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Hogwarts, A Mistery  Solo   Fin 

Alan just got the owl this morning, while he was seated next to another first year and eating some scrambled egg with a delicious yellow colour and fresh green herbs. He didn't expected one in that morning, so he had put his fork aside with a nearly inaudible sound and took the letter with a Hogwart emblem from the owl in exchange for one of the - at least for owls - delicious owl crackers. The owl hurried to ate it, sending crumbles flying out of its small but sharp beak and after giving him a last look, it flew away with spread wings. Alan just took a few seconds to look after the beautiful sand brown owl with white markings at its neck, before he turned his full attention to the letter still in his hands. With one swift movement he had opened it, getting curious looks from the black haired boy seated next to him, with freckles around the nose.

His eyes widened as he read the sentences written on the pergament word by word, sentence by sentence. He couldn't believe the words his Head of House were telling him as he hold the thin parchment with his pale and small fingers. He just stared at the words and let his gaze travel down to the official sign and stamp of approval. He was in the team. He actually got into the team of writers! - Alone thinking back to this moment let excitement wash through his veins as he pulled out a book from the shelves, which he took to an empty space. It was afternoon by now and he still had to do his homework and a first brainstorm about what he wanted to write about.

"The world can only be as beautifuly as you let it be."