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Collision  Closed 

Mae just couldn't stop thinking of what had happened with Amaya. The girls had come off as inseparable, but Mae just couldn't have a friend, no matter how perfect, who hid her true self away. To Mae, that was a lie.

So, Mae did what any other bookish plant-lover would do: head to the library and find herself a new plant to grow. Though she wasn't an expert, she thoroughly enjoyed growing plants, and watching them flower.

Making her way over the the section on herbology and botany, Mae still skimmed the shelves. You never know where a good book is hiding. She was cutting through muggle literature when she saw Moby Dick, and was suddenly reminded once again of Amaya.

Shaking off the stale feeling of guilt, Mae distracted her mind by wondering who else she would meet during her time at Hogwarts. Glancing towards a blushing pair of Gryffindors, I did indeed think of boys. Then I smirked, embarrassingly out loud. I mean, my hair practically had a mind of it's own and, either way, I was a bookworm. Nobody likes a bookish, homely girl.

Attempting to shoo away yet another thought, Mae wandered the shelves half-heartedly searching through the herbology section for a book that would catch her eye, as she rammed into another student as she turned the corner.


Mae E. Reeds