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A Bodacious Bookworm  PV   Closed 

PV Eri Windstone

Amadea loved the library. Between classes, taking walks, and studying, she still managed to find time to sit in between the stacks and read books. She loved the smell of the library, she loved the sounds of the library, and she especially loved reading in the comfortable chairs in the library. 

Even though she'd only been at school for a little while, she'd probably read herself through a good portion of the stacks by now. Today, she ran her fingers along the spine of the books, wondering what she should read. Should she read a nonfiction book or a story? 

She decided on a nonfiction book, grabbing one at random and heading over to a table not occupied by any students and cracked it open. She tried to get into the book, reading the preface and the introduction, but she simply didn't feel into the book. She wondered why. She never had this restless feeling. Books were supposed to calm her and take her away from her thoughts. Instead, she felt distracted by them. 

She stood up again, not sure where she was headed, but headed somewhere, nevertheless. She returned the book to the stacks, and reached into her bag for a quill. If she couldn't read something, maybe she could write something. As she headed back to the table, she realized a student was sitting there. Startled, she made her way over slowly, wondering if she should approach or just find another table. She decided to go back to the table, since she was so close. 

She pulled out a chair and sat down diagonally from the other girl. "Hi," she said hesitantly. "I hope it's okay if I sit here." Amadea hoped she wasn't bothering the other girl. Hopefully, she wouldn't mind the company. If she did, Amadea supposed, she would just have to go find another place to sit. 
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