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Silent is, as silent does  PV Eri Windstone   Clo 

Bryant was back at the library, doing his own research, keeping quiet and head down. He has figured out a system in order to avoid people so they won't talk to him. The only problem with that, is his eyes. People seem so drawn to them that he basically has been trying to hide away his face. Even going as far as having his hair swept over one of his eyes so that people won't stop him to ask about his eyes.

And that may be the reason he is here in the library again. To see if there is a way to change his eyes to be like a normal person's. He sure hopes so, he isn't used to this kind of attention, and it feels weird when people always ask him. Even more weird since he has very rarely ever spoke, used his voice for others to hear.

So far, he hasn't found a single book that could help him out. And by this time, it has been almost twelve hours, and him reading through about six or so books that were loosely around what he was looking for, but not going into details about how to do it.

Bryant rubbed his eyes and sighed. In a few hours he would need to get back to his dorm. Maybe staying one more hour wouldn't hurt to cross another book off the list.

Silent is, as silent does  PV Eri Windstone   Clo 

Eri Windstone had successfully avoided her brothers. How much longer could she do it? Not sure. They were very determined to question her about why she went to detention. That conversation wouldn't go well. Cause she wasn't sure because there were a few reasons. And she didn't to explain that to them. 

The brunette had been in the library for awhile and she noticed this boy who had been reading for a long time. So she went behind him and looked at the book he was reading. It was a normal book. So she decided to take the seat across from him and sat down. She studied him for awhile and noticed his eyes were to different colors. That was cool. She knew another kid like that. But he seemed to be hiding them. 

The Ravenclaw drummed her fingers on the table and looked at him. She wasn't sure if she should speak to him or not. Then she whispered a soft, "Hello" then looked back down at the book in her hands. Maybe she should just leave him alone. If he doesn't want to be bothered with she won't bother him. Though it would be nice to make friends. 

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4

Silent is, as silent does  PV Eri Windstone   Clo 

Bryant had noticed someone was walking around before finally sitting down in front of him across the table. He tried not to look up, as he felt eyes gazing at him. But finally, he looked up, his face turned red with embarrassment and looked back down to read.

He could hear her drumming her fingers on the table. Tap. Tap. Tap. Bryant tried his best to hide behind the book, but then he heard the girl speak.

He hesitated for a few seconds, and then peeket his head over the book, so she would see his yellow and grey eyes. He pondered for a moment, not knowing if he should respond. And if so, how.

Finally, Bryant took out his wand and wrote in the air, harmless sparks made a word. "Hello." He noticed from her robes that she was a fellow Ravenclaw. As the word disappeared, he wrote again, "Hello fellow Ravenclaw."

She might think it is weird that this is how he communicates, though he would like to keep to himself a lot of the times. If he is ever having to talk, this is how he does it. Well this, or writing on a piece of paper. Whichever one is easy at the given situation.

Silent is, as silent does  PV Eri Windstone   Clo 

Eri stopped drumming her fingers. It might be making him uncomfortable.  It was a bit strange seeing him use the wand to speak. Wouldn't it just be easier to talk? Maybe he didn't like to speak? She didn't talk much. It was because she was always busy taking in her surroundings. But anyways she smiled glad he didn't just ignore her. "Hello. Umm What are you reading?" She whispered not really knowing what to say. But if she had to guess something not to talk about it would be his eyes. I mean it's uncommon but it's cool. It's not like since he has two different colored eyes that he is different from everyone. Everyone has a unique feature just some are more uncommon than others.

The brunette looked back down at her book and just stared at the pages. She didn't want to seem like she was staring. She wondered what his name was. Then remembered she hadn't introduced herself. "Sorry My name is Eri Windstone. What is yours?" She said quietly. Hopefully he doesn't think she forgot to ask him what his name was. She just forgets to introduce herself a lot. Not that she thinks everyone knows her name, it just slips her mind.

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4