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Lost & Found  PV | Emma Hill   Closed 

PV with Emma Hill
❝ Happiness is a simple game of lost and found; lose the things you take for granted, and you will feel great happiness once they are found. 

 ALL day, Katya had been running back and forth, looking for something that was sincerely special to her. She didn't know what she would do without it. It was only her third day into the second year, and she already lost her dearest possession. How clumsy, forgetful, stupid could she be? Thinking back in her mind, she could only think of three places she has been through since she last had her necklace. The corridors, the great hall, the common room, her dormitory, and the library. Okay, so it was five, but she wasn't too far off.

 FOR now, she sat on a couch in the emerald and silver Slytherin common room, defeated. She had already spent around two hours searching her dormitory and the common room, and she wasn't exactly looking forward to searching further. She needed this necklace, though - she needed to know if it worked. She grumbled to herself, thinking of the possibility of Professor Barclay having a moonstone. He was the astronomy professor after all, as well as some kind of... special friend to Katya. She wondered if he every even used one before. Her father said it would help, but would it?

 MAYBE Barclay would know. Not that Katya was even remotely motivated to go ask him at the moment. All she wanted was to find that stupid necklace. There was nothing unique about it that made it difficult for her to find a new one just like it, but her father had made this one specifically for Katya. Losing it forever would break her heart, whether she liked it or not.

 SO, she got up from the couch with a disgruntled sigh. Her laying position had caused her Slytherin cloak to wrinkle, but she couldn't care less. Which was a first for her. Katya, throughout all of her first year as well as her summer, had remained completely composed both in manner/etiquette, as well as fashionably. She didn't seem to give a damn about that now, though. Maybe the full moons were finally catching up to her. The last one hadn't been too long ago, and she was still, more or less, grumpy revolving it. She found her irritations were high, and it was difficult to bring them any lower.

 REGARDLESS, Katya made her way out of the common room, through the talking portrait that disguised the entryway. She didn't close it behind her, considering most times it closed itself, and headed down to corridor of the dungeons. She didn't see the need for putting the Slytherins down here, but she guessed the fish outside of the common room windows was pretty cool. She wouldn't complain, but she wouldn't praise it either. It wasn't anything special, and she bet that the views from the Ravenclaw or Gryffindor common rooms were far grander.

 ONE foot in front of the other, a step at a time, and she came across the library. The trek was larger than she thought it would have been, and since she looked through the corridors, wherever her eyes could see, on her way there, it took her a longer amount of time then what she would have preferred. Her hand reached out and pushed open the large oak door that lead into the library, which was definitely Ravenclaw territory, if Katya had anything to say about it. She walked in, her shoes sinking into the carpet slightly that covered the floor where you walked in. Either it was a temporary thing - the carpet - or a new decoration.

 A PIECE of her dark hair fell in her face, to which she tucked behind her ear as she ventured further into the library, keeping her eyes trained on the floor to see if she could spot her necklace. She doubted that anyone else in the school would have one - and if they did, then they probably had it on them. No one liked to lose jewelry, including Katya. 

 "Well, I might as well get started." She mumbled to herself.


 FIFTY minutes had passed since Katya began the search for her necklace. She's looked everywhere, beginning with asking the librarian if they had seen it laying anywhere. The answer to that - unfortunately - was no. She checked each and every table, even the ones that were occupied. And with the occupied tables, she moved the occupant(s)'s stuff around, trying to find it. So far, there was no luck. 

 DEFEATED, she trailed her way around the bookshelves to the back of the library, in by the windows. She took up a table, sitting lazily on a chair. It would be surprising to anyone who saw Katya and knew her, sitting this way. Or acting this way, actually. But Katya fully blamed it on the full moon. If there was ever anything that was wrong with her, she blamed it on the stupid, stupid moon. After all, if she weren't a werewolf, she would be perfectly fine - and she wouldn't be searching endlessly for this moonstone.


- In Noctem Animam Meam

Lost & Found  PV | Emma Hill   Closed 

Emma had spent the majority of her year in the vast library, everything seemed to closely be related to the library, whether in the Restricted Section of not. Hogwarts was so dynamic, it was outnumbering Beauxbatons by a handful. Every single problem that had occurred in her first year had always led her to the library, whether if she wanted to be there or not, and she didn't. 

Her head had been stuck in a book about Potions, it was the subject she was little fond of and it showed greatly. It had generally been something she read about for fun, just explore the subject and the vast amount of elixirs, but she found it extremely weird that she had been placed in Ravenclaw, yet she still found herself referencing to school textbooks.

The year given to her had been gifted an astonishing amount of surprises, it would have been pleasant to get a break. Enemies, hidden corridors, and Quidditch were just some of the few she had encountered during her first-year journeys.

A friend would've been nice to have in the library, it'd be something other to do than bore her mind. Her head slowly drifted from the book on to the numerous bookshelves in the library, though her what she could make out was only a fraction of the library. Hardbacks, student-written, and softbacks filled the shelves. It would have been a standard Ravenclaw's dream, except she wasn't 'standard'.

As her eyes wandered around the library she noticed a female student. It was also as if she were searching the library furiously, she understood this feeling, though not from Hogwarts. She couldn't count how many times she had lost her bracelet filled with pearls passed down from generation to generation. Perhaps she had lost a thing, or two, and judging by the expression on the girl's face, it must have been miniature.

After the female took a seat, the easily decided it would be best to help her, even if she wanted to or not. Her year was full of pessimistic people, she needed a friend, or perhaps just someone how could think positive of her, not negative. Thankful for an excuse to stop her studying, she approached the Slytherin with a concerned look on her face. 

"Do you need help looking for something? I'm honestly tired of studying for something I'll get a low grade on anyway." She shrugged, taking one more glance at the vast variety of books provided by many students, former professors, and experts.

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9