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"Finally..." A quiet mutter escaped her lips as she slipped the book off the shelf, stumbling forward slightly at the added weight. Cory carried the book gingerly back to where she had previously been seated before plopping the item onto her chosen desk. Particles of dust escaped, sending a small cloud billowing onto the table. She blinked owlishly, eyes twinkling with intrigue at the hardback cover.Cory slid into her seat, lifting the front cover delicately as if she was handling the casing of a newly bought toy. Careful not to fold the pages, she opened up to the first page instantly captivated by the detailed illustrations that littered the double pages. Her fingers slid across the pages, underlining each piece of annotation with childish glee. She gasped and gushed with each page she turned, sketching down a few images that particularly peaked her interest.

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars