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A Need to Know  Solo   Finished 

Mudblood...Mudblood...Mudblood, filthy muggle-born. The words rang in her ears, the words weren't directed at her but at a small boy in the corridors. Michelle had no idea what it meant but she had figured it wasn't good, the way the other boy spit the word out with disgust and the way his eyes narrowed as he passed the small boy was stuck in her mind. She needed to figure out why it had been said. She found a quiet place in the corner of the library and sat there thinking for a moment. She was terrified of asking anyone what it meant because she knew she was a Muggle-born and the word was directed at a Muggle-born. She sighed and took off her bag, maybe she might find something in her textbooks?

Words like that came from hatred and they had history behind them, maybe her History of Magic book might show her why the word came about. She flipped through the pages scanning back and forth. She read that a long time ago a Wizard wanted to rule over muggles and they were extremely looked down upon, and many families of "Pure-Blood" status believed they were superior to others with "tainted blood" or were from muggle families, that is where she found her meaning of the word.

Michelle was shocked and confused, she hadn't known of the prejudice in the wizarding world and it seemed odd, they were all wizards, weren't they? Why did it make a difference what their family line looked like? She continued to read and explore the rich history of the Wizarding world filled with Prejudice and corrupt government. The muggle world isn't much different I guess, she thought to herself and shifted so she was comfortable and continued reading. 

"There is very little cherry in this cherry soda and I do not like to be deceived," - M.L
STA: 5, AGL: 4, STR: 4, CTL: 6, AP: 5, ACC: 6