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A Visit to the Library  PV Marissa North   Closed 

It seemed to be a chilled out day, chilled out enough for a young boy to investigate in search of things to read. In particular, he was looking for books that went with the 'History of Magic' lesson.

Of course, it was the subject that appealed least to him, but that was exactly why he was searching for those particular books. No subject deserved dishonour, in his eyes.

"No... not this one. Transfiguration? Not bad, but no.." He said, continuously searching.

Maybe the fact that he was a first year with limited knowledge of directing acted as a disadvantage for him, but he didn't care. He kept going, and sure enough found what he was lookin- a Charms book? It appeared that he wasn't done just yet.

And again, though with more success this time.

He grabbed his History of Magic book and eagerly, or as eager as you could be for a subject you despised, flipped through the pages. Not his best read, but it seemed plausible to rid of his dislikes for the subject. However, he wasn't ready to leave the library just yet.

Now, it was time to look around the rest of the shelves. What was he going to find on the day? Only time could tell apparently.

Calvin Davis

A Visit to the Library  PV Marissa North   Closed 

Great stuff, it seemed. He was thrilled. Calvin couldn't help but pick up an extra book and was intrigued as he quickly read the introductory pages. A grin made its way onto his way and a smile took over. Then, he realised he was getting distracted.

He was meant to be making himself think higher of History of Magic, not improve his views on Defence Against the Dark Arts.

He nodded to himself, putting the book down and beginning to read his newfound History of Magic book in silence. Even if there were no people currently in the library, it would be no less than rude to openly chat.. with himself. If he escaped punishment, that was...

... yeah, he wasn't lucky enough to have that come upon him in any circumstances.

His solid rating of a 5.7/10 went up to a 6.4/10 as he began to read the book, which was probably a good thing. Calvin was harsh, or well harsh when it came to subjects that didn't interest him as much. When it would of got at least 7, its points got deducted.

On the bright side, his interests went up. If he was lucky, that would continue as he read more, hopefully. Of to a good start.

Calvin Davis