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Jeronimo watched the ball spinning in the air as it approached him. Why was he first? He didn't even have time to think of his words. This was actually pretty unfair, the other kids would have more time to prepare than he did-

Extremely stressed, Jeronimo could see the multi-colored ball encompassing his vision. The boy winced as he slapped his forearms over the ball.

"What," he managed to say.

Yeah, great start, Jeronimo.

Actually, if it was taken as a sort of ironic fashion, then it was pretty clever! Right? “What”. The thing that identifies him is “what”. He’s a confusing entity, who made strange comments and was constantly criticizing things most people took for granted! And how boring is “odd”, you know?

“Uh uh uh... Guitar.”

Jeronimo scowled. Yeah, he played guitar. This would’ve been interesting information if he’d BROUGHT his guitar. Beautiful thing. Córdoba nylon. He was learning classical guitar. But he couldn’t play it anyway, the guitar head was chipped, so if he wanted one, he’d need to buy a new one. Hey, actually, Jeronimo could repair that with the Mending Spell now.


“Uhhhhh Correct Boulder.”

Finally. Something workable. People will have NO idea what that means.

“Errrr Emma.”

Jeronimo deftly tossed the beach ball.

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The game sounded fairly easily, but Emmaline had hardly had time to think of her words. At the thought of Italian food, she wanted to say Italy, but she went with another nationality. She looked at the beach ball as it hurled towards herself, catching her by surprise slightly. 

"Oh, crap." That had been meant to be kept to herself. "Volleyball, Spanish... umm.." The last one had been troubling for her. The brunette was tempted to say some sort of other sport or random nationality that had nothing to do absolutely with her. 

What else could she possibly say that would be, well, school-friendly? She tapped her foot, racking her brain harder than she should have. It was about her, but why did she care about the thoughts of her house members? She only knew a few, and some she hadn't had exactly a good first impression. 

If it was plausible (which it was) the colors of the ball were probably distracting her thoughts. "Ar- Acrobatics?" With all the room in the library, she could easily flip around... and knock a few things over in the process.

"Midas," Emma said hitting the beach ball upward in his direction with a fist. 

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9

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When he heard this name called, Midas wasn't exactly sure why. He hadn't really been paying attention to what Adam had said, just something about naming three things that describe a person, as well as something about a ball. "Wha-" Looking up, he saw a rather large beach ball heading towards his face from the direction of another girl. He raised his hands up and barely managed to catch the ball, and it teetered within his arms due to its size.

"Umm..." Thinking fast, he shouted "Animals?" He had always liked animals, spending the majority of his childhood with them for friends. That would seem rather obvious to pick that for one. Right after, he quickly continued with "Reading!" and "Umm, Music!" Wow. What a generic set of words that describe many other people in the world. Absolute genius. Midas enjoyed reading his books, and he had even brought along his favorite, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them along to the lock-in! He also enjoyed listening to music, as well as sometimes playing the piano. Oh well. They were too generic in the end.

Midas quickly looked around. He saw a familiar face and shoved the beach ball into her direction. "Cecily!" However, right before the ball left his hands, he remembered there were two of them and quickly followed up with "Q-Quinn!"

Maybe he should start listening to what was happening.

Your friendly neighborhood Ravenclaw Prefect!

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Cecily looked up as the beach ball began its slow arc towards her, Midas calling her name. She had been trying to think of words, but nothing came to mind and now she was running out of time to think. The first word that popped into her mind was "wildebeest", and now that was all she could think. But where did that come from? It had nothing to do with her at all! Perhaps it was her subconscious relating her personality to a wildebeest, but Cecily doubted it, as she didn't know enough about the creatures to relate herself to them.

Ummwildabeestwildabeestcantyouthinkofsomethingotherthanwildabeestwhatareyoueven-- She was usually calm under pressure, but not ten-plus-eyes-on-her sort of pressure. Ten wasn't a lot of people, but it was a lot for the reclusive Ravenclaw, as she was generally not that great in social situations to begin with. Now she had to think under a time crunch, with people staring at her, and she hated it.

Please don't say "wildebeest", she prayed as the beach ball landed in her outstretched hands.

