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Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

Quinn peered just inside the library doors curiously, her green eyes scanning the large room filled with books. There were a few others scattered here and therr, most of them buried in their own books and business without sparing her a glance. She preferred being alone but everyone seemed occupied enough that she wasn't bothered by them. 

Finding a seat overlooking the window and the outside view, she settled her chin on her arms and sighed deeply. Quinn missed her father and her muggle friends back home. She would miss the sleepovers her and Amy would have back in grade school, Sunday sundaes with her father, the familiarity of muggle london... She shook her head, momentarily burying her face within her robed arms.

You chose this life. You got to choose your path as either a muggle or a witch-you chose to be a witch. 

The reminder didn't put her at ease and her mind wandered back to the days when her mother had been alive and healthy. It had been three years since the death of her mother and she pulled out a quill and piece of parchment to write:

Dear Mum,

I miss you.

I know you can't read this but I needed someone to write to. Dad still doesn't like owl post so I try not to write to him too often... he misses you too. I'l bet even more now that I'm away at school.

Are you proud of me? I know I'm not a Slytherin like you were, but the other Ravenclaw students are nice even if I don't feel like I belong with them either. 

I think I've decided what I want to study for. I'm going to be a Mediwizard and save people like you. I'm going to study hard here for seven years so there aren't more girls like me writing to mothers who will never read their letters.


Your Loving Daughter

She stared down at the letter, a piece of her feeling a strong wave of raw pain and emotional but she held it back and ignored it. She had not cried once since her mother's deah and she certainly wouldn't start here in the school's library.
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Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

Aurelia ran her fingers along the books that were places neatly on a shelf. She had read almost all the shakespeare's books that she could find and now she was looking for something but. She wanted to learn more about magic and other spells, but she knew they were all placed on shelves of the restricted section. She ambled to take a look. There was a signed that screamed," Restricted!" near the shelves. Then a dusty black book lying on the ground caught her eye. It laid right beside the left of the sign. She bent down and picked it up gently, careful not to tear its delicate pages. The leather cover was already peeling. These books were probably older than her Great grand father who had long ago passed on.

A corner of her lip lifted up into a smirk. It probably had fallen from the restricted section, or someone might have slip's from it's last reader's grip. However, the book wasn't in the restricted range, which meant it could be read. She knew she might get reprimanded by the librarian if she saw her with the book, so she went to find a secluded spot where she could read without the old woman staring daggers at her.

She lingered down the row of seats, she finally found an empty chair at a corner, beside was a girl with ginger hair, Aurelia didn't think she'd mind her presence. She pulled the chair away from the table so she could seat.

"Moste Potente Potions," She mumbled under her breath. She didn't know what the title meant, it was probably French. She flipped the cover over.

Finding An Escape  Abandoned 


It was a single word but what she needed to calm herself and focus her mind. She was here now and she would become the best Mediwizard every trained in London. Should I go find a book to research what I need to be good at? Quinn wondered to herself but was brought out of her reverie as she felt someone brush past her.

Quinn quickly folded up her paper and hid it in the folds of her robes, watching as a girl with tawny hair took the seat beside her, slightly shocked by the sudden motion. Glancing at the book, Moste Potente Potions, her eyes wandered back up to the blue ones taking the words in hungrily.

She remembered finding a copy of that book in the attic while rifling through some of her mother's old books and objects. It was far beyond her capabilities as a first year and unless the other student was older than she looked, somehow Quinn doubted she was advanced enough for that. 

"Are you interested in potions?" She wondered if maybe some witches and wizards grew up brewing potions or something, wouldn't that give them a head start? That would have been nice.

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Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

Are you interested in potions?
The girl asked. Aurelia lifted her head slightly. The girl had a head of fiery red hair and freckles dusted on the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She pursed her lips together, contemplating wether she should engage in further conversation. The book was taken from the restricted section and the girl could call a the librarian over at any possible moment. The girl's features were petite, young and naive, Aurelia convinced herself that she was probably a first year and shouldn't know where book was categorised under.

She her head chin dipped lightly, a subtle nod which answered her vague question.
"Yes, potions, its my favourite class." She replied. Her fingers flipped the crispy page gently, if she were to pull with a slight force, the page would surely come free of its spine. On the page, was a beautiful sketch of a red vail, almost as light as the colour on the girl's head.

"Forgetfulness potion." She read. She turned to the girl.
"You're a first year aren't you? You would probably know this potion." Her finger brushed along its fading text. The book must have had lost some of its colour during its many years on the shelves.

"As it's name states, it causes the consumer a lose of memory. Terrible isn't it?" Her head shook disapprovingly as she spoke.

Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

Quinn nodded in agreement, her red curls bouncing in front of her face. Sweeping the loose strands back behind her ear once again, she glanced at the cover once again. Truthfully, she had already read that entire book even if it had passed completely over her head in terms of knowledge.

"That book has a recipe for polyjuice potion as well, I thought it was particularly interesting. It even requires powered bicorn hair. That's in chapter two." The words practically fell out of her mouth before she blushed, bringing her sleeve up to cover her mouth as a faint blush spread across her cheeks.

"Are you looking for a particular brew?" She lowered her sleeve and hid her hands in her robes once again while trying to pretend as if that wasn't an extremely embarrassing moment of hers. Was this why the sorting hat had placed her in Slytherin? For reading a lot of books? Quinn still found herself disappointed by her house.

"Oh, and I"m Quinn by the way. Quinn Finite. First-year Ravenclaw." Her brain was jumping all over the place, especially once she realized they hadn't yet been introduced to one another. Not only that, but the first year felt curious about the other girl who sat next to her and who she was.

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Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

The girl merely nodded when Aurelia told her about the potion. It was strange, most would have much entertaining reactions when the told them. Perhaps she had already learnt it in potionology.
That book has a recipe for polyjuice potion as well, I thought it was particularly interesting. It even requires powered bicorn hair. That's in chapter two.
The said. She them looked down embarrassed.

Aurelia's mouth dropped agape. She couldn't possibly have read this before, it was taken from the restricted section, at least it was found near the restricted section, she wasn't sure if it actually belong in one of the shelves.

"You've read this before?" She asked, her eyebrows raising.

Are you looking for a particular brew?The girl asked. She wasn't looking to stir up any potion, although it might be interesting if she did and used it on someone, i could get her in trouble though. But the potion professor had already taught her how to make a few in class, it wouldn't hurt to test it out.
Oh, and I"m Quinn by the way. Quinn Finite. First-year Ravenclaw.
The girl introduced herself.

"Aurelia Bezuidenhout. First year Gryff." She gave Quinn a warm smile. She shifted her seat so it faced her.

"Do you know how to brew the potions?" She whispered.

Finding An Escape  Abandoned 

She returned the girl's grin with a small friendly smile herself, but it quickly fell into a nervous grimace. She didn't want to seem like a know-it-all or to brag about talents and abilities that she did not possess. 

"Well..." her green eyes shifted away as she fidgeted nervously for a few moments. "...No, I don't. I have, however, read that entire book. I found it in my mum's things while I was going through them last year and thought it seemed interesting. She had huge stacks of books that I've been making my way through, many of which were old and had a lot of crazy advanced potions and spells. I never tried though." In all honesty, it was that collection of books that told her about the wizarding world that made her decide that she did, in fact, want to attend Hogwarts and pursue magic instead of living in the muggle world and essentially spending her life there.

"I feel like we would probably get in trouble if we even tried to brew any of those without Professor Ethel's permission or a professor's supervision. Especially since we are first years. Is there some kind of potions club or something?" Honestly potions wasn't the most interesting topic for the young redhead, but not the worst either.

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