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"I..." Khris' brow furrowed at Edric's question concerning the history of Harry Potter, hero of hero's and legendary student of Hogwarts. It was something he'd never considered really. The fact that The Harry Potter was still just a student no older than they while in the midst of all his acts of heroism. That he was just a first year when everything concerning The Dark Lord started brewing once more. It was an unusual feeling, knowing this information. One that had Khris chewing on his lower lip in contemplation, his eye's narrowing and fingers fiddling with the pages of the book held tight in his grasp.

"I think so." He breathed, his answer quiet amongst the shelves. It was a big statement to make concerning someone so affluent in their history. "It's true he was in Gryffindor and they are known for their bravery but I don't really think he knew he had it. The courage. It was like..." He let his words drift off, feet shuffling a bit in the aisle they'd paused in. It was like what he was trying to say earlier. That sometimes hero's don't even realize they're the hero until suddenly they are.

"It was like he never tried to save anyone or be a hero. He just was one, you know?" The kind of person who didn't think they could be or didn't even want to be the hero of the story. A shy grin was offered towards his newly found friend as he turned to continue down the rows. Harry Potter was the kind of person that gave kids like him, the shy ones and the ones who really weren't that heroic hope that they might have that same courage hidden in them, waiting just ready to emerge on the day it was needed. A comforting thought.

A few nuisance curls where pushed from his face and Khris took a steadying breath before grinning once more.

"And you never need to apologize for rambling." Khris' offered a cheerful smile over his shoulder, the last few steps taken towards the finally found shelf. The dust had been disturbed. He could see it, long stripes smoothing across the silver titles from where his fingers had trailed a few days prior. "I ramble all the time. My mum says it's a good thing and that it means you're excited about what you're saying but I'm not so sure." A bright -albeit still slightly awkward- giggle was offered, the books and the shelves supporting them seeming to hold their breath as the cheerful noise echoed in the silence. He flushed as his laughter bounced back but continued anyway, a short nod given in invitation for Edric to join him as he knelt, bony knees popping and long fingers reaching for the book they'd been searching for. "I think there's a difference between babbling and rambling. One's because of excitement and the other is because of nerves. Sometimes they combine into both though... That's mostly what I do."

The book slid from the shelf with a slight puff of dust motes and Khris wrinkled his nose at the sight. Really though... Why no one was reading these treasures was beyond him. The book wasn't too old, a small thing that was published about 50 years ago or so, a baby in the scheme of novels but with the layer of dust covering the title it looked far older and far more neglected than the more famous of the old wizarding books found nearer the front.

Khris slid his hand over the title carefully, the chalky letters turning bright as the dust was pushed away. "I'd like to read it together, if that's okay." He turned to meet Edric's eyes with a happy sort of grin and a nervous shrug of shoulders. It would be like having a friend. A good one. One that he could talk to regularly and about things that were just... good. Books, heroes, real ones and not, the hopes of perhaps being one someday. "Maybe once a week? We could read it separate or together or..." An embarrassed chuckle, another attempted push at his rebellious curls. "If you want we could read it aloud? I don't mind reading if you'd rather not, though I'm sure it would be lovely."

"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown

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Khris managed to put Edric's thoughts into words better than he could ever have. Harry Potter hadn't tried to be a hero, at least from what they knew. He'd just become one. He wondered if that was how all true heroes were made, from life and hardship. Maybe that was why Grffindors made such good heroes, because fighting for what they believed in was something they just did because it was the right thing to do - at least to them. That would explain somewhat why a Slytherins or Ravenclaws were never the heroes of stories: they argued and discussed. Did a Gryffindor just feel what justice was, then? The thought confused him too much and so he dropped it.

"Being a hero seems to be really hard, though," he added, rambling again more or less, but Khris didn't mind at all and started to talk about his own ramblings. It made Edric feel warm inside to know that the other boy was doing it as well. "I don't talk when I'm nervous," he admitted. "I'm not making much sense then, so that's babbling then? Rambling is when... I don't really know what to say. Or more how to say it. Saying what you feel can be hard."

His attention drifted towards the book Khris had pulled out of the shelf in front of them and he hurried to kneel down on the floor beside him, not wanting to stand there awkwardly and watch. "What is that book? Another fantasy story?" Amber eyes followed Khris' hands as they carefully cleaned the cover of the small book from dust.

