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Consult the Books  PV Midas Jones   Closed 

Roma had been quite confounded by the Defence Against the Dark Arts homework, so she'd come down to the library to look for something on it. "Hmm... No... something on X-ratings..." She squints at the long row of dusty books. It seemed as though not many people came down to the library, instead choosing to purchase new books from Flourish and Blotts. She stares at the piece of parchment in her hand on which she'd hastily written down the questions for their homework before, and groans. She'd left her book somewhere or another, and she hadn't been able to find it in her dorm, though it was probably there in plain sight. She ran her fingers across the titles of the books. It was very tempting to just pull some of them out and start reading, just about everything in the wizarding world seemed so interesting, but she came here for one thing, and she was determined to finish it.

She reaches the end of the shelf and starts on the row of books above the one she'd been looking at. She has to stand on her tip-toes at this point, the shelf being higher than her, and she curses silently at her small stature. Eventually, she reaches the end of that row too.

Grumbling, Roma decides to just walk around a little, and see if she can find what she needed. Perhaps the author she'd been thinking of had been that of another book. Maybe she could ask another person for help. Rounding the corner of a shelf, she stares at the lines of books, hoping to recognise a title.

Because we all have those little twinkles and those little twinkles are all important and beautiful and without even one the sky just wouldn't be the same.