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Thought I'd find you here  Closed 

Walking down the halls toward the library, Richard Flemming, an out-going, do-whatever-it-takes-whenever-I-feel-like-it guy was in deep thought.

It was in the train on the way to the school he first noticed. He shared a compartment with 3 others, one of them, a shy but extremely kind girl with glasses and a loose side ponytail. He'd seen her before, and Richard thinks he knows who it is's one of those few moments he doesn't want to step over the boundary.

When he was young, he was always the star (as he is now), and everyone enjoyed his presence. But other then school, there were rarely children he could have fun with. Of course, when he did, he had short but fun friendships. No one hated him, really, he was that humorous guy that always had that cheeky grin.

But being the fun guy, no one listened to his thoughts. Or rather, he didn't want to say them to keep up his reputation.

One day there was a business party that his parents were hosting. Wizards and witches from all over the world came to it. There were kids there, thank goodness. Though other than the infants, all the children were huddled in one corner. And like always, Richard stole the show. He told jokes and stories, and everyone liked him. Even to those who couldn't speak English fluently, he made sure they still had fun.

"Hold on,"
He exclaimed to his fellow kids.
"My house is quite large, as you can see, so let's play treasure hunt! Don't worry, I don't know what the place is. My father hid it after all!"
He exclaimed, pointing to the father's direction. Opening the wrinkled paper, everyone huddled around to see what they have to find.

It was a key. An odd looking one at that.

Whispering to each other, everyone dashed off to find the key, after all, there weren't many things more mysterious than a key.

Richard, not being the brightest, automatically connected 'mysterious' to 'library' for some reason. He smiled slightly, thinking he got the upper hand, but then soon sighed knowing how large the room was.

He entered the library, seeing shelf after shelf after shelf. He walked around, not loudly as he didn't want his competitors to hear something. As he got closer to the back, he noticed a lot of lights were turned on.


He peaked behind the shelf to see a girl around his age writing things down. She had lots of books open around her. At times, she'd look around frantically with fear in her eyes into the darkness of the library. When she turned to Richard. A short but high pitched scream came from her mouth as she fell from the chair.

"Oh my- are you alright miss?"
He said dashing towards her. Tears prickled her eyes as she was breathing heavily, trying to calm her shaking body. Seeing Richard in full view, she replied;

"N-no- I-I-I mean yes, I'm ok, I'm sorry, I'm r-really sorry I didn't mean to scream. You, you just scared m-me that's all. NOT that you're scar-!"

"Hey, hey, hey, calm down! Calm your self! My god I have never seen someone panic this much before!"
Richard exclaimed in amazement and worry.

The girl quickly scrambled up, her knees still shaking. Richard looked over to the table she was sitting at and his eyes widened.

"What. On. Earth. Is. That?"

Factor 9x+6y+8

"What the heck does 'x' mean? And what's 'sin'? What does sinning have to do with math? "

He looked back at the girl.
"Well anyways, I'm Richard Flemming, nice to meet you! Why are you out here? You don't seem like one to like the dark and creepy."
He said sitting down on a couch nearby. He then patted next to him. That's the first time he's had a serious conversation in a long time. And the first time somebody listened to his thoughts too.
End of Flashback

He looked around the large library of Hogwarts. Near the back, he sees a girl with her nose in textbooks and papers. Some of these things didn't seem like homework at all.

Richard said, sitting down beside her.

"'Thought I'd find you here."

Hey hey heyy

Thought I'd find you here  Closed 

"'Thought I'd find you here."

Emily flinched as she looked up from her textbook to see Richard pulling up a chair beside her. Flustered at the sudden encounter, she quickly stuttered out:

She nervously smiled. Why was he sitting beside her? Much more talking to her? Sure he was a talker but to talk to someone shy wasn't a usual thing.
"H-hi! What, what are you doing here?"

She knew him. Or perhaps she didn't. Who knows, really? As much as she didn't want to admit it, the chances of him attending Hogwarts were high. All his family members attended here after all. She was excited to meet him, to say the least, but as much as their personalities matched as good friends, she didn't want to bother him from his social life.

It was quite obvious that she was avoiding him, and in the library, she couldn't do anything. He knew her, 'Lashkhia' is quite a rare last name after all. After you start avoiding someone, you see, it gets awkward when you meet them.

Emily tilts her head a bit as she fidgets with her pen. She was in the comfort of her studies when this happened.

If I can’t make people happy by my own self, then I’ll reach they’re expectation. Because to reach other’s happiness is a sacrifice on one’s self.