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Quiet Thoughts  Closed 

Bryant let the girl have the book, but then she tried to give it back to him once she seen the look on his face. He doesn't really mean to look like this. It was just because he was uncomfortable with all these people around him.

He managed to get free of the girl holding him hostage and walked up to the one doing researches on the houses. "S-so..." He was going to say sorry, but fell silent. He wrote in the air with his wand, sparks making out a single word. "Sorry." With that, it faded within a few seconds and he handed the book back to her.

Once he did that, he heard what sounded like people talking. He peeked his head around one of the corners of the shelves and seen the other girl that started to talk to him earlier talking to some other guy. With a sigh of relief, Bryant went back to the table where the girl that had her arm around him was still sitting at.

He didn't say anything, but sat across from her, seeming as he didn't really want to be touched by anyone. He picked up a book on defense against the dark arts, and started to read from it.

Quiet Thoughts  Closed 

"S-so..." Elora heard a quiet voice from behind her and turned around. The boy, Bryant, who had shown her the book was behind her, holding it out to her. She looked at him confusedly. Bryant took out his wand and wrote a word in the air. 


'Sorry?' Elora thought. 'Sorry for what?' 

She was about to ask him, but he handed the book back to her and sat back down. Huh. 

"Erm- Thank you!" Elora called softly after him, unsure of what to say. 

She searched for a few other books and found about three others, all on House history or psychology. Elora smiled, these were just what she needed! Most had titles about the history of Houses, but one of them was an assessment of the Houses in the Battle of Hogwarts. That would be interesting to see where they stood in the battle. 

Elora took out a paper and a quill and walked back over to the table. "I h-hope you don't mind me sitting here. I promise I won't be a bother, I just need to take some notes. I can move, of course, if  you want me to..." She trailed off, a habit of hers, smiling nervously. 

Humans are the personification of Death.
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