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Boredom  Closed 

I ran. My feet, one before the other in long, fast strides.

Yeah, I wasn't supposed to, in the library.

But I did anyway.

I ran back to my dorm, up three stories of stairs. I ran until my legs gave out on me. No, not tearing, but upset nonetheless.

I had truly embarrassed myself, Quinn, and the pretty snapdragon girl. She seemed nice, undeserving of the confusion I had caused.

But I had now ruined every chance of a friendship. This was just like it had been with Amaya. The blame was always on me. And for good reason.

As I bolted up the stairs, it almost made me want to scream. Why was I here anyway? In this castle? I didn't deserve it. I wasn't a pure-blood. Come to think of it, was I even a wizard? I had never cast a spell before. All I read was muggle fiction. My friends saw it, my teachers probably did too.

I didn't get homework done, I messed up friendships, and I got in everybody's way. What was I to do?
Simply to remove me from the surroundings of everyone else. They didn't deserve the burden that I brought upon them. I was wrecking their lives.
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Boredom  Closed 

Quinn was about to correct the girl that had come up to him instead and welcome her as well. But unfortunately for the second year he had failed spectacularly by creating incredible confusion. Oh how embarrassed he felt and shocked by the suddeness of both first year's reaction.

The red head tried toninteract with both before they dashed or wondered back off. "Wait Mae!' Before he couod even stop her she was already out of his reach and gone. He had planned to chase her but then his attention was immedietely caught by the yell of a female voice. It came from the direction he saw the other girl wonder off in.

He nearly cursed to himself apologizing to the group for the commotion. He then turned back to the wall of flowers in front of him. For a moment he stared at it curiously, "...Ah screw it!" He backed up and then ran at it nearly full speed crashing through the wall of flowers.

Quinn had fallen face first breaking the impact with his arms. The prone Hufflepuff groaned and slowly stood up, "Are you okay!?" He ignored the pain he felt and ran ovwr to Diana pulling off the books from her. "Oh curse my social skills." His accent began tk thicken as he reverted back to mostly talking in his native tongue. His tone was both nervous and concerned. "Daft daft daft. This always happens to me." He managed to get all of the books off her,helping her to her feet.

Unbeknownst to himself he was still rambling to himself in an almost self deprecating tone. Suddejly he stopped, and looked to you apologizing profusely. "Please forgive me!"

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

Boredom  Closed 

Dianna was shocked when he came bursting through the wall. "Are you okay?" she didn't have time answer before he started pulling the books off of her. She had no idea what was going on as he was moving so fast. Oh curse my social skills." She looked up at the sound of his voice.
Still in a daze she was up on her feet.

She looked at him with amazement. No one ever burst through her wall before and it was quite amusing. She noticed him apologizing while dusting herself of before finally getting a good look at him. Blushing madly she took a step back.
" Thank you. Ah please no need to apologize. Are you okay? No one ever broke through my wall." She asked with concern taking a step towards him looking at his arm.

Noticing how close she was she quickly stepped back blushing even more. OH gosh what's happening to me! she thought as she apologized for being so close. "Oh..Sorry..Dianna Michi at your service." She bowed with her arms wide open smiling at him. "I didn't mean for you to get hurt. But than again I didn't know you would jump through a wall." She giggled to herself. "Does anything hurt? I can help that only if you want my help. I mean help is help right? I can't force you to use my help and I'm rambling aren't I? She scratched her arm noticing her rambling. This was the first time in a long time since she had talked to someone and all her age. She cursed under her breath. in embarrassment, hiding her face with her hair she looked to the ground with "sudden" interest.The first time you talk to some one and you do this.


Boredom  Closed 

"Pfffft walls were made to be broken. It's nice to meet you Dianna and I'm sorry for that misunderstanding earlier. I quite frankly mucked up that introduction in the worst way. I hope the lass that ran off isn't too upset at me she left before I could say anything more." He rubbed the back of his neck sighing. At the same time the freckled red head felt a dull pain in his nose and generally on the front of his face.

For the moment he continued to hide it behind a smile. "Anyway I am fine, the fall wasn't that bad." He reassured her laughing it off as nothing. "Now don't apologize I tend to ramble all the time. The nature of my personality I suppose, and a terrible habit sadly." Quinn was being quite animated moving his hands around in a nonchalant manner. He was probably talking the poor girl's ear off. Quinn couldn't help it though. It was all he could do to hold back the burning questions in his head about the magic she just used. The librarian would most likely not be happy about this.

