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The Top Shelf  closed 

(this role-play is about a mysterious book that seems to follow certain kids around and shows them exactly what they need, there can be more then one and don't copy other peoples ideas)
Arebella Olivera said:
Amalia walked into the library hoping to find a good book to read, especially one about dragons. she made her through the library and found a section about mythical animals. Amalia slowly walked down the dark bookshelf tracing her fingers along the spine of the books as she walked. halfway down the bookshelf Amalia saw something glowing out of the corner of her eye. looking up she saw a book faintly glowing a few shelves above her head. "wingardium leviosa!" Amalia whipped and the book floated down to her. she dusted off the cover, and opened up the book but the pages were blank. Amalia was disappointed because she was looking for some information about dragons. the book seemed to sense that she wanted some information about dragons, for the pages began to fill up with sketches and paragraphs of dragons. Utterly shocked Amalia dropped the book, but before touching the ground it floated back up to Amalia's hands. Amalia opened the book again and this time thought about an upcoming test. the pages, again, filled up with information about the topic, this time a list of incantations to study for charms.

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. Always smile.

The Top Shelf  closed 

Arebella watched the girl with the sparkling blue eyes looking for a book. Arebella had just returned from a pleasant talk in the mess hall and decided to take out a book in the library about charms considering there upcoming quiz. Arebella blinked ferociously when she saw the book fly. Of the course the girl did do the wingardium leviosa spell but that doesn't work for that long. Arebella inched closer to the girl and saw as the pages filled with charms notes. She scrunched her eyebrows. Although Arebella grew up in a household where magic was used often she still wasn't steady on the whole enchanted books concept.

Arebella scanned the book for a name but it was only just a leathery cover. She looked around for another copy but couldn't find one. She sighed and looked back at the girl. Arebella hesitated before asking her. "What book is that? Sorry to interupt, I'm Arebella Oliviera." She greated and asked hoping to maybe make a friend or study partner in this proccess. She smiled smally. Arebella guessed the girl has heard of her family if she is a pireblood and maybe a halfblood. Even though her father is just a shop owner her mother is very involved in the ministry being co-head of the mystery team.