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Waking The Grinch  PV Bellamy   Closed 

Guess what? Delilah is heading to the library again. Wow, what a surprise. The young Ravenclaw spent a large amount of her time there, and the rest of it was spent at the lake, with a book or a friend, sometimes both. She half-skipped along the corridor happily, it was a Saturday so she had all the time in the world to spend in the library. So many books, so much to read. Right as she stepped over the threshold she couldn't help but smile, she had so many good memories of this place even if they hadn't been there a long time yet. Delilah went down the aisles of books and then found one she had started reading about the history of charms, although it was a bit too high up for her, so she waited for it to fly closer to her and she grabbed it.

She was wearing a red flannel shirt and her skinny jeans that had grass stains on the knees, with her iconic purple high-topped converses. The brunette opened the book to where she was at last time, starting to walk towards the tables while reading, she looked up briefly to see an empty table at the other side of the room, but she didn't see the Slytherin napping on one of the chairs right in the centre of her route to said table, his feet stuck out. So she got quite a fright when she felt something hit her ankle mid-step and she fell face first into the carpet, her book smacking into her nose.

She scrambled to sit up, her nose hurting from hitting against her book, and it seemed like she had woken up the boy. Whether it was because she had fallen over his feet or because of the bang when she hit the floor, she want sure. She stood up carefully, picking up her book, she wasn't hurt besides the bridge of her nose, which was going red as her blood rose to her skin where it had bashed the books edge. "I'm sorry for waking you up, I didn't see you there. It's my fault, umm... Sorry again." She said, laughing a little, she felt bad for him, he was just having a nice nap on a Saturday morning in pretty much the quietest place in the castle, and she had woken him up with her clumsiness.

Waking The Grinch  PV Bellamy   Closed 

After another long week in class, Bellamy was ready to take the nice long hibernation he wanted. Although as he walked out of the corridors he contemplated about something he thought he should do first. The boy wanted to read a little more into one on one of his subjects, Defence against the Dark Arts. This particular class Bellamy enjoyed the most, though being tough, he loved that he got to learn spells that could help him improve his skills in defense as he still somewhat, in particular, looked up to his father for who he is. So acknowledging that he went to the one place where everybody obviously goes to study, the Library. Arriving at the library Bellamy spends about an hour scouring through aisles of books related to DADA. Sitting numerous minutes upon minutes just reading books. Covering one-third of the library as it gets to about two hours in, his drive for knowledge begins to fade as he begins to lose focus. Knowing this he returns all of the books he read and heads back to a random table, notably forgetting which table he was at before. As the boy strolls past section by section carelessly moving each foot, he rolls up his black sleeves as well as his pants, only a little though as it felt a little tight on him for some odd reason.

Spotting an empty table, Bellamy approaches the vacant table with bliss. Taking a seat again, he rests his arms and chin on the table, bored out of mind not knowing what to do next. The guy could sleep in his dorm but he did not want to be bothered by the racket his roommates might make. Sleeping outside was annoying enough as he didn't want to deal with the insects that were outside, besides it was a little hot today in his preference. He did think about visiting his sister but he had no idea where she would be on a Saturday and he wasn't about to go ask a bunch of Ravenclaw students about his little sister's whereabouts.

During his tedious battle within his conscious, the boy's eyelids started to fluctuate gradually up and down, appearing like a mouth opening and closing until his drowsy mind completely kills all motion within his body. Unknowingly, Bellamy at this point loses all aspects of time and dreams off inside his mind, blissfully happy. However, ignorant of how long he has been out, Bellamy suddenly feels this swift and hard jolt, moving him back a couple of inches. Startled by this, the boy's head immediately raises up like a frightened bird. Rotating his head from side to side, searching for what moved him. Scanning his area words were timidly spoken from the floor.
"I'm sorry for waking you up, I didn't see you there. It's my fault, umm... Sorry again"
Turning his head behind his chair, he discovers a girl on the floor. She's bleeding, He could tell that the bright red dropping of liquid on the floor was obviously her on blood. In the unfortunate moment, she was giggling to herself. Bellamy was a little concerned about this odd girl as he thought she went crazy after banging her head on something. Even though the guy was actually a little agitated for his nap being interrupted, he let it slide. The girl was bleeding from her nose, why would he make it worse for her if he got angry at her. Eventually, Bellamy got out of his chair, stepped one foot closer to her and utter out in a raspy tone "Want some help red?"

To know that your a story that will end is to realize how crucial it is to make it the best memoir it can be.
- Bellamy Orvelle Landon

Waking The Grinch  PV Bellamy   Closed 

She knew her nose hurt but she didn't actually realise it was bleeding until she felt something drip off of the end of her nose, gasping quietly she put her finger over her nose then looked at it. "Want some help red?" He heard the boy she had woken up ask. She wasn't quite sure on what to do with the blood on her finger so she just left it. She stood up slowly, picking up her book with her other hand and placing it on the table. "I'm okay, sorry again for waking you up." She immediately thought about what she said, "I apologize too much." She said with a slight laugh. 

Her nose wasn't bleeding too much, but enough for it to mildly concern her on if her nose was broken, but it wasn't swollen or anything so she guessed she just broke the skin on the edge of the book. It kinda stung but she ignored it. She looked up at the boy for the first time since standing up, "Taller than me, again, why does this always happen?" She muttered to herself, but he would probably be able the hear her. Then she felt another drip fall off of her nose, "Umm..I should probably do something about that." She said with a nervous laugh, putting her hand in her pocket with the hope that she had a packet of tissues or something in there, she didn't want to get a paper towel from the bathroom because they were scratchy, since they were made for drying hands...not bleeding noses.