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Thought I'd find you here  Closed 

"'Thought I'd find you here."

Emily flinched as she looked up from her textbook to see Richard pulling up a chair beside her. Flustered at the sudden encounter, she quickly stuttered out:

She nervously smiled. Why was he sitting beside her? Much more talking to her? Sure he was a talker but to talk to someone shy wasn't a usual thing.
"H-hi! What, what are you doing here?"

She knew him. Or perhaps she didn't. Who knows, really? As much as she didn't want to admit it, the chances of him attending Hogwarts were high. All his family members attended here after all. She was excited to meet him, to say the least, but as much as their personalities matched as good friends, she didn't want to bother him from his social life.

It was quite obvious that she was avoiding him, and in the library, she couldn't do anything. He knew her, 'Lashkhia' is quite a rare last name after all. After you start avoiding someone, you see, it gets awkward when you meet them.

Emily tilts her head a bit as she fidgets with her pen. She was in the comfort of her studies when this happened.

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.