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That's MY Seat  PV   Montgomery   Closed 

Private RPG between Anastasia Beckett and Hestia Montgomery
Place: Hogwarts Library
Date: September 10, 2018
Time: 4:00 p.m.

Anastasia was finally getting into a routine at Hogwarts. She was settling into her house, getting excellent grades, and making plenty of friends. A handful of enemies too, but mostly friends. She'd had some small hiccups, like her parents hardly writing and getting detention for hexing her cousin. Those were both in the past. It was a new week, and she had homework to do.

She made a beeline for her normal table in this library, only to see that her usual seat was taken. She really liked that seat at that table because she could see everyone coming and going from the library if she wished. She sighed and sat down across from the girl and began to pull out her books. She had already finished her Charms assignment and most of her History of Magic homework from the day, so she didn't have too much to do. 

She was still a bit irritated at the girl being in her normal seat though. It wasn't like Anastasia owned the seat or anything, but she had sat in that seat all of last week when she'd come to study. She mentally chided herself for focusing on that. She had more important things to deal with than not getting the exact seat that she wanted.

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

That's MY Seat  PV   Montgomery   Closed 

h. montgomery

It was the first time that Hestia had visited the library to do her subject work, so she didn't know that she'd accidentally stolen someone's seat. It was a nice seat, though - she could see the entrance of the library very well, and although she didn't recognise many of the people entering and exiting the library, it was pretty cool to see how many students were at Hogwarts.

Hestia was snapped from her thoughts as someone sat down opposite her - the Slytherin seemed familiar, but Hestia wasn't quite sure where she recognised her from. She'd been alone for most of the train journey, but couldn't help thinking that she'd seen her somewhere to do with the train. Ah, yes - on the Hogwarts platform - she'd been talking to someone else.

"Hey," Hestia smiled towards the Slytherin student, twiddling her quill between her inky fingers. She was a little stuck on the History of Magic homework, but it was nothing that she couldn't do without the book. Well, she hoped that that was the case anyway. It was an awfully hard question and Hestia had been stuck on it for just over ten minutes - she found herself wondering if the Slytherin in front of her had done it.
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That's MY Seat  PV   Montgomery   Closed 

Anastasia pulled out her quill and ink before unfolding her half-finished History of Magic assignment. She skimmed what she had written so far before picking up her peacock feather quill and continuing. The assignment was fairly easy for her since she'd grown up hearing all about most of the things they were studying. She liked it fairly well, but she did prefer classes where they learned practical spells. Despite that, she didn't find History of Magic as boring as some of her peers, since she had gone to endless boring parties with her parents. She had also been expecting a ghost for a teacher, so a living teacher was nice.  

She tapped her quill thoughtfully after she finished her fifth paragraph. She had already completed the assigned length, but she felt like she could go into so much more depth, and anyways, she had finished the rest of her homework. 
Anastasia looked up, shaken out of her thoughts. She felt a wave of annoyance at the sight of the girl in her noraml seat, even though she really couldn't have known that Anastasia wanted the seat. It wasn't like it was specifically Anastasia's seat or anything. She made a mental resolution to keep an open mind and be nice enough to the girl. "Hello," Anastasia replied. 

I only act like I know everything. Maybe I'm scared that someone will find out I don’t. Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7