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How to read twenty books in a few hours?  Closed 

Everywhere has to have at least one library right?
That was Sophie's thought process as she hurried through the corridors, following the prefect's directions.
To be completely honest she wasn't expecting something as vast as what lay before her.
The air was dusty, though, it was the kind of dusty that you love, the dusty smell of the books intertwined with the thirst for knowledge in every essence of the word. Dim lighting, but not too dim. But it was the rows and rows of books that made her eyes gleam. Rushing through the corridor-like shelves felt like heaven, eyes scanning over the names of books, occasionally stopping to add one to the evergrowing pile of books she wished to read, only stopping when her arms could take no more, making sure they didn't obscure her vision too much.
She was close to the tables in the centre of the room, perfect. Dropping the books quietly and carefully was a problem, as the second they hit the table, they seemingly sprung to life, sliding this way and that, falling out of their neat stack.
Now she had to collect and stack up twenty or so books all over again, how bloody wonderful. All she wanted was to immerse herself in the stories held inside covers. Muggle classics, mythology, textbooks, Wizard classics, History books. There was no order in what interested her, just that if it piqued her interest, she would read it.
The whole process taking place, she felt eyes on her back, though brushing it off as nerves on her second day, she just picked up the first book, History Through The Ages. Wonderful.
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Sophie Amie Wallis