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Lurking in Shadows  Closed 

Ami looked up at Eri skeptically. "You peachy up there?" she called, popping one of her earbuds back in. "Looks pretty, uh, cozy." She decided to leave the other new girl, a Hufflepuff, with Wolfgang and the, uh, what did they call it again? Oh, yes, a graphorn. Whatever that was. Leaving the other two students with the fantastic beast, she returned to her dark little corner, letting her fellow schoolmates be. Too many students, too much excitement, and therefore not Ami's particular cup of tea, so to speak. If they asked for her assistance, it wasn't like she would refuse, but she also had a butt-load of homework to catch up on.

She slipped her other earbud in, and sat back down, leaning against the wall. Picking up her notes and parchment once again, she wielded her pencil, her mighty sword, and eraser, her sturdy shield, wading into the midst of the war we know as homework.
That has got to be the stupidest/most confusing metaphor I've ever written.

Rereading the question and skimming through her notes, she tuned out the other students, returning to the world of potions and everything associated with it. Maybe this time, when she would reread her notes, she would finally find the answer she'd been looking for...
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Lurking in Shadows  Closed 

"Hello," Levi said up to Eri. Then turned his attention to Dorothy.

"Well, I think we were all just randomly in here. Then we heard growling and found this midget-sized Graphorn on a shelf. Unsure of how it got up there, but anyways it fell and then oof. But you're right, the wounds do need to be cleaned. It's got blood trickling in it's eye. But I don't think anyone's got a needle on them, we don't generally carry them around. But yes, a teacher is definitely required. I was thinking Professor Lear, he's Care of Magical Creatures and head of Hufflepuff, so that's a doubly-good person to get. What do you reckon?"

Levi started to keep the Graphorn calm, because if it got itself in a rage or something similar such as a tantrum, it could injure itself even more. He ended telling a story about a farmer named Joe. Went along the lines of Joe refusing a job even though he was poor and it paid well because he wanted to grow crops and raise animals and grow trees because that's what he enjoyed. Soon, we became a wealthy farmer and it was a good story, teaching you to stick at what you love. 

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Lurking in Shadows  Closed 

Eri looks down at everyone and before she knows it her locket's chain comes unhooked and her whole necklace goes tumbling down to the floor. "No!" She reaches out to catch it and almost falls, but the locket hits the floor. Her golden locker with a tree on top, inside are her parents picture and her aunts. "Is it... broken?" Eri asks as she sits in shock. She had heard a small thump when it hit the ground, but she couldn't tell if it was broken. She frowned and started to gather her things. "Please... please don't be broken." She muttered to herself. It was the only gift from her parents that she owned.

The brunette frowned again and gathered her satchel. She hoped nobody paid attention to her episode so she could act like nothing happened. 

Eri started to climb down the shelf with her satchel on her shoulder. It was slow going but she was about ten feet from the ground when she slipped, and she caught herself. She jumped down the last five feet and walked over to her locker. She didn't see where it landed. She spotted something golden lying on the ground and she walked towards it. Seeing her locket in two pieces.

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