"We can read it together, of course," he hurried to reassure the blonde Slytherin, returning his grin with a bright, sincere smile. Khris liked him! He wanted to read books with him! They could be friends! The idea created a bubble of happiness in his mind. "I'd really like that... but I don't know if I have a good reading voice, to be honest. But we can try! You could teach me!"

Edric's voice became a bit high in the end, his accent thick. He was excited at the prospect of going through a book with his new friend, of sharing the story between them. He didn't want Khris to get the impression that he wouldn't like it, even when he got a queasy feeling in his gut thinking about reading aloud to another person. It would be just him and Khris, anyway. He could do that!

"That which yields is not always weak."

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"Hmm? Oh!" Khris held out the book with a grin and a chuckle, his eyes meeting Edric's with a shy bob of his head. Silly of him that was. Here he'd been going on about heroes and their makings, the definition of babbling versus rambling, rambling on in his own right all while withholding the most important thing from his newly found friend.

The title and facts of this book.

It was on the smaller side, not overly weighty or daunting but with the air of a classic nonetheless. It's dustjacket, though obviously dusty and in need of attention was beautiful and proudly declared it's first addition status with it's artwork. Of course Hogwarts would have the first addition. His mum had raved about the old covers and the art printed upon them, upset at the newer and newer still released pictures they used for further printings. Looking down at the quilt like design and elegant simplicity of the book offered to Edric, Khris could see her fondness for this style.

But here he was getting distracted again.

"Sorry! Yes! You're right! It is a fantasy novel or adventure novel or whatever they actually are called. It has a hero and a bunch of make believe creatures and the muggle's version of magic and folk lore and everything! You know what I mean." He gave a knowing glance at his wizarding friend, slender shoulders popping up and down in a shrug as he chuckled. "Their idea of what magic is. Not magic magic but like... magic. I've not read this one but my mum has and we've actually a copy at home." Silver blue eyes scrunched as Khris' forehead furrowed in thought. "Well, not one that looks like this." He gave a tap to the books cover. "This is the one my mum wanted but we ended up buying a new copy cuz one of these would be much more difficult to find. But anyway!"

Khris giggled and shrugged again, his actions becoming more loose and carefree the longer he spoke with this lad. More cheerful and easy in the way all boys his age should be. "It's called The Book of Three. It's the first book in a series actually. A classic almost my mum used to call it."

They were planning on reading it this coming summer actually. The two of them discussing it a bit and teasing about their indecision. It was either this or The Hobbit and though Khris always looked forward to the chance to read with his mum...

A longing glance was cast towards the book trading hands.

This was a first addition after all. His mum would probably want him to read it, right? Would want him to take this opportunity to make a new friend and discuss the book that she loved so much? A hesitant smile was offered. Yeah... That was just like her actually. Always after him to find a friend, setting her own things aside if there was the possibility he could gain a bit of happiness. Mums were good like that. Or at least, he was lucky enough that his was.
"We can read it together, of course, I'd really like that... but I don't know if I have a good reading voice, to be honest. But we can try! You could teach me!"
A bright smile spread across Khris' face, his head lowering in mild embarrassment as he fiddled with runaway curls.

"I could, I suppose." His words were soft and almost fond as he met Edric's excited look. "There's not really anything to teach. You just kinda..." He gestured between them randomly, thin fingers flapping about. "Read. It just comes naturally I suppose. I dunno. My mum always read to me so I kind of picked it up from her. Oh! You have to do the voices though!" That was a very important part of reading and the words came out sounding as such, a finger outstretched so it was nearly touching Edric's chest. Not strict or harsh but... important. Voices were vital to a good reading. The twisted and crackly voice of an old woman versus the bold and smooth speech of a hero being made. It's what lent the book life as far as Khris was concerned and he felt his new friend should know as much.

Blond curls fell over his eyes as he leaned forward as if imparting a great secret.

"It's very important you do the voices." He whispered, his eyes darting to the book between them. "I can show you how to do them if you want, once we get to know the characters a bit. They all have them, their own voices. We just need to discover them is all."

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"Don't ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness." -Unknown