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Library Lock-In  Ravenclaw   Closed 

"Hey Cecile Queen? Do you want to be partners?" Eri asked Cecily and stood there while she waited.

Eri was hoping that this next activity would be fun and intresting. Though in Hogwarts something interesting always happened so she was hoping adventure would happen during the lock in, but it was the library so she wasn't sure anything wouldn't happen. If it did it would be great. 

The brunette looked around at the shelves hoping something intresting would happen, but for now all was calm and normal. Probably how it would be all night.

The brunette stood still and just waited for cecily queen to answer her question. Worse case scenario she would say no and Eri would have to find someone else to partner with. That would be embarrassing. 

Eri wiped her hair out of her face and looked at the ground and waited. She had her wand out, but she probably wouldn't use it. Hopefully she wouldn't have to use it. She didn't like using her wand very much. Eri twirled a piece of her hair in between her pointer finger and thumb. She looked up at the ceiling and yearned for something to happen they was exciting.

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Library Lock-In  Ravenclaw   Closed 

It was hard to admit that she was right, but she didn't expect a scavenger hunt to actually take place within the library. When Emma had said that she was expecting a scavenger hunt, she didn't mean it literally, in fact, she felt as if one of the Prefects had actually heard her. The Lock-In had been pretty dull till a few minutes ago. Still, she was fortunate to have someone to partner with as delightful as the young Ravenclaw, Valerie.

As Emma approached Valerie, her small smile grew broadly into a gigantic grin. It was hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember, and this was showing deeply. Although it had been a month or two since the last time they had verbal spoken, it didn't seem that long. More like a couple of weeks, it was hard to forget the image she witnessed.

The brunette clapped her hands together, she absolutely loved riddles, well the easy ones. It was quite pesky to find a riddle that she could cease to answer, sometimes even enough to allow her to accept help from others. 

"Definitely, you know we'd make an excellent team. We could be unstoppable!" She said spreading her hands in front of her body and waving them in a sort of jazzy and elaborate motion. The young girl looked down an aisle of books, a clue could have been waiting right there for them. Drawing her wand, she beamed and waited for instructions.

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Library Lock-In  Ravenclaw   Closed 

Cecily looked around the room as Phaedra explained the activity. Cecily sighed. She wasn't that good at solving riddles, and did not know who she would partner up with. Cecily looked around for the other Cecily, hoping to be partners with her, but before she could spot her, a voice said,
Hey Cecily Queen? Do you want to be partners?
Cecily spun around, a bit startled, to find Eri Windstone waiting there for her response.
"Oh, hi Eri! Um, sure! I'd love to be partners!" Cecily was half stunned that someone asked her to be her partner.
If anyone knew me really really well here, they would never pick me, Cecily thought, a little sad. But she smiled as she looked at Eri.
"Do you think this game will be fun? I hope so. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time... I, uh, I'm not amazing at solving riddles. Just so you know. But I can try," Cecily said to her.

"Thanks so much for asking me to be partners. I really appreciate it. I probably would have never found someone," Cecily said gratefully.
Cecily scanned Eri, and noticed she had her wand out. "Do you think we'll need our wands?" Cecily inquired, reaching into her robes.

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Library Lock-In  Ravenclaw   Closed 

Cecily winced at the word "partners". She wasn't a big people-person, and often preferred working alone to having to rely on another person. However, the reason she was attending this event in the first place was not just for the food, but also to make new friends through "house-bonding" or whatever Adam had called it. So, with that logic, she figured she might as well at least try to cooperate and work with someone else to solve these riddles. Plus, having a second brain to bounce ideas off of always helped, so it was probably a good idea in the long run to be part of a team.

The girl glanced around the room at the attendants of the lock-in. Everyone she had talked to tonight so far already seemed to be teamed up with someone, which left her very few choices in terms a either friend or someone she might be sure she would actually enjoy this scavenger hunt with. She was now left with the option to either approach a housemate that she didn't know-- and awful thought-- or stand around awkwardly and hope someone would approach her.

Being the antisocial bookworm she was, she chose the latter. Instead of moving towards another person, she moved to the outskirts or the group, swiveling her head around for someone who looked like they might be in the same situation or headed her way.

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