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Study  Closed 

May slowly walked around the library, her eyes falling along the spines of the books, enchanted with all the different and sometimes absurd titles. She and Nova had planned to check out books to study a few days prior. May smiled a little, she enjoyed her time with Nova, and tried to reach for any opportunity to hang out with her. May's face scrunched up, Does she think I'm to clingy?, May's eyes widen, fearing the thought. She focused her eyes back on the books. History of Magic and Flying had been her more troublesome topics. Her weak body had a tough time maneuvering the broom, and learning the history of a a whole world in a few months was quite overwhelming.

May sighed. Are there even books on how to fly?, May thought scanning the shelf. There were books  on quidditch, and the history of flying. It took a few minutes to find a book on the physics of flying, if you could say magic followed any form of rule regarding physics. May sat down in a corner at the back of the library, anxiously peeking her head around the entrance awaiting her friend. May had butterflies in her stomach, but she dismissed them without a second thought other then that she was excited to actually improve with a friend. May smiled, a friend.