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A Plan For Trouble  PV Charlotte Bailey   Closed 

Lorelai sat in a chair staring at her unfinished DADA homework. She had intended to get her homework done at the library as it was one of the more quiet parts of the school, and had plenty of resources for information if she got stuck at any point. She knew it needed to be done soon but the thought of staring at this piece of parchment for a second longer made her want to vomit. Sighing, she collected all her things and stood up from the chair. She stuffed all her work into her robes and decided to find something interesting to read. She'd do the homework later, maybe with the help of a dorm mate or something. She silently scolded herself for not really living up to her pledge to a good student this year, but that didn't stop her from browsing the shelves of the library.

She ran her fingers along the spines of the books as she walked by, scanning the titles for something at interested her. Her eyes stopped at a book about dragons. It intrigued her, so she wedged it out from the tight position it had in-between other shelved books. She brought it over to another table at sat down, opening the thick book to the first page. She hadn't even gotten through the first page when she heard someone sit down next to her. Lorelai jumped in her seat a bit. She really shouldn't have been startled, however, as the library was quite busy, a faint jumble of speech being heard in the background. She looked up to see a girl sitting next to her.

"Hello?"She said, closing her book. It wasn't like Lorelai wouldn't be able to find her spot again. "Er-Can I help you?"She said awkwardly, scratching the back of her neck. Her charisma left something to be desired, and she didn't really know how she was supposed to talk to this girl. So she just awaited an answer, biting the inside of her cheek.

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