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Rosie sighed lightly as she made her way into the library, tiny foot steps being heard. She had received some of her grades from the homework she did, and despite E being a good grade, she only got O for one. Which meant she COULD get O's, and she wasn't. Which meant she needed to study more and run around the huge castle that was Hogwarts less.

Of course, that didn't mean Rosie wanted to. She looked down the aisles and aisles of books and picked out a few that she thought would help her study. This included books involving Herbology, Magic, and just in general useful information she could remember at some point. At one point, Rosie's books covered her face and she couldn't see what was in front of her.

... Okay. She could do it!

Rosie slowly, but surely, tried making it to her table with no vision, looking down at her feet. Maybe she got a little too many books. And that was right when Rosie ended up tripping and tumbling to the floor, dropping her books with her. And her notes. "No! Shootshootshoot." She muttered, a little upset. "Blegh." Rosie mumbled bitterly as she dropped to her knees and started grabbing her papers and reorganizing them.
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Blegh.  Closed 

Only a few minutes later, Anthony wandered into the library, his eyes widening slightly as he took in the large amount. He couldn't stop turning his head, he never seen such an extensive collection before. Anthony felt a childish glee bubble up inside of him, the same feeling he always associated with things he liked. Happiness.

He took a turn between two tall bookshelves, trailing his fingers on the spines of the book as he slowly walked. He quickly read over titles of the books, mumbling them under his breath. He couldn't believe that all this knowledge was available to him. He knew that a lot of these books were made by very smart people who were generous enough to pass down their knowledge. Knowledge that he knew he could use to his advantage.

Anthony took another turn, coming out between the two bookshelves. He hummed, glancing at the empty tables, wondering why it was empty. He supposed that the elder students had more important things to be attending too. He walked over to one of the tables, not really watching where he was going. He let out a high pitched noise as his foot caught over a book on the ground, stumbling forward. Anthony flailed his arms as his foot slipped on a piece of paper, a horrible rip ringing out. He looked down, frowning.

He picked up the ripped paper, recognizing them as notes with all the writing on them and the book he tripped over. He glanced around, spotting Rosie. He frowned. "Sorry, I ripped your paper."

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Rosie squeaked when she noticed the boy, not thinking anyone saw her fall. Her face went red with embarrassment as she picked up the rest of her papers and books. "It's fine, really. Not your fault. Sorry my papers got in your way." She laughed nervously, obviously a nervous babbler. She hoped it didn't annoy the poor boy, but she couldn't help but notice she had never met him before. And as most people knew, new friends were Rosie's favorite thing! Her red face slowly turned to normal as she put on a warm smile and put down her books, dusting herself of and holding out her hand. "Well, hi anyway. I'm Rosie. It's nice to meet you!"

Rosie was a bit shaken up from her tumble, but regardless, at least she reached her location. On the table sat her messy notebook and plethora of different sorts of books. It seemed Rosie was going to be very busy, and she planned on it! If she didn't.. Fall asleep on the table, like she did last time. Maybe that's why she had E's and not O's. But what did Rosie know? She knew her sleep schedule was a little weird, and probably a bad thing considering she was so young.

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He blinked slowly, looking at Rosie. The first thing that he concluded of her, that she was a mess. He let out a small sigh, helping her pick up the rest of her books and papers. "It's both of our faults really, I should've seen your stuff on the ground and you could've been more careful. He set the books and papers on the table, including the single ripped page. He turned back to her, observing her features. Green eyes. That was a bit different than usual. Anthony took her hand, shaking in gently. "I'm Anthony. It's nice to meet you too."

He took a seat at the table, taking in all her stuff. He wondered if all these books were for her classes. Anthony wondered when he would be able to start going to classes. Anthony glanced at her notebook, his nose scrunching up in slight distaste. No wonder she dropped all her notes, her organization skills seemed horrible with the way her notebook looked. Anthony looked back up to Rosie. "Are you new here?" He inquired. And just because the mess was bothering him, he began to straighten the piles of books and smooth out the stacks of papers.

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Rosie noticed his glances and felt her cheeks heat up again, fiddling with her hands. She picked up the majority of her stuff so he didn't help as much, afterall Rosie was the one who fell, not him. He just got caught in the cross fire. After Rosie had organized her stuff a bit, she turned back to Anthony with an apologetic smile. "It's all good, nice name by the way." She complimented, turning and leaning against the table, sporting a casual stance. Rosie was a bit shaken up from the embarrassment, talk about bad first impression, am I right?

"You really don't need to help." Rosie laughed nervously when he fixed her papers. "You've done so much already for someone you don't even know," she grinned, blissfully unaware it was just because the mess that was Rosie's things were bothering the poor boy. "No, I'm not very new, I've been here for a while. I'm diving into my homework from my classes today actually, that's why I'm at the library." Rosie shrugged, sitting on the table. "What about you? Are you new?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. Rosie danged her feet off the edge of the table, curious about the boy.

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He nodded and stopped fixing up her stuff per her request. "Thank you, I like your name too."He stopped fixing her items, twiddling his thumb for a few moments, not sure what to do with his hands. After a few moments of useless thumb twiddling, he placed his hands in his lap. "I got here today and got sorted in Slytherin. What house did you get sorted into?"He asked. Anthony looked at her several books once more, wondering how many classes she took that required so many notes, notebooks, and other materials.

"How many classes are you taking that requires so much... stuff."He assumed that Rosie had to be somewhat intelligent. She seemed to take her studying seriously with all the books she piled up by herself. And she elected to come to the library, a quiet place where you could focus, instead of a busy common room. Anthony came out of his thoughts, looking back at Rosie. "And I'm sorry for ripping your note page, I could rewrite it for you if you like. I don't have anything better to do."He shrugged. The offer was only an attempt to be friendly with her. A small voice in the back of his head said that he shouldn't have offered that because she was the one who caused him to trip. But it didn't hurt to be friendly sometimes.

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Rosie's legs danged off the edge of the table as he listened to Anthony, a warm, reassuring small smile sat on her face. She rested a book about Transfiguration on her lap and nodded when Anthony asked her her house. "Oh, I got sorted into Hufflepuff, Slytherin's cool too! But I think I have a bias for my house." She joked, playfully winking to signal that she wasn't serious. Rosie seemed to have a welcoming presence even for someone so long, the last thing the kids probably wanted was tensity brewing in the library around them, it'd make them both uncomfortable.

"Oh, uh. We all take the same classes, you'll find out soon but so far this is... Astronomy, Herbology, etc. I got E's in the classes and I'm a little frustrated because I KNOW I can get higher and I'm just not." Rosie stopped talking for a second and sighed, rubbing her temples. "I'm sorry, as you can probably tell, I talk way too much. I'm just kinda nervous." She rubbed her head, yawning. "But enough about me, what about you? What are you here for?" Rosie seemed to brush off his offer to help her, signaling that Rosie didn't wanna bother him more.