueing. "You're a hufflepuff right? What's that like? All bright yellow and stuff." He slid to the other side of the table, now sitting directly across of the other boy.

Turns out Hugh had given up on reading faster than one could say magical decorating.Trying to comb his unruly hair down with his right hand, he tapped his fingers on the table with the left. He wasn't even sure why he came up here. Even the prominent smell of old parchement sent Hugh off to boredom. He eventually laid his head down on the table. What am I supposed to do? Oh, read... right.

"So we shall, my friend. We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest." - STR: 8 AGL 5 CTL: 7 STA: 10

The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 

"Ay, no, it isn't half bad. The books with the big conflict have always been my calling." Landon replied cheerfully.

Landon took the shake, his hand firm and confident yet relaxed and friendly.

"I'm Landon, Landon Riley. Pleasure, Hugh. And yes, I am a Hufflepuff. It's oddly exciting, seeing as my parents were hoping for me to be in Ravenclaw, but as anybody knows I'm not the wisest of the bunch," Landon admitted jokingly.

"I actually think yellow is a nice color, though I can't say it's my favorite," Landon said thoughtfully. What was his favorite color? Blue? Certain shades, yes. Red? Again, certain shades. He was very indecisive about even those little things.

"The common room is quite nice, very earthy and calming. What's it like as a Gryffie? Hey, you might know my sister. Her name is Beaux, she's a fourth year. Likes to help out the young ones a lot, but not me." He shrugged. Beaux enjoyed pretty much everyone except her brother most of the time, though he knew his older sibling was always there for him if he needed it, no matter how much they might annoy each other.

Judging by the fact that Hugh was chatting, he didn't seem to be enjoying his reading. But, who could blame him with an interior decorating book in his hands?

The Badger and The Lion  PV Hugh   Closed 


Hugh gave the boy an interested look. “Well we’re up in a tower. So the view’s nice” There wasn’t much to be added Hugh thought at first. He had never been one for long descriptions, but even he felt that had been too brief of an explanation. "There's red drapery, red pillows, red seats,... even red fire in the fireplace. Imagine that." He gave his newfound friend his usual smirk. "I'm sorry, it's a braw and cozy place, just too much draperies really..." He's scottish accent seemed to roll out all those words too fast for him to pronounce them all clearly.

"Your sister?" He frowned as he tried to remember all the new faces he had met so far. "Can't say i have met her yet to be honest." Of course, Hugh knew he hadn't met an aweful lot of people anyway. "I take it you and your sis don't get along that well then?" he didn't mean to intrude the boy's private life, but there was an opening. Landon could always refuse.

Hugh crossed his arms and started fiddling with a loose thread on one of his sleeves. Not one week old and his uniform seemed to be falling apart already. Though he'd imagine there would be some spell for that somewhere. As he eyed Landon's book, he wondered if he had bothered the student. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting by the way. Didn't mean to drag you in with me and the pleasure of reading A history of magical decorating."

"So we shall, my friend. We have witnessed - and, in fact, on several occasions incited - many great and weighty events. After all that toil, I believe we deserve a bit of a rest." - STR: 8 AGL 5 CTL: 7 STA: 10