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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

Gabriel was in the Library, looking for a book about phoenixes. After all, it was his Family Crest / Animal... He crept through past the section on Dragon Care, but then slinked back because he had heard someone talking about one of his favorite subjects, Transfiguration, and to be even more gleefuly precise, human Transfiguration.
“I heard human transfiguration is really advanced, you must be pretty smart. What kind of animal do you think you’d want t’ turn into?”

Gabriel jumped and barely managed to land softly before he ran out from between the shelves and said:“You are talking about Animagi, I presume? I love the idea of becoming and Animagus, and I would love to be an animal or even better a magical creature capable of flight. Oh and I’m sorry that I barged into this conversation...” he said, only slowing down enough to catch his breath and then he continued.

“I heard of a spell, ‘Expecto Patronum’, which if the caster manages a corporal patronus, then their Animagus form is usually the same creature. I for one am excited to try out this spell and learn of my preferred inner animal... and by the way, I’m Gabriel. Gabriel Mattix.” Gabriel said, beaming with joy and fully excited to continue forwards along this topic.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

  Howie was deeply involved in the book he was reading. It was a book about all of the magical creatures that existed in the wizarding world. “How do they keep all of these creatures hidden?! Well, Magic, duh!” He thought to himself. He hadn’t started classes yet, so he was filling his free time in the library. Being muggleborn, Howie had so much to learn about the magical world, so he figured the library was his best bet. He had always been a bookworm, enjoying almost any book. 
  Howie looked up from the book as he heard a group of student talking nearby. He recognized the two witches from the Hufflepuff Common Room, but had never been introduced, and there was a young wizard he had never seen before. They had made their introductions and he overheard them talking about Transfiguration and a spell called “Expecto  Patronum.” 
  He could hardly believe what he was hearing. “What! We can turn ourselves into animals! That’s amazing!” He thought. His curiosity got the best of him, he had to know more! Rising up from the table, he made his way over to the group. “Um... sorry, I don’t mean to interrupt, and I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but overhear. Witches and wizards can transform into animals? I haven’t read that yet! I’m muggleborn, so all of this is pretty new to me. Oh! Where’s my manners. I’m Howie!” He smiled at the group.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

Frost was sitting at one of the desks in the library trying to study a little more for her classes. She knew she wasn't the smartest, nor was she one with a large attention span. Losing concentration, Frost stares blankly into the room. 

She wonders how many books are here and how long it took to obtain it all. 

She hears quiet murmurs behind the bookshelf in front of her. She looks at the bookshelf, puzzled. 

Maybe she should join in on the conversation. After all, she didn't have a friend here yet. 

Shrugging, she walks closer to the bookshelf. She twists her part of her robes in her fingertips, which seems to be a new habit of hers.
"Expecto Patronum"
What? Isn't that the transfiguration spell for turning into your patronus?

Frost spreads two sides of books apart with her hands to create a space for her to peek through,  revealing two boys and two girls.

She pokes her head slightly into the small cleared out area she made.

"Hey! Sorry if I'm interrupting, but I overheard something about Expecto Patronum, y'know like the animal spell thingy."

If they didn't know about my lack of knowledge, they sure did now. That sentence sounded so stupid. 

"Oh. I'm sorry if I sound like I'm an airhead. It may seem like I am because of my previous sentence and the way entered the conversation. But I'm Frost Cira!"

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

  As Howie asked his question to the small group, he heard someone else approaching. Looking over his shoulder he saw another young Hufflepuff coming their way. She looked familiar, he had definitely seen her in the common room, or maybe it was at the Hufflepuff table in the Great Hall, he couldn’t remember. Howie recognized her reddish brown hair, and the freckles that splashed across her face. Right! She was that little prankster, he remembered, always a playful trick up her sleeve.
  As she came to stand in front of the group she went on to ask about the ‘expecto patronum’ thingy the others were going on about. “Ah! I see it must be a spell that turns you into an animal patronus?” Howie wondered to himself as she asked her question. She immediate seemed to doubt herself though, and apologized for being an airhead. Well, Howie didn’t think she was being airheaded, he had no clue what they were on about either.
It was a huge relief to finally meet someone that didn’t already no everything about magic!
  “Hey Frost! I’m Howie, and you ain’t no airhead, I was just asking everyone about Transfiguration and whatever a patronus is too!” He stuck a hand out to her, a shy smile on his face, happy to finally be meeting new people.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

Verla walked in fixing the sash on her bag on her shoulder. She hugged her books. She hadn't been in here since she had snuck into the restricted section, so she didn't feel comfortable in the library. She saw other people there, and with a sad face, immediately went to the fiction section of the library, she could finally catch up on her reading at least. It wasn't like she was banned from the library, though she knew she'd be on watch most of the time. 

She began to dig around for a spell after picking out some fiction books. She wanted to know more on the spell she had heard of. She knew who created, and what their identity in the school was, but she wanted to know why he created it, and what it was actually supposed to be for, its purpose. 

