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It felt strange to say out loud, to watch someone else's confusion at her situation. Wasn't the boy similar in regards to his backstory? Why was her dramatic removal from the flat so shocking to a boy who talked about fearing food? How strange the world was. Eris's hand reached up to scratch the top of her head, a befuddled expression crossing her features. Maybe she had said too much, or maybe too little. The lack, or over abundance of words, made her want to clear up the topic even more. This boy was trustworthy. November seemed to be the kind of person who wouldn't expose Eris, or laugh at her. He might even understand what it was like to be abandoned for something you couldn't control. Maybe.

Eris's hand dropped back to her side, and the girl shrugged her shoulders once, to break whatever tension Eris felt coiled in her muscles."Well, my mum gave me a key to her vault at Gring-gringots?. Not really gave it, kind of just chucked it at me. My sister gave me a jacket, and uh, that's all I had time to get. You see, my mum kicked me out because I was a witch. Not exactly something I could control, but my mum didn't care. Threw me out, claiming some crazy stuff about her horrible wizard family, and how I didn't deserve to be in her house. My sister and her moved out, later, apparently, but I ended up living on the streets. Wasn't that bad, just cold, I guess."

Now that her backstory was explained, Eris felt lighter, and more able to deal with the conversation at hand. At least, the lighter aspects of the conversation, such as books! Oh, how she had missed books. There was nothing more beautiful than the sound of a turning page, and the feeling of losing yourself in a world that could change everything, could make you seem better as a person, could inspire, hurt, and build. Every single page was different, every story was different, and Eris adored reading. It was wonderful to find someone else who loved to read, and someone else who had a past that was horrendous enough that escaping through the pages of a book was one of the only things they could do. But, at least for Eris, the escape of books had turned into a lovely place, not just one she could hide from the world in.

November offered her help in the form of another boy, and his own help, and Eris's face broke into a wistful smile. It felt nice to be included, and even nicer to have a friend--however new and strange November might of been. "Oh, that would be wonderful! I mean, I have some things. This girl named Amelia gave me a knife, I have my school stuff, obviously," Eris tugged on the oversized robes for emphasis. "just, nothing else, really. I don't have money to pay you, or Green with." Eris added as an afterthought. She hadn't quite figured out how to use her mother's key. When the wizard guide and Eris had went to the bank, there had been no vault under Jane Elcan.

Thoughts of money forgotten, the smile on Eris's face only grew, as November offered a book of his own choosing. "Oh! It sounds amazing. Who cares if he's handsome or whatever, at least that means he doesn't have cooties."

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