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A Single Copy  PRC   PV to Rhys Bogtrotter   Closed 


 The Ravenclaw girl ventured through the library shelves for a good hour before she came across the book she intended to grab - A Long, Long List of Transfiguration Must-Knows. She'd received her Transfiguration homework that day, and she intended to finish it as quickly as possible. She took the single copy of the book, and walked back towards the entrance of the library, from which she could see tables that she could possibly sit at.

 The library was decently filled, but yet, she still spotted a table that had no occupants! Oh, lucky day. She was a social butterfly, if not nervous at first, but she didn't exactly feel the need to go up to a whole new table with people around it, and introduce herself for the billionth time. If people wanted to come up to her, she trusted that they would. She wasn't quite unapproachable. 

 She sat down, and opened the book, as well as her small, leather-clad notebook. She began to scribble down the formula of Transfiguration, which she needed to memorize. Unfortunately, she had a huge struggle remembering just about anything about the course! She was most definitely going to end up disappointing her parents, and the thought nagged at her heart, causing a pang of sadness to flow through her. She quickly shook away her thoughts.

 No, she was here to study, not mope about homesickness.

I decided to keep it close to the bare minimum for starters (220 words)! In due time I do hope we can increase the line count, though, to perhaps double the amount. But really, it's best to work on descriptiveness, grammar, etc. for now. 
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A Single Copy  PRC   PV to Rhys Bogtrotter   Closed 

Rhys strolled into the library wearing his robes of black, he’d push his glass back further up the bridge of his nose before heading over to section of the library that housed the books on Transfiguration. He’d wander aimlessly up and down the aisle looking for a book that would help him with his homework that he received earlier that day. He then started to pull books out at random, flicking through a few pages at a time trying to find something that may help him but to no avail. Having returned book after book back to their original place he had just about given up, but not being one to admit defeat he marched over to the librarian's desk and would engage in a conversation with the librarian. “Excuse me do you happen to have any books on the basic principles of  Transfiguration” Rhys would enquire, the librarian would reply “As a matter of fact I saw a Female Ravenclaw student sitting over in the transfiguration section, she was looking over the books there so she may be your best bet, and considering the book hasn’t been taken out yet it should be here. A nice girl, keeps the books where they should be... unlike a rather rowdy group of Slytherin boys that were-” Rhys would smile before speaking once again as she cut herself off, remembering herself. “Thank you” He would walk off on his own quest to find the book wandering around the library, he’d be looking out for a blue tie  and after a few minutes Rhys had finally found the Female or who he believed to be the Female with the book. Strolling over to table Rhys would look slightly nervous, his usual sense of bravery faltering at the sight of her. He’d mange to force some word out as he got nearer. “Hey are you doing Transfiguration homework?” He would pause giving her time to reply.

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A Single Copy  PRC   PV to Rhys Bogtrotter   Closed 

 The blonde was a good amount in to the book from the time she acquired it - about five pages, double sided - by the time she noticed that someone had approached her. Slowly, she lifted her gaze from the page, looking up to see a dark-haired Ravenclaw boy. He had a pair of glasses, which sat on the bridge of his nose, and she smiled, thinking about how he looked like a typical Ravenclaw. She wasn't ever one to judge by appearance, though. There was still a large chance that he could be very far from the Ravenclaw stereotype.

 "Ah, yes! Yes, I am," She closed her book - the page number was small enough, so it was easy to remember - and showed the cover to the other Ravenclaw boy, "Did you need this book? I noticed there was only one copy of it. We can share, if you'd like?" She offered, smiling lightly. She didn't mind socializing with people - as she had mentioned previously - today was just one of the days where she preferred it to be that people came up to her. 

 She moved over one chair so that he could take her old seat if he wanted, which was closer to him, and moved her stuff over as well, keeping the book in her grip. She wasn't going to simply give it up, so he could take her offer to share the book, or wait until she was finished with it. Though, that might be a while, considering.. well, she's god awful with Transfiguration! If it were any other subject, she could answer from the top of her head. Just not Transfiguration - oh, no, not at all. After all, she created a study group with a few other students just to improve that subject!

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