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Lilith's quill tapped on her parchment in a smooth rhythm. Studying has been seemingly taken up her time besides some adventures here and there with others. Her feet itched to be lifted off the ground from her broomstick or run away the castle, searching for hidden entrances. Lilith was beginning to feel like she was put into a very large cage, but a cage nonetheless.

Standing up, Lilith's finger traced the spines of books as she walked around the aisles, boredly. The Restricted Section seemed to mock her from where it says, unmoving and judging. Lilith narrowed her azul eyes at it briefly before going back to the books. When she was little, she used to love to read. It helped the time pass and she could live inside of the books instead of her crappy home. Now, she was living at Hogwarts, a place that could have come out of one of her Muggle fantasy books. Then again, it couldn't hurt to pick up a book every now and then.

Lilith liked the tough stuff. She liked the wars and the heartbreak and the hurting. Too bad that Hogwart's library was mostly filled with informational books, being a school and all. A title caught Lilith's eye, Werewolves: An Encyclopedia. Reaching for it, Lilith was unaware that another hand was reaching for the book on the other side of the book shelf. She felt a force tug it away from her.

"Oi!" Lilith barked, peaking through the gap in the shelves. "Can I have me book back?"
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Howls  PV Constance Caelo   Closed 

Constance was nervously searching for books in the Library a cold evening. She was almost alone in there, only a few others had decided to spend their evening there aswell. Constance had never really liked the Library, since she wasn't particulary good at reading.

She stopped searching the shelves to put her hair up into a ponytail, she figured the searching might take a while. Finding books about werewolves seemed to be almost impossible. Constance considered asking the librarian where the books she was looking for where but she didn't want to bother her.

While continuing to search among books about Qudditch Constance soon realized she was looking in the wrong part of the Library.

No wonder I can't find books about werewolves in the sports shelves.

Constance started walking towards the forbidden part of the Library, but a sign above a shelf stopped her. "Magical Creatures", that had to be it.

She scanned the shelves and finally found titles that matched what she was looking for. Constance started picking out books and after a minute she had a pile of six books in her skinny arms. As she reached out to grab a last one someone else pulled against from the other side of the shelf. Constance got a hold of the book but was so surpised by the force tht she tripped backwards and fell onto another bookshelf that amazingly didn't fall under her weight. The books she had been holding hit the floor with loud bangs.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Constance apologized to the girl on the other side of the shelf. "But I really do need that book."

She felt a small pain in her back after the fall, but other than that she felt fine. She was a bit embarassed though, yet falling when grabbing a book was something only she was clumsy enough to do.

"It's important." Constance explained to the girl on the other side of the shelf.

Howls  PV Constance Caelo   Closed 

Lilith did not expect the other girl to fall. Quidditch practicing must have really gotten her arm strength up or this girl was undeniably clumsy. Turning around into the other aisle, Lilith examined the girl sitting on the ground and the pile of books around her. "It seems like you got enough books, don't it?" Lilith picked up a book of Care of Magical Creatures.

"Do you need a leg up?" Lilith held out her hand to the girl on the floor. She scanned her. A fellow Gryffindor. "Sorry if I spooked you. Never meant for you to hit the floor." Lilith snickered slightly.

Without waiting for a response, Lilith yanked the other girl to her feet. She was a little bit shorter than her. Good. "Why do you need the book so bad?" Lilith held up the copy on werewolves. "You seem to be a first year. You wouldn't be in Care of Magical Creatures and the books you already have aren't The Book of Monsters. That means you're not in the class and probably too scared to touch that book, which is understandable. I heard it bites. So, what would you need the book for?"

Lilith flipped the book in her hand expertly. She loved to teach others, but less in a helpful way and more in a "I'm-smarter-than-you-and-know-it-and-want-to-share-it-way". Lilith didn't need the book any more than her, but she didn't just want to give it up either. A book on a man turning into a real raging wolf? In this library of boring information, this was the least boring option.

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Howls  PV Constance Caelo   Closed 

As Constance got back onto her feet she could feel her cheeks turning red. She always ended up embarassing herself when it came to first impressions. Constance nodded as the girl apologized, although it wasn't her fault, and Constance got a feeling that the apology wasn't candid to begin with. Not that it mattered really.

When the girl that had helped her up started talking about the book and scanning her, Constance got a bit nervous. She felt as though she was being interrogated. I haven't done something bad again, have I? she wondered, as she could tell that the girl was good at reading people.

Since Constance pratically lacked the ability to tell when someone was being mean she didn't get annoyed at the girl for acting like a besserwisser. Constance only wanted to see good in others, and therefore she tended to miss when someone was behaving like a total jerk. So instead of saying something sharp back she smiled widely.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think can't tell you what I need the book for." Constance said and tilted her head just noticably. "You don't seem like the reliable type, but I guess could use some help with my... ehrm.. project."

Constance tried to understand the girl in front of her as she waited for her response. Her accent easily gave away that she was from Ireland. She looked kind of athletic, which probably made her a Quidditch player. Her eyes were blue, but looked somehow sad behind all of the sass that she put up front. Constance came to the conclusion that the girl must have had a bad childhood, and that was what had made her so hard. But she knew better than to bring it up, although she would've loved to know if she was right.

"So, do you know alot about werewolves?" Constance asked curiously and looked at the book in the girl's hand that she badly wanted. "I could use some of that knowledge if that's the case. We could share the book."

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Not the reliable type? Lilith questioned. What was that supposed to mean? She was sure it was true, but she only spoke a few sentences at best for the girl and she is already reading her. Hm. Lilith figured this must be what it's like for other people to hold conversations with her.

Her interest sparked by the promise of a secret project. "If you can't tell me what the project is, then how do you expect me to help you?" Lilith asked. The Gryffindor's mind spun as she listened to the girl go on.

"Of course I know things about werewolves, I'm not an idiot. They're people who turn into raging beasts during the full moon. There wasn't much else they needed to know. I just wanted the book to read the gruesome stories." Lilith bared her teeth as an example. She held up the book and stared at the girl with a bewildered look on her face. "Sharing? What do you mean sharing? I already have the book and no means the help you. What would I get out of it?"

Lilith didn't understand the whole "helping" and "sharing" thing. She had the book and she wanted the book, therefore she can keep the book. With all this polite talk Lilith assumed this girl must be a Hufflepuff.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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Constance started to get a bit impatient and wondered why the girl had to be so difficult and stubborn. Wasn't she supposed to be a daring Gryffindor, eager to take on every new challenge? Even if this challenge just included some reading and studying. And why did the girl need something to gain from it? Some things can be done on curiosity and for the fun of it.

"Well, as I said you don't strike me as the most reliable type, therefore I won't tell you anything until you agree to help me and to keep quiet about it." Constance said again as she looked the girl in the eyes. "But if you're not up for it, I guess the book is yours and I'm going to go."

She started giving up on this girl. Talking to her was like fighting an already lost battle, and Constance had no time for that. She usually took the time to understand people, even if they were complicated like the girl in front of her, but today her time was limited and she was in a hurry.

She started gathering the books she had dropped on the floor in her tiny arms. Her heart was racing and her breathing was quick when she then tried to balance the books, they were heavy and she barely had enough muscle to hold them up. The pile reached all the way up to her nose by this point and there were still a couple left on the floor, but she decided to leave them there and avoid another fall. She had a feeling that the librerian wouldn't be too happy with her making loud noises again.

"Make your decision quickly, or I think I'm gonna fall again." Constance said as she bit her lip in concentration.

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Lilith chuckled in amusement as she picked up the few spare books the girl left on the floor. How could one person carry such a stack of books? Why would they want to? This girl really does not seem to know how to pick and choose. Alas, what was the project she was talking about? It most likely had to do with all those books and werewolves, but what type of project would require that. Certainly not a school one.

"Alright, you peaked my interested, but I need an incentive to see what I'm getting into. I don't want to promise to sit down with you just to study for an hour. What is so interesting and secretive about this Project? Can you tell me anything about it at all?" Lilith grinned wolfishly at her. "Aw, you can trust me. Gryffindor honor."

Lilith knew the books she held onto a spare table so she didn't have to carry them anymore. They hit it with a bang the Lilith rolled her eyes at the prospect of the librarian coming to yell at her. She had done far worse things in this library and got away scotch free. It was only a matter of leaving before you were caught and a chase through Hogwarts could be nothing but good fun.

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5

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Constance sat down at a table, feeling relieved that she didn't have to balance the books in her arms anymore. She nodded at the girl to sit down beside her as she placed one of the books from the pile in front of her. This was probably going to take a while, and they better get started.

Constance felt as though she should explain to the girl what they were doing the research for, but she had a feeling the girl would freak out if she told her. To be honest Constance was a little freaked out herself, but she did a good job hiding it.

"I can't tell you anything just yet." Constance said patiently hoping that the girl wouldn't get mad at her. "But if you help me find typical werewolf-symptoms, I will tell you what this is all for."

Constance watched the girl and felt a sudden joy. She was happy that she wasn't in this alone, and that she had a fellow Gryffindor helping her out.

"To be honest I'm not a good reader, so I would appreciate it if you helped me out with that part." Constance admitted and felt a bit embarrased.

Constance opened a book called "The Alphabet of a Werewolf" and checked the first few pages to see if the book was worth reading through. Constance had never read a book with more than a couple hundred pages, and the one she had up front would be a real challenge to her. She could feel her face going a bit red from concentration as she started going through the text.

"Oh, I've forgot to ask you what your name is." Constance suddenly realised and she gave the girl a true smile as she introduced herself. "I'm Constance Caelo."

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Lilith rolled her eyes at the vague response. What could this girl be doing that could be possibly dealing with werewolves? Silently, Lilith threw the girl a glare before flipping open the book that she had possession of. There was nothing wrong with doing things she wouldn't normally do for the sake of her curiosity. Sometimes, you do to metaphorically get your hands a little dirty to get what you wanted.

"Lilith Westlocke," Lilith said dryly, flipping through the pages of the book with one finger, scanning them half-heartedly. "Pleasure."

Lilith let out a hum. "Got something," she said as she narrowed her eyes at the page before her. "The table of contents can really save lives, you know. Little reading involved."

"Some of the symptoms include: a desire for meat, getting sick around a week before a full moon, and-oh yeah! Turning into a savage, uncontrollable beast during the full moon. Really, what other symptoms would there be? They're normal people until they go all bonkers. I could be a werewolf, you could be a werewolf." Lilith rolled her eyes. "Seriously, what is your deal? Do you have a little wolf friend? An old family dog you're fretting over? You think you yourself have been turned into a werewolf?" Lilith snorted. "Trust me, you'd know."

Stamina: 6; Agility: 6; Strength: 5; Control: 3; Arcane Power: 5; Accuracy: 5