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The Forbidden Dare  Closed 

As Roxanna pushed open the creaking, ancient double doors to the Library of Hogwarts, a rush of gusty wind blew through her.
Woah... she thought, as she brushed the dust off of her skirts. She became overwhelmed at the choices of books that stampeded the corridors. Musty air filled her nostrils as she admire this ancient site. For a book nerd like Roxanna, it was like a heaven filled with insatiable knowledge. Smiling secretly to herself, she examined in awe, the endless wonders of Care of Magical Creatures.
Ah, there it is! she thought, as she snatched an ancient leather-bound book. This was it, she was going to be able to care Mochi, her knarl pet that she had found out in the gardens. Roxanna was completely lost in the book when, she felt a tap on her shoulder. A second tap. A third.
Then, "Excuse me, young lady. Young lady!" At that, Roxanna jolted in surprise. It was one of the library assistants, an elf.
"As you can see, it is 6:00 p.m., so if I may so politely ask you to leave, for the library is going to be closed." When Roxanna didn't believe the house elf, she stared in amazement when she glanced at the grandfather clock right next to her. 6:00 o'clock, impossible! She had been here 4 hours ago?! Even worse, she realized that she had come here looking for divination books to end up spending four hours reading for the treatment of knarls.
"Please, Mr. Elf, I just need to--" she began.
"No, I'm sorry, miss, but it's the order of the Master that no more books are to be checked out after 6." Well, that left her choiceless, she could do nothing other than hide in the grounds of the Library until all the staffs have left. Nodding, she pretended to walk towards the Library door exit, but glancing back, no one was looking at her anymore. Roxanna casually turned around, she knew she had to think fast and hide somewhere. Noticing in the corner of the library, a pile of neatly stacked books taller than herself laid there perfectly, as if waiting for someone to hide there.
When midnight came, the last staff to leave closed the door to the library and turned the lights off. Coming out of her hiding place, she murmurred to herself, "Now, where are the divination books?" she wondered. Suddenly, she felt a light tap to her shoulder, and her face paled.
"Hey!" It was another student.

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The Forbidden Dare  Closed 

'Hey' Ve whisper quietly, "got locked in, or hiding." Her eyes darted around the area. She had Bates scouting the area so her wasn't here at the moment. She Had come here at 5:30, and fell asleep reading a book. She slowly stood up and silently walked to a book shelf in a crouched position. After looking around she made a motion with her hand for the other girl to follow. weaving around the book shelf and stacks of books, she got back to the main area. Doing a quick sweep, she stood up confferming that none was here, or around.

She flipped on the lights and made her way over the seating area, and contiued to read the book she was before, Bates soon flew down on to her shoulder. She pet him slowly, lost in her book. The Book was on the mythical birds of the world. She continued to flip through the pages as she let her hand travel to where she was holding the spine of the book, making it easier for her to flip through the pages. She felt Bates take off from her shoulder and fly around making sure no teachers or people like that enter the large room. Her eyes scanning the pages for any valable info, the these creatures as She allowed the mind to wonder for a bit.

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