Verla hoped they wouldn't try to make contact with her, but she got her parchment ready since her anxiety was bad and she didn't feel like speaking to strangers. She was nervous, very nervous, and she began to show signs of an anxiety attack, she felt like the shelves were going to topple onto her, she needed to get out of there.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

Frost's attention turned to a Hufflepuff boy who spoke up and greeted her.

“Hey Frost! I’m Howie, and you ain’t no airhead, I was just asking everyone about Transfiguration and whatever a patronus is too!”

Frost couldn't get the thought out of her head. She recognized him from somewhere. 

Howie. Howie?

Ah yes, Howie, the dark-haired boy she had sat next to in the great hall! She had felt bad when he had run into the table. She couldn't help but snicker. She shouldn't bring it up. That would be rude.

Had he noticed her when she sat down? Did he recognize her? Even if he didn't that would be fine with her.

She smiles and takes Howie's hand, shaking it politely.

"Nice to meet you, Howie. I was only joking when I called myself an airhead, although sometimes I do get a little brain-dead every now and then. But thank you anyways."

In the corner of her eye, Frost could see movement. She snapped her head to the side and saw a girl scampering away.

Maybe she didn't want to talk and bothering her would be rude. So for now, maybe she should just stay put and continue the rest of her conversation with the new people she has just met. 

She turns her attention back to Howie and the rest of the group. She twists her robe in her fingertips.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

  Howie smiled back at Frost, releasing her hand from the welcoming shake. He took a step back and  sat on the end of the table that the group of students had gathered around. He had grown quite fond of this ancient library. The smell of the ancient books reminded him of his mother’s library back home, and made him feel very comfortable. He would definitely be spending a lot of time exploring the seemingly endless rows of text over the next seven years.
  “Anytime mate.” He responded to her as she thanked him. He saw her eyes dart across the library. Following her gaze he saw a very worried young witch running out of the room. It worried him about how upset she looked, wondering to himself if he should run after her to see if she was okay. He slightly recognized her from the common room, a fellow Hufflepuff. Deciding to follow Frost’s lead, he let it go, she probably just needed some space.
  Howie turned back to Frost as she twiddled away at her robes. “Didn’t I sit next to you the other day in the Great Hall, ya know, right after I tried to take out the whole table.” He asked her, deciding to make light of his blunder. He was clumsy, something like that was bound to happen again, might as well get a laugh out of it.

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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

“Didn’t I sit next to you the other day in the Great Hall, ya know, right after I tried to take out the whole table.”

Oh no. Hopefully, he didn't notice her snicker when she saw him collide with the table. Honestly, she didn't even know if he remembered her sitting in between him and Olympia. 

I guess even if he knew it would be alright, he should be letting it go and laugh it off, not sulking. That's what Frost would have done. 

"Oh, yes. That was me! I sat between you and Olympia! And don't worry about little mishaps like that! Just laugh it off. That's what I would do. It's not good to sulk or think about it all the time. You can't do anything about it now, y'know." 

Hopefully, Howie didn't feel bad about it. 

He seemed to like the library. She could see him gaze all around the huge room in awe. I mean, who wouldn't? With the rows of books that go on forever, all the history stored within and all the adventures you could go on in your brain. Even Frost, who wasn't really a bookworm, loved the library.

She twiddles with her robes once more, smiling. 

"I can tell you like the library, Howie. Tell me, of the places you've explored here, if you have explored, what is your favorite room and why?"

She beamed at Howie. Maybe they could become friends?

And her heart was the best part, it would always calm the storm for those scared of a little rain.
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Finally... (Open to Anyone!)  Closed 

  Howie laughed at himself, remembering the scene. He had saw Frost giggling as he hopped around after crashing his knee into the table. He didn’t mind though, he was laughing at himself now, who could blame her.
  “Yeah I know, I’ve always been such a klutz my whole life, it used to embarrass me, but now it’s just funny. I’ll grow into these limbs one day!” Howie was tall for his age and hadn’t quite grown into his long arms and legs, which always made him a bit akward. He smiled down at Frost, giving her a wink. “And I totally saw you laughing at me. Busted!” He jokes with her, laughing at himself some more.
  “Oh yeah, I love the library, it’s massive compared to my muggle school back home. I’ve never seen so many books in my life! I’ll do my best to read them all, but I’ll barely make a dent.” He said with a smile as he returned her gaze. Howie was genuinely happy, feeling like he was making his first real friend at Hogwarts. 
  “I haven’t been around to too many places yet. I’ve been to the Great Hall and explored some of the corridors, but that’s it really besides here in the library. I haven’t even been outside to explore the grounds yet. There’s just so much to see. I got completely lost the other day and just hung out with all the portraits. Took me ages to get back to the common room. What about you? I’m sure you’ve seen loads more than me, where should I explore next?”

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