"How about we go back to the group I'm sure they would love to have you. There's alot I want to ask you. Like how you did that thing with the flowers and all that. You've really piqued my interest. Which for better or worse is a good thing. Depending on who you ask." He extended his hand, "Now then Dianna, I'm Quinn Healy it's a pleasure to make your acquaintence!"

Ah yes bouncing back like nothing happened and trying to move passed the past. Something Quinn always did and was able to do quite well. Something he held pride in and something he hoped would help smooth over the situation despite the noise and mess that was made.

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

Boredom  Closed 

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Kai jumps at the sound of crashing books and falling shelves. She closes the book loosing her place and stands up. She leaves the book on the chair she just vacated and rushes to the source of the sound. She was worried that someone had gotten hurt.

When Kai came to a stop near the mess of books, leaves and a fallen shelf. "You okay?" She half yells to the now standing but dazed female and her companion through the wall the young man made thought the wall of foliage.

This muggle born began to pick her way through the mess to the two standing there. Her face wrought with concern as she looks at the other girl and the guy.

Looking them over they seemed fine so Kai stooped down to start picking up the mess. It wasn't right to leave it a fire hazard in the middle of the library. As she begins to make piles a few of the book's titles caught her attention. 'How to Plant a Unicorn Garden' and 'Grow Your Own Charm Ingredients' were the most interesting looking so far.

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Boredom  Closed 

Ooc: Yes yes it is

She sighed "I'm glad you're okay but their was no need to lie about being hurt." She said with seriousness. After all her time of being by herself she learned to know when someone was telling the truth or not. It was a hobby of hers to read people body language and decipher what they really mean or how they feel.
"You okay?" She turned to the owner of the voice and smiled "ah..yes ,To say the least." She mumbled the last part. "Sorry about the mess! I didn't mean to create such a commotion." She helped the Gryffindor. "Dianna Michi at your service." She smiled with confidence after she finished piling up the books.

Turing back to Quinn. "Yes I would love to join you all that if it wasn't a bother. Also is there a change any of you have water?" She knew it was a weird request since they just met but she rather get rid of the flowers the quickest way possible. Meeting new people was a new thing for Dianna And she didn't want to look bad. Maybe if you had learned to control it like mother said you wouldn't be in this mess. She thought to herself. But if she did she wouldn't have met them. She shrugged at her thought before waiting for a reply.


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"Water?" He hummed in thought still ignoring the dull pain he was feeling on his face. Quinn took the small bag slung across his shoulder, and swiftly brought it to the front of his body. He spent roughly a minute searching through the disorganized insides of the seemingly worn and battered bag. "Hrrrmmm..." He found himself humming again.

Shortly after the boy sighed and stopped, "Blast. I appear to not have any la-...Dianna." For once the boy was happy to have caught himself. He really was beginning to turn into his Daideó, and almost twelve years of age at that. 'Come to think of it...he'd probably be proud I'm turning into a miniature him.' It was truly a thought he didn't care to relish, no matter how funny it may be.

He's beginning to get off topic again and let his mind ramble though, 'Come on! Focus Quinn!' He mentally smacked himself and forced his mind to focus in on the task at hand. "Ah yeah I'm fine. We Healy's are built tough. Probably due to all the trouble we get up to." He laughed softly at his own little remark.

After hearing what Dianna had to say he was elated, "Great then come join us, and you too lass. You have to tell me about that book you were reading. Oh and Dianna please tell me all about that wall of flowers you conjured up. Have you always been able to do that? How big can you make them? How thick can they be? Are you able to weaponize them? Is this an inherited type of magic? If so can your mom do it too?" He began to bombard the poor girl with questions.

Finally his curiosity got the better of him and there was a great spark and light behind his inquisitive orbs." Quinn was so caught up in his question asking that he did not think to pace himself, or think about the fact the poor girl may not enjoy being bombarded with questions. Of course, he didn't mean anything bad by it. Twas his nature after all, but he could still be overbearing without realizing it at times despite the genuine curiosity he displayed. Truly he could be an acquired taste as far as friends go from time to time.

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.