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Vivian walked around the enormous library. Unlike the halls of Hogwarts though she felt welcomed walking by the walls of books around her. She loved everything about it the smell, feel, sound, and even look of books. Of course the best of it all was definitely the stories that the books swept her into. Sometimes heart wrenching and sad, other times more magical than Vivian thinks she'll even have at Hogwarts. Walking along the edges of the shelves she read each of the titles some education and some looking to be actual fables and stories. As she went along the floors with only the sounds of soft foot steps and pages turning she was surprised at how old some of the books were, and yet how well they had kept up. She couldn't help but pick up one that she could only tell was old because of it's yellowed pages and the fact that it was in a language now dead for maybe over a hundred years. Placing it back into her place she grinned up the the stacks of shelves. Though seeming like a futile quest she now was determined to look through hopefully at least one third of the books in this library by the time she graduates.

Vivian was already making her scheduled for how she would make this happen. Of course she wanted them to be books that she liked so that would make it much easier to be able to breeze through them. There was also holidays which she would be staying at Hogwarts for most of them since her parents believed it too far to make her travel through. Especially when they took into account that she would have to travel alone due to her families filled work scheduled. This all would work out perfectly though.

With a confident smile Vivian walked the aisle's reading each of the names of the books softly mumbling the names out loud.
"Hollowing weep's, A guide to Catching the Untouchable, Potions & Muggle association. "

As she would list each of the names she would pluck the most interesting off the shelf. By the time she was done doing her quick sweep she had 5 books in her hands, and she was ready to devour each and every word of them. She had a free day and with few friends, and none who she kept frequent speech with she had the whole day to get through all of them. With probably the largest grin on her face that day than any other she plopped down into one of the wooden chairs and began indulging herself into the worlds of her books, as well as the words of each author.


Safe Space  Closed 

Emma roamed into the library, the essence of expired paper jamming her nostrils, looking for a book to read with her bag shouldered on her right. She wandered aisle to aisle before she found a girl accumulating books off the shelf as if the books were apples on an apple tree. She tilted her head sideways a bit and blinked, the girl couldn't possibly read all those books, at least not in a whole day. Emma stared down the aisle full of hardcover books, perhaps she could find a book to read in the meantime. As she walked down the same aisle, she fingered the books with the tips of coarse fingers. She observed a few books with eye-catching titles, but not in a good way. She cruised passed the alphabetically organized books: Charm Your Own Cheese, Enchanting in Baking, Flesh-Eating Trees of the World. Emma stopped after this. She contemplated at the books that she hadn't already explored on the opposing side of the library.

How could this library hold this many books, it seems almost impossible, maybe they've enchanted them? No that seems unlikely. Shut up. Emma debated back and forth with herself as she looked at the window that was most likely older than her. She grudgingly left her open and pushed the thought out of her head. Since this was such an immense library, there must have been a section all about the fascinating, but hazardous competition of Quidditch. As she walked to the next aisle, Emma touched the wooden spirals that almost resembled a lock of hair.

"Aha!" Emma mumbled softly to herself though excited. She had just found the exact book she had pictured in her mind. She swept off three books about Quidditch, Quidditch Teams of Britain and Ireland, Fantastic Flyers, and The Evolution of Quidditch. As she began to read, she wandered over to a nearby brown wooden table that looked like it hadn't been refined in years, maybe even decades. She kicked the chair, causing a loud squeak and sat down hoping no one had noticed the blunder she had just made.

~ Emmaline Louise Hill ~
"When nothing goes right, go left."
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If Dinah had been impressed with the amount of books she'd found in Flourish and Blotts, it was nothing compared to the feeling she got when she walked through the large wooden doors and into the Hogwarts library. The room stretched out for what looked like miles but was probably only a couple classroom lengths. All the way down was row after row of bookshelves that reached all the way to the ceilings, each holding thousands (or was it millions?) of books on their wooden shelves. The smell of the books hit Dinah's nose and she felt like she was inhaling some kind of drug. It made her head spin and she involuntarily grinned with happiness as she delved deeper into the room. 

It was deathly quiet but she could see other students scattered around the room. Some were clearly completing their school work as they scribbled on parchment after consulting the pile of books they had stacked in front of them. Others seemed to be just reading to pass the time. 

Dinah wondered where on earth she was going to start and ran a hand across the spines of some nearby books stacked into the shelves. There must have been works covering every topic known to man and she hoped she would be able to experience most of it before her time at Hogwarts was up. 
Trying not to feel daunted by the choice in front of her, she broke off from the main walkway and down one of the aisles. Dinah gazed up around her and attempted to read every title she passed but some appeared not to have titles and others were so faded you couldn't really make it out. 

It was useless. The only way she was ever going to end up choosing was by closing her eyes and picking at random; and that's exactly what she did. 
Dinah pinched her  eyes shut and reached out a hand till she felt the comforting feeling of a leather bound book touch her hand. She closed her hand round the thick book and pulled it from the shelf, into her awaiting arms. She read the title eagerly.
'Dragons:All You Need to Know'
Perfect. Dinah headed back down the aisle, her hands already flicking nervously past the front cover to the inside of the book. Who didn't want to read about the wonder of dragons? 

She took a seat by one of the large windows that looked out onto the grounds and set the book down in her lap, allowing herself to become completely immersed. She had just become intrigued by the first chapter (Introduction to Dragons) when a loud creaking from somewhere to her left made her jump in her seat, the book falling from her lap and onto the floor with a loud thump. With a  sharp frown on her face she reached down to grab the book from the floor and glanced around to find the culprit of the noise.

- D.Dragensail
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The library was large, but Evie knew she would like it here. She walked over to a window seat and picked up a leather book, it was rather large, and with gold letters on the binding. Evie read the title to herself, "Quidditch Through the Ages," That sounded like an interesting read, even if first years weren't allowed a broomstick. Evie like the quiet library in the mornings, so she often woke up early to come here. The library was a large room full of books, books Eve could read to her hearts content. She continued reading, as the sport Quidditch was very interesting. Evie had come from a family of muggles, which meant she had no idea magic existed. Which must have made it easier to wait on her letter, rather than knowing you have a chance of receiving one, and waiting and waiting. Evie wondered if she would ever play Quidditch. It seemed kind of unlikely, and up until now, she hadn't even known about it. It wasn't surprising though, that Evie now wanted to play. She had played soccer in her hometown, but soccer was nothing like this. Eve was getting tired of reading now, and started to put the book away, and pack up.

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