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Quiet Library Studies  PV Dymphna Teague   Closed 

It was normal to find her here on a quiet Saturday morning. She was hunched over the table, leaning on one arm as she wrote with the other. Before her, the first year potions book Magical Drafts and Potions lay open next to the journal she was writing in. The table she had chosen was set off to the side of the room, right in the path of a shaft of light that warmed her skin. All around, she could hear the rustling of pages as books were magically shuffled from place to play, and students turned pages working on their homework. Surrounded by the scent of old books and ink, it was a peaceful quiet that relaxed her and helped her focus.

Piper set her quill down and stretched her arms above her head, locking her fingers together as she did. It had been quite a while since she had sat down and claimed this table today, and her body was a little stiff from sitting. She titled her head back and felt the bun on top of head shift around. The only downside to having long hair was that it was heavy when it pulled back. Looking down at her journal, she compared the notes she'd written before leaning on the table once more and turning to the next page. If she was going to be as good as her mother with potions, she'd have to study as much as possible.

Her mind started wandering slightly as she continued reading through her book, and she began to feel a little drowsy. The library had the perfect atmosphere for a cat nap, though Piper couldn't imagine the librarian would allow that. She shrugged her shoulders and focused on her book again. Sleeping Draught, deep sleep but only temporary. Should be dark purple in colour once brewed. Ingredients include: flobberworm mucus, lavender, valerian sprigs, and standard ingredient herbs. Piper skimmed through the directions for the potion, making a few more notes on the page. She was so engrossed in her writing that didn't even hear it when someone else walked up to her table.