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It's a Stretch  PV Sophie Murphy   Closed 

The beauty and silence of the Library was magnificent. The everlasting shelves, the everlasting books. Everything made the Library perfect in every single way. However, the Library just didn't seem perfect today. 

But, what made it so imperfect?

It couldn't be the ruckus some of the older years were making, it couldn't be that the librarian was hushing them and forcing them out, he didn't like noise anyway, and no, it couldn't be the fact that some first year Hufflepuff had fell, and Sophie, just happened to see it.

Definitely not.

Or perhaps it was that, perhaps Sophie just had to run over, instead of barricading herself into a nice long book and curl up until curfew, she had to just be so naïve and kind and just had to run over. Perhaps Sophie herself should've been in Hufflepuff.

"Oh Merlin! Are you okay?"

Sophie had always loved helping people, after all, it had been in the nature of a Murphy to be rude, bossy, stubborn, and all of the above, but also be very kind and forgiving. Naïve, as most people would say, and Sophie, would most likely agree with them.

She always knew she was naïve and kind and forgiving, but when other people seemed to have noticed and pointed it out, it seemed to make the young Gryffindor girl disappear, feel, weak. Something she hated. Having no power or control over a situation. Something she would've died before feeling.

However, she needed to help this girl, naïve or not, it must've felt bad to have fallen for a book. (Though Sophie would've easily done the same)

She extended her left arm, and helped pull the girl off the ground.

"Are you okay? I'm Sophie by the way, Sophie Murphy." 

Goodbye lovelies!