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Evelyn had had a wonderous morning, exploring the castle of Hogwarts, but now as she headed upwards, away from the Slytherin Common room she came across another wonderous location. The School Library. Evelyn had always loved books, reading as much as she could when she was younger, and so walking into this seemingly endless room filled with shelves upon shelves of hardcover and bound books, old and new.

She looked with delight up to the shelves, walking swiftly past the other students who were situated around the main area of the library, studying or simply enjoying the new day with a book or the company of others, a few students sat in groups talking or working on homework together. Evelyn decided to avoid all of this and headed into the maze of shelves. She wandered through the maze-like corridors, looking over the books, running her hand along the spines of the books before finding a nice blue bound leather book with 'The Tales Of Peter Rabbit' emblazoned on the front in bright green lettering.

Evelyn took the book from the shelf and found herself a table away from the others, curling up in the chair and opening to the first page.
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Have you read this one?  Closed 

Max sighed in relief as she felt her anxious gut untwist. The school library was nothing like she had ever seen; books had been floating in thin air and placed themselves on different shelves. That would probably be good, because each shelf was about five metres high. Students of each house could be seen either studying at the tables, or reading peacefully around a fireplace.

The first day was always overwhelming, Max knew that, but ever since the ever-moving staircases on the ground floor and the scary teachers walking around, she began doubting her faith in keeping alive. She had seen her dormmates, who seemed very nice. But after a long day, all she needed was a quiet afternoon reading over the new school books.

Taking a deep breath and hugging her pile of books tightly to her chest, Max descended down the corridors of the library. The other seats seemed taken (and by taken, she means there were three or four seats next to a student. And she wants to risk socialising with anyone.) She scanned throughout the library until her eyes rested on a dark secluded area with velvet chairs and a blazing fireplace at the far corner of the library. ‘That seems nice,’ Max thought to herself. As she walked there, she noticed that there was another person on one of the chairs, serenely reading a book. Max, however, didn’t feel bothered by her; She looked like she was entranced by the pages, so Max soundlessly sat down at one of the chairs and opened the first book she could grab.

'If the broom fits, fly it.'