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Muggles  Closed 

For a Pure Blood wizard who’s never even set foot in London, the heart of muggle England, muggle studies is difficult. Her interest in muggles was piqued from a young age but her father’s old-fashioned ways and clear dislike for the non-magical and therefore ‘lesser’ society had made it difficult for her to learn even the basics. Her shielded childhood had left her with only the basic knowledge of muggles- she’d never even seen a car in real life- meaning she lacked the ground knowledge that her professors seemed to assume everyone knew.

So, after she’d finished her last lesson of the day, she made her way up to the library in hopes of finding a book which might offer some more information that what little she already possessed. She’d hoped that by now she’d have befriended a muggle-born or at least someone with some form of experience in the muggle world to share stories with her, but so far, she was yet to find that friend.

She assumed it was because of the colour of her tie or the Pure Blood status her last name carried that scared off anyone of ‘lesser’ blood or from another house. That’s what she hated the most, being so vastly categorised and judged before she’d even opened her mouth. Still, she tried her hardest not to let it get to her and instead  walked up to the shelf labelled ‘Muggles’ and began her search.

After all this time? Always.