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A Restricted Adventure  PV Annabelle Wolfe   Closed 

"It's Wolfe, actually." Annabelle smiled back, ignoring the fact that she had in fact told the mischievous girl her name earlier that evening. Perhaps she had forgotten, or maybe she just wasn't listening. Either way, Anna could hardly blame her. It was quite late... or early rather: probably three or four hours past midnight. As the adrenaline of their library chase wore off, the night's events were already beginning to blur together in Annabelle's mind. The forgotten introduction certainly seemed trivial.

"G'night, Lilith. It's been fun." The exhausted girl waited outside for a moment, watching as the rays of early sunlight glinted off of her new friend's hair. As Lilith vanished into the common room, Anna couldn't help but wonder just what was going through her head.

What an interesting person...

Hogwarts was certainly full of surprises. She could have sworn that this person was ready to betray her at any second, even though her optimistic heart told her to get rid of such suspicions. Yet in the end the girl had forfeited her change to get into the Restricted Section for Annabelle's sake. She could have been doing it to protect herself of course, but Anna could tell that something had clicked. She had a feeling that this was not the last adventure the two of them would have together.

Her bare feet ached from the run. Now that she was safe, her body's fight-or-flight mode was no longer activated to keep her on alert. Her limbs felt inordinately heavy, though not quite so heavy as her eyelids. It was time to go to bed. The intrepid Gryffindor snuck back into her dorm as silently as she could, managing not to wake the other girls. Her fellow brave-hearted students slept without a care. Thinking of Lilith, she wondered what exactly it meant to be brave. Annabelle had always thought of bravery as standing up for people, or for what she thought was right. Usually that meant following the rules. Yet Lilith's plan, Annabelle's distraction, even just sneaking around at night... that seemed to have its own sort of bravery behind it.

She curled up in bed, mind reeling from the night's journey. She would have a lot of things to think over in the morning. Perhaps she would feel guilty over what she had done. Perhaps she would feel some sense of pride that the "bad kids" always seemed to posses. Whatever the case, that was tomorrow's problem. Now it was time to rest.

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