"Wil-- um, reading?" Yep, already off to a great start. "Awkward." Case in point. "And, um, creative?" Very generic, but it worked. Although, now that she thought about it, saying "creative" wasn't very creative of her. The irony made her giggle a bit-- not that she was a giggler, usually, but it was late and she got weird when she was tired.

Mostly friendless, antisocial, claustrophobic, introvert... Now that she was out of the pressure, Cecily could think of real words that weren't animals. Not that she would say many of those in front of near-strangers, even if they were housemates participating in a house-bonding event.

Looking around at her fellow Ravenclaws, Cecily tossed the ball into the air. "Cecily! Uh, Queen!" she said, pushing it in the direction of a familiar face.

-- Cecily Quinn --
strength: 6 | agility: 10 | control: 11 | stamina: 8

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Cecily jumped as the other Cecily called her name. She let out a little scream, clearly startled. Cecily was not really paying attention to other people around her, but trying to think of words to say. She jerked her head up and saw the beach ball spinning towards her. Cecily caught it, although she almost fumbled it.

How embarrasing! Cecily thought quickly as the ball landed in her hands.

"Uh... Um... Reading!" Cecily almost shook her head at that word. Reading! The past 3 people have said that! But then again that does describe me. Cecily thought again, with an image of her going down to the Great Lake carrying her two favorite books. She almost driffited off into her happy thoughts, but snapped back into focus. She needed two more words!
"Coconut Ice!" Cecily called out, looking around the room. There were lots of eyes upon her, and Cecily could feel her face getting hot. At least that one was an okay word. Cecily thought again. For a second Cecily had an image in her mind of her sweet grandma handing her pink and white candies to her. She snapped back into focus again and stared hard at the beachball.
"Um. Luna Lovegood!" Cecily blushed as she looked back up again. All eyes were upon her. She didn't know very many, and almost all the ones she knew had already had their turn. "Eri Windstone!" Cecily cried, throwing the ball up in the air. She hardly knew Eri, but didn't know anyone else's names.
As she let go of the ball, Cecily sat back on her chair. That was very stressful, Cecily thought to herself, smiling.

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Cecelia Dahlia Queen
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Control: 10
 Stamina: 7

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Why her? Eri caught the ball and immediately said. "Swim team, cross country, and lacrosse." Now she she didn't know who to toss it to. "Phaedra" She tossed the ball towards the Ravenclaw prefect.

Swim team-The reason she chose that to say as one of her three words was because she has been on a swim team since she was 8. It was one of her hobbies that she loved to do and I think was also a great passion of hers. It also brought fun family completion since her brothers were also on a swim team. It was a lot of fun.

Cross country-Another sport. Well Eri does lots of sports but she wanted to say some that nobody has said yet. And it was a fun sport. Running gave her a sense of freedom. Some of the courses she had run were cool like the one she had ran through some woods. That one was get favorite.

Lacrosse-A third sport. Now this one was very fun. It was aggressive and very easy to get injured, but that didn't make it any less fun.

Hopefully by knowing she played a bunch of sports especially lacrosse would tell people she was tough and not easily broken.

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4

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Phaedra had watched, clipboard in one hand, as Adam distracted the Ravenclaws with a cute little game. The gist of it was to pass around a ball and whoever it landed on were to introduce themselves with three, simple words. It was easy enough. 

Before Windstone's voice could process, she had taken a glance down at her clipboard for a split second and was totally thrown off guard by the ball flying at her head at the odd angle, but luckily, any potential embarrassment had been avoided by a quick reflexive movement of her arm. Agility had its perks.

"Oh! Thank you, Eri," the prefect said, lowering her left arm that held the beach ball to press it against her hip. There was a brief pause as she gathered her thoughts, giving light taps to her chin as she did.

"Let's see. Cats... Greece... and... writing?" Her face began to flush red at the last word. It was no secret that she worked on the Ravenclaw newspaper, but what she only showed to a select few (her closest friends) were the fiction short stories she had created on her own. She knew that she was no Tolkien, far from it as a mere eleven-year-old, but it still was an activity she enjoyed thoroughly as a means of expressing herself, especially in a household where her life was otherwise decided for her. As for Greece, it was obvious - her entire family was Greek - and cats, well, to Phaedra they were the absolute best animals in existence and she could hold long, passionate arguments with anyone who thought otherwise.

Eyes scanning over the small circle of Ravenclaws, Phaedra tried to remember who had gone and who hadn't, and upon seeing Celynne Flores standing there, someone she worked with on The Diadem, she tossed the ball to her. "Celynne Flores, your turn!"

Phaedra Stavrou
STA: 8, STR: 2, AGL: 10, CTL: 15

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Verbis potentiam habet.

Words are power, the Latin meant, especially ones from the subconscious and what better demonstration than this game? Still, she was caught quite off guard as she heard her name from the Prefect's vicinity. The ball caught her on the upper arm as she turned, sliding down to her forearm before she caught it gracefully with her other hand.

"Oh," was the first thing she said. Why did she have to be chosen? Well, at least she had spent the few seconds before her turn thinking up possibilities-- and yet she was nowhere close to ready. "Um-- incommodesticus," she blurted out, a faint blush rising into her pale cheeks as she realized that she had, quite literally, said the exact word that she was thinking, even if it was in Latin. It didn't translate, really-- something to the like of an uncomfortable, untimely situation-- and so she moved on.

"Outré," she continued thoughtfully-- eccentric, peculiar, curious. Perhaps she should have chosen curious instead; its double meaning seemed more meaningful, yet this word had a little of its own... kick to it. Someday, someplace, she would like to learn French, the language of art, just as Italian was the language of music, or Latin was the language of wisdom. Text

"Remember," the girl finished sadly, much more quietly. What she could not do by herself, what pained her so to do, yet what she yearned to do, what she needed to do. Nobody would know its meaning-- its meaning to her, unless they had seen her flashbacks, understood what they were, and only with her consent, her help, could they understand... and it was nearly nobody who had her permission to know, even as she sometimes wished for someone who would know of it.

Now Cel held the ball in her hands, scanning the crowd for possible victims-- ahem-- participants. Who else was left? There were a few who hadn't been chosen to speak yet, but she didn't remember their names... well, there was one-- one whose name she remembered, although she hadn't quite known her very well just yet.

Luna, Luna Aurelius, that was her name. "Luna," she parroted after her mind's words and closed her nearsighted eye to chuck the ball softly at the light-haired girl. Perhaps she would have given it to someone else... if only she had enough motivation to look harder for those whose names she remembered.

Well. Not her problem anymore.


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Luna felt like she had cheated, just a little. With the ball passing around from Ravenclaw to Ravenclaw, she had time to think of relevant words for whenever it arrived at her. And so it had, as she raised her arms to catch the ball, letting it hit her chest and fall to rest in her lap.

“Determination”, she declared, her voice with it's ever airy and soft tone.

Of course, that was her entire core. The determination to prove her worth. To prove her mother wrong. To find and get her answers from her father. To make her foster mother proud. To show that even those who started with nothing, could make something for themselves through sheer force of will.

“Wands”, she continued, this time her tone becoming more questioning as her brain sped ahead of her trying to come up with her final word.

Wands were her newest passion upon discovering the world of magic. The knowledge it took to craft them captivated her, and as such, she was determined to make it her future career. She adored her wand as well, it’s beautiful white hue a perfect compliment for her unique hair. Since she had started Hogwarts she had dedicated a significant amount of time to learning as much as she could about wands altogether.

“Perception”, she breathed out, her task finally complete.

A guiding skill she had honed throughout childhood. It helped her survive and read those around her. It helped her gather information not freely given. Besides, she considered it a vital skill for anyone, no matter what they intended to do.

Finally done, she glanced around the room, checking for anyone she may know. And her tendency to avoid social contact became more clear to her as she didn’t personally know any of the remaining Ravenclaws. She thought back to the Sorting Ceremony, hoping to rely on her memory to remember names. It only took a few seconds to match a remembered name to a face. She gently tossed the ball on an arc through the air.

“Carmen Holloway”, she called as the ball sailed.

Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.

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"Do you know Taboo?" Valerie asked Carmen. It sounded familiar but she couldn't place it. Valerie pulled out something of her's but before Carmen could see what it was. A boy with a mess of blonde curls addressed the room.

"Hi again, everybody! As much as I hate to interrupt your conversations, it looks like all of us are ready to get the night started, so we're going to go ahead and do that! You'll have plenty of time to talk throughout the night. I'm sure you've noticed that not quite everybody is in here, but if they get in late, we'll fill them in. Now, let's get this show on the road! Everyone grab a seat -- the floor is fine, but if you want a chair, you can drag one over -- and I'll introduce the first game." After he finished Carmen grabbed her chair and dragged it over to the middle of the room near where other people were sitting. Blondie explained the rules of the game, or rather the excuse for everyone to get to know each other. The so-called game was just describing yourself in three words.

After Blondie described himself he through it to the boy who had been assaulted by the candy. Apparently, his name was Jeronimo. The ball continued around the room, finding it's way to one of Carmen's dormmates, who Carmen believed was named Luna.

"Determination, Wands, Perception." The girl said before calling Carmen's name. Carmen was so surprised she dropped the ball. Leaning down to pick it up she tried to think about what to say.

Once she had the ball picked up, "Music, Robert, Lucifer." Oh god. Hopefully, they didn't think she was a satanist. She had meant her cat, not the devil.

"Valerie," Carmen called before tossing the ball over to the girl and to her embarrassment, the ball hit her in the face.

Carmen Halloway

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Valerie listened to the Prefect as he began to talk about a game they would play, putting the game she'd taken out to show Carmen back on top of the pile of the rest of her things. They had a whole night, so she could show the game to her new friend later. Instead she gathered close together with the other Ravenclaw students and memorized the rules of the game the called "Quick thinking". It sounded fun enough to her hears and it would also give all of them a chance to learn more about the others.

Valerie hadn't made many friends yet in Hogwarts, so she was excited at the prospect of getting to meet more of her fellow housemates. The game was fast and she was surprised by how many of the others talked mentioned music or sports when they talked about themselves. She'd never been on a sports team and hadn't learned an instrument either and it made her consider to at least learn to play the piano or the harp from one of her grandparents.

The one that really drew her interest was a black-haired girl, who first said a word in Latin and then suddenly spoke French. Her choice of words however made not much sense to Valerie. Still, the other Ravenclaw student fascinated her.

Next was a pretty girl she didn't know who passed the ball on to Carmen, who talked about a Robert and Lucifer and left Valerie wholeheartedly confused. He didn't have time to ponder her words however, before the blond threw the ball at her.

She inhaled sharply when it came flying straight towards her face. Luckily Valerie's reflexes were good and she managed to catch the ball with both hands a few centimeters away from her nose. "Whew!" she squeaked in surprise and exhaled slowly, taking the ball in her right hand.

"Muggles." That was the first word that came to her mind. Her family lived like muggels, among muggles, so that fit her quite well she thought. "History," she added a second later. There was nothing she loved more than to discover ancient things and explore castles and ruins built by people hundreds of years ago. History was great.

At the last word she drew a blank. "Um... vineyards!" That was another word about her life at home, but Valerie couldn't think of anything better on short notice.

"Next..." She searched the crowd of students for a familiar face and found a dorm mate of hers. "Clarisse Mosse!"

She threw the ball to Clarisse and hoped that she had better aim than Carmen.

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
- Sun Tzu

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Skipping the most recent name because we need to get this moving. Sorry for the long wait and lack of activity - I didn't have computer access for a while and had to focus on other real-life priorities. Thanks for your patience!

Phaedra waited patiently as the rest of the group introduced themselves; some more creative in the process than others, but all-in-all, it was a diverse body of students with varying interests. The short little game would perfectly tie in with the next part of the night - her personal favourite and the one event that she had put most of her effort into.

“Lovely, everyone,” Phaedra stated, clapping her hands together once. "That should do for now. Um, you can just place the ball on the ground out of the way - thank you," she said, smiling at the girl who still had it. Phaedra then turned to address the entirety of the circle.

“Now that we better know each other, there's no excuse to be wallflowers! Please get into teams of two. If there is an odd number of us, the one remaining can join a pair and make a group of three.” Pulling her clipboard out from under her arm, she flipped through the pages for a bit until she found what she was looking for at the bottom. “Come to me with your team when you’re ready. You might want to bring your wand as well.”

As all of the students lining up before her would soon find out, there were dozens of short, yet challenging riddles ready to be interpreted kept tightly against Phaedra's clipboard surface. Handwritten in the prefect’s neat cursive were lines and lines of various riddles that she had devised herself. Pulling out the topmost, rectangular parchment from the clipboard's grip, she held it into the air for those in front of her to view, the paper standing crisp and new. Phaedra began to speak once more after the chatter died down.

“These are riddles for our next game, a scavenger hunt. They each lead to an item, from chairs to a very specific book, for example, and it’s up to you to find them. As you progress they will become more difficult - but we’re Ravenclaws - we live and breathe riddles, right? Right.”

The enchantment was a brand of complex magic that Phaedra had to seek a professor's assistance for as it was way past the skill level of any first year. Using them was simple enough but if the students hadn't seen anything like it perhaps it would be best to explain. "Here's how it works. You read the riddle and try to find the object it leads to in this very library. Think you've found it? Well then - have the riddle parchment in one hand, and touch the object with your other. The parchment will sense this - and if the object matches up correctly you can move onto the next riddle. If not, you need to try again. The first group to finish wins." What she had failed to mention was that the surface of the parchment could rearrange itself to form a new riddle after the previous had been completed and that they could even ask for a hint if stumped - but this group was intelligent and was probably just dying to begin already, so with a shrug, she saved them the unneeded lecture.

After an out of breath huff from her long explanation, the raven-haired girl lowered her arm and scanned over the crowd once more. “Neither Adam nor I can assist you ourselves,” so don’t bother asking, she had wanted to add, “But we will be here to watch over. Stay with your partner the entire time. And don’t go into the Restricted Section.” Looking at the next in the line, she held out a piece of the parchment for them to start taking as well. “Here you go and have fun.”


The following is information that your character will not know about.

Sir Torme III, or as his other ghostly friends mockingly liked to call him, The Heart-Attack-Having Heathen, preferred materializing at late night rather than the day like most of the other Hogwarts spirits. His reasons for this were simple; children could be avoided like the plague once the sun had set. Only after library hours when the hundreds of little buggers that gave him cardiac arrest in his previous life finally left to their commons, could Sir Torme III even remotely stand to return to the physical world; right between the shelves of Hogwarts Library, the very place he had died.

It was ghastly, to say the least, to have his soul trapped in this dimension and this place for an eternity, forever having to recall his final moments. However, the books and knowledge surrounding him made the experience somewhat tolerable and taking advantage of his eternal sentence, Sir Torme III made a personal goal to read every single library book in the place at least once.

The ghost was more than halfway there, having gotten an early start with his book marathoning back when he himself was a Hogwarts student. Just like the party-goers, Sir Torme III had also been a studious Ravenclaw in his prime and even became Hogwarts librarian at the ripe age of sixty-two just 230 years ago. He read things from pygmypuffs to potion-brewing and even got his hands on a distasteful muggle fiction called Twilight once. Sir Torme III had known more than the average man could dream of, but what he had not known, however, was the occurrence of this event.

No one had bothered to inform him. Why were the living so inconsiderate?

In the very back near the Restricted Section, Sir Torme III peered from behind a shelf, his two wispy, grey eyes squinting between a pair of books to better his sight. The light chattering of students near the entrance had interrupted his relaxation time, but that wasn’t all that had brought the man’s temper to its peak - it was the sheer disrespect that the children had brought along with them.

Was that food? In this very library that he had given his life (quite literally) to keep clean and enforce rules for? And a beach ball to add - being thrown around for some silly children’s game. One wrong throw and it could hit a shelf! Many of the Hogwarts books were fragile, and the man had been within these walls long enough to know that neither parent nor their culprit children liked to pay up for damage to school property.

Well, he was fuming at this point, and if it weren't for his pale, ghostly sheen he'd be red as a beet. Sir Torme III reeled back in further disgust when he saw the children line up for something, a few of their little faces turning excitedly to glance down the dim rows of shelves. Were they going to move back to where he stood, and invade his personal space and safe haven? The lanky, old ghost glowered and floated back away several feet to rub his wrinkled hands, devising an evil plan indeed.

"These brats won't get away with tainting the nature of a library - not if I have any say in it!" he said boldly, a thin, frail finger pointing to the ceiling. With a soft whoosh, Sir Torme III vanished on the spot, leaving no evidence that there had ever been something there, but soon enough would the rascals feel his wrath.

If you haven’t already, please leave your stats in a reducio under your post. If you have, don’t worry, I already have them! I am still using the first-year stats for this adventure.

For this next short part, you may post as many responses as you need (but within reason, please) to find a partner of your choice. Once that is done, please line up before Phaedra to take the parchment but do not roleplay any further than receiving it or glancing at it (though you cannot make up what it says on your own). In my next mod post I will then separate the post into the teams, reveal all of the riddles and then you can proceed with the hunt.

You can post up to THREE actions per post. Every post must reach 200 words of your own, not including the three actions/OOC info, or quotes from your roleplay partner. If your character chooses to use an item or cast a spell please make sure they are in your character’s trunk and learned from first-year only homework. 

Lastly, you may NOT in any point of the adventure control the ghost Sir Torme III. And remember, your character currently doesn’t know he is there as of yet.

Any further questions, please owl me. Let’s get this started! <3

Phaedra Stavrou
STA: 8, STR: 2, AGL: 10, CTL: 15

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Clarisse found the ball flying towards her, and realised she had had all this time to think about what words to say without thinking about what words to say. For a moment, she panicked, mouthing like a fish out of water. Finally she spoke, finding that after that initial panic, the words came out naturally. "Book. Why." At least, the first two did. She wriggled some more, thinking back to see if she could copy someone else.

It would have helped if she had paid more attention to them than just briefly nodding. "Physics."

That had to do.

Then Phaedra announced they were done, and as told, she balanced the ball awkwardly behind her, well aware how easily that could roll off. If only that had been announced a little sooner.

Clarisse glanced around, looking for a partner. The nearest person to her was a friendly looking (if someone could look friendly) boy, what was he called, Midas. Clarisse could only remember that name because it was like that king. Midas's touch. If she had remembered that correctly. For a second, her heart reeled, stopping her from saying anything. Then, once she had mustered up her courage: "Do you want to go with me?" She smiled, then smiled some more because she didn't know what else to say.

She had to say something. "What do you think we're going to do? Given we need our wands, it has to be magic, right?" The girl was almost glowing at the thought.

Character Page Sta1, Agi5, Str1, Con10, Arc7, Acc6

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After the icebreaker had ended, the weights had magnificently lifted off Emma's shoulder. Whether she was going to get the beach ball back or not, she was glad to know that the game was over. She had heard some interesting things about the rest Ravenclaw, well, most of her house. Some interesting, some strange and a little bit of both.

Partners? She didn't like the sound of that. Even though she liked to communicate with others, she wasn't so keen on letting them share her gratification. It was a sense of joy she got when she accomplished a good grade, but this time, she had to have a partner whether if she liked it or not.

There was only a handful of people she knew well inside of the library, nevermind, one person. Valerie, the girl who was just as adventurous as herself. Perfect, I suppose. She thought to herself recalling her image inside of a special mirror. It had been a few months since she had last spoken to Valerie, but it was better than being partnerless, well maybe not. 

It was strange. When she needed courage, she never had it, yet sometimes she had almost gotten herself killed by her dauntless behaviour. Overdramatically inhaling, she began to wander over to her friend. If this was an inter-house event, why did she feel so pressured to make a friend... she hadn't made one since the start (that was a lie). 

"Hey, Valerie! Do you want to be partners?" After all, kindness was the way to go, wasn't it? There was no such thing as being too nice, and if so, that definitely wasn't her. 

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
Stamina: 9 - Agility: 7 - Strength: 10 - Control: 9

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Valerie was a little surprised when the Prefect girl whose full name she still didn't know - Fhae or something, she should have asked her about it - introduced a new game. Riddles. Valerie loved riddles and puzzles, all kinds of them. She was fairly good at solving them, too, and started to feel a bit better about not being a artistic, musical or sports person. In this game she could show her strengths!

Looking around her grey eyes searched for a familiar face. Clarisse had turned to the boy beside her and was talking to him, so she was out already. Carmen was her next thought, as they'd played a good game of chess earlier, but for some reason Valerie couldn't find her pretty friend among the group of students. She was about to move through the throng of students and search for her when another girl stopped before her.

Valerie grinned automatically when she looked at Emma Hill. They'd been on a fabulous adventure together. With Emma as a partner she would certainly have a lot of fun in this game. "Hey, Emma," she greeted the other First Year happily. "I'd love to be your partner. This game sounds super fun! Do you like riddles? I bet we'll do great together."

“To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
- Sun